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Spoonie Luv
08-20-2003, 12:19 AM
at THIS ADDRESS (http://www.ajmrecords.com/ashantidiscography.html) i found a small listing of some tracks featuring ashanti. i think the page has not been updated in a while but some of these tracks i have never heard of. Does anyone know these? i think perhaps these are the working names of the tracks at the time.

"Be Mine" Ja Rule ft Ashanti
this one couldnt be "always on time" becuase that track is listed. iz the page a bit early for it 2 b mezmerize? what is this track?

"The World Is Mine" LL Cool J ft Ashanti
never heard of this either, btyjeski this is 4 u

"Thug Luv" Caddillac Tah ft Ashanti
i assume this is meant to be "just like a thug", but wasn't caddy doing a song with ashanti for his album? im not thinking of "i got cha ma" with althea im sure i read somewhere he was doin one with ashanti

"Hold My Own" Caddillac Tah ft Ashanti
no idea what this is. someone posted this up as an unreleased track i think.

and the last one
"Life" DL ft Ashanti
who is DL? not D.O do they mean...???

any1 shed some light on this?

08-20-2003, 10:20 AM
"The World is Mine" was unreleased, but it was
suppose to be on Ll Cool J's album, "10" but I could
be wrong, it could have been on one of Ashanti's
albums but that track is unreleased.

I know the two tracks Ashanti is featured on on "Pov
City Hustla" are "What's This Life For" & "Just Like a

So perhaps "What's This Life For" is "Hold My Own"
and most likely "Just Like a Thug" is "Thug Luv"

"Be Mine" could have been "Mesmerize," isn't the
words, be mine in the song, and the song doesn't
mention mesmerize, but be mine could be the title.

"Life" is just an unreleased track.

Dermo also had found some unreleased Ashanti
tracks, but I don't remember them?!