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08-18-2003, 03:38 PM
Who thinks that this actress is hot!!!! She is in like
every big movie!!!!!!

These are all the movies I can think of that she was

The Brothers
Cradle 2 the Grave
10 Things I Hate about You
Bring it On
Deliver Us From Eva
Bad Boys II
Two Can Play That Game
Welcome to Collinwood

And like a lot of those movies are just recent within
like what, 3 or 4 years??

08-19-2003, 02:46 PM
I've seen some of those movies, i recognize the name but cant put it with a face.....Im sure she's pretty.

08-19-2003, 04:04 PM
Well, she is African American, and she is really pretty,
and hot! lol
She is DMX's sort of girlfriend in Cradle 2 the Grave
The Head Cheerleader for Bring It On on the black girl team
She is the main character's lover in Brothers, was loved also by the main character's father
Friend of I think her name, Beonca or something like that but ended up hanging out with Joey instead of her best friend in 10 things I Hate About You

Now do you recognize her, I will get a picture!

08-19-2003, 05:02 PM
Here is an okay picture of her.

08-19-2003, 05:43 PM
sorry doesnt look like a nice face.

08-19-2003, 06:23 PM
Oh....now i remember who she is.

08-20-2003, 10:27 AM
Like I said, it's an okay picture. I quickly went to
images.google.com and got the first picture I found

Yet, haven't you seen her in movies, I think she is
hot! (not in that photo) Though, I do think she is a
good actress too!

08-20-2003, 03:10 PM
Yea i have seen her in movies, and i think she is a great actress also.

08-20-2003, 09:08 PM
Finally there is an agreement in this forum!!!!! lol

08-21-2003, 02:55 PM
LOL! Does that makes you Happy?!?! :D

08-21-2003, 05:59 PM

:D ;) :P :)) :] 8o

08-21-2003, 11:49 PM
she doesnt really look pretty on that pic but she is pretty. and a good actress.

08-22-2003, 10:13 AM
LOL! I love the faces btyjeski.Sofar everyone agrees that she is a good actress, so that counts for something.

08-22-2003, 10:16 AM
of course, I love agreements, my new name should be Mr. Agreement, lol ! :P :] 8)

08-22-2003, 10:17 AM
LOL! okay then 'MR. Agreement!' what ever you say :P

08-22-2003, 12:26 PM
;) :rolleyes: :( :] 8)

08-22-2003, 06:29 PM
Emotional are we?!?! lol :P
I just got a Magazine today and there were so many pictures of her in it for the movie Bad Boyz II.
I thought that it was a coinceidance(im not sure if thats how you spell that word?)since we were talking about her.

08-22-2003, 07:31 PM
lol , you make me laugh a lot! :P ;)

What magazine is it?? I don't get any teen magazines, but I guess I will be honest, I get a magazine with floor plans of homes, real views of them, home descriptions, styles, all kinds of architecture stuff, so, don't think I'm weird, but that is my interest and hobby! So, whatever! Just wanted to mention that!

08-23-2003, 10:11 AM
Thanx, I didnt know i was that good(lol). She was in a Teen People Magazine.

08-23-2003, 10:39 AM
I only get 1 magazine a month the Source.

08-23-2003, 12:18 PM
Thats cool, i'vee seen those around.