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06-27-2003, 09:50 AM
Its The Wrap REMIX Its Way Better Then The Original Wrap Imo Shits Hot


06-27-2003, 04:02 PM

06-28-2003, 06:37 AM
That track is tight.. its cool that ja rule is doing his old style again...

Im also starting to like fatal more, his style is perfect for murda inc.

06-28-2003, 10:14 AM
I think the diss tracks that Ja have been good, but,
i Don't like diss tracks. I can't listen to them. With
any artist. I admit, I own Get Rich or Die Tryin, by
50 Cent. 50 Cent is a good rapper. I think Eminem
was over advertised and the fact that my parents
like Eminem, scares me, so I don't like him. But, when
I listen to diss tracks, I just feel weird. I don't like
listening to them. When I heard Back Down by 50
Cent, and Hail Mary, and just about cried, i didn't,
but i could have. Loose Change, Wrap, and Wrap
Remix are the same. I can't even listen to the other
disses. Like the Charli Diss to Lil Kim. Why? I don't
think diss tracks should be sang. I think Ja Rule should
stop acting like 2 Pac (I'll admit, watching the Reign
music video made it true Ja is a little obsessed with
2 Pac) and 50 Cent should complement Ja Rule as
someone who was touched by 2 pac's death.
Everyone should just get along!

06-29-2003, 02:53 PM
liked the end of the speach. I own Get rich and Guess who's back. I am a supporter of both labels.

06-29-2003, 04:24 PM
That is what I like to hear. Sorry for what for writing
such long posts/replies, but I had a lot to say. I don't
own Guess Who's Back! But, 50 Cent is cool. Did you
see his new video, Many Men! Not on internet, but on
TV. There is a station, MTV Jams, do you have it?
Well, it's cool!

06-30-2003, 09:44 AM
Guess whos back is poor production cause its bootleg. We dont get Mtv Jams over here i seen a bit of meny men on the net.It was recorded at the same time as 21Q's.

07-09-2003, 08:50 AM
Nique Murder inc,bande de petite salope,vos lyrics sont pourrie,ahah

murder inc = 0

Body Guard :

this little nigga ja rule talking about hes gonna slap me
nigga please you gotta jump and swing up to hit me in the knees
i laugh at these magazines when they interview em
all they doing is making fake threats to us through em
ya pussy ya not pac i knew em
2pac was a real nygga, you just a fuking insult to him
its too bad, we had a fall out before he passed
because if he could he see this shyt now, he'd be whoopin your ass
youre talkin to a pioneer who engineered this shit
for nineteen years who ya got in ya ear Ssssss (Suge)
i aint even gotta say it, the fans know
quit trying to be tough nigga, you look like an asshole

Eminem [Chorus]
What cha gonna do when shit hits the fan
Are you gonna stand and fight like a man
Will you be as hard as you say you are
Are you gonna run and go get your body guards
I said what cha gonna do when shit hits the fan
Are you gonna stand and fight like a man
Show us youre as hard as you say you are
Are you gonna run and go get your body guards

Go to sleep

I aint gonna eat
I aint gonna sleep
Aint gonna breath till i see what i wanna see
and what i wanna see is you go to sleep in the dirt
permantly you just being hurt
this aint gonna work for me it just wouldnt be
sufficent enough cause we are just gonna be enemys as long as we breath i dont ever see either of us
coming to terms where we can agree
there aint gonna be no reason in speaking with me
you speak on my seed, then me a no speak a engles
so we gonna beef and keep on beefin unless
your gonna agree to meet with me in the flesh
and settle this face to face and your gonna see
a deman unleashed in me that uve never seen
and ur gonna see this gangsta pee on himself
i see you d12 and thanx but me need no help
me do this one all by my lonley
i dont need fifteen of my homies
when i see you ima seein you me and you only
we never met but best belive u gon know me
when im this close to see you exposed as fony
comon bitch show me
pick me up throw me
lift me up, hold me
just like ya told me
you was gonna do
thats what i thought ur pitiful
im rid of u, all you
ja ull get it too

now go to sleep bitch DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE uh times up bitch close ur eyes go to sleep bitch why are u still alive, how many times i gotta say close your eyes, and go to sleep bitch DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE, BYE BYE MOTHER FUCKER BYE BYE go to sleep bitch why are you still alive WHY, DIE MOTHER FUCKER HA HA HA

[Obie Trice]
we got you niggas... nervous
on purpose
to hurt your focus, youse not emcees youse worthless
youse not them G's youse a circus
youse no appeal.. please youse curtains
you use words cool hurred slurred in two-thousand third
youse purpin youse no threat, whose ya servin
when lyrically oughta bury you beneath the dirt
when you fuck wit a label over seein the earth
shady mother fucker O.Trice's birth
and as i mold i become more cursed
so we can put down the verse take it to the turf
cock and squeez and he who reach the herse
is he who dipects fiction in his verse
and as i breath and you be deceased
the world belive you decive just to speak
youse not the streets, youse the desk
youse not your chest nigga, youse a vest
before two shoes you rest you choose death
6 feet deep nigga thats the depth

now go to sleep bitch DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE uh times up bitch close ur eyes go to sleep bitch why are u still alive, how many times i gotta say close your eyes, and go to sleep bitch DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE, BYE BYE MOTHER FUCKER BYE BYE go to sleep bitch why are you still alive WHY, DIE MOTHER FUCKER HA HA HA

BIG DOGG, ima walk like a fish
talk like the streets
ima stay place in new york with the heat
stalk on the beat
walk wit my feet
understand my pain
the rain aint sleet
peep how im movin
peep where im goin
shit dont steep
and sleep not knowin
but ima keep growin gettin larger than life
easy goin but the same one that started the fight
he be knowin how dogg get when dogg 'gon bite
got to show him the dogg shit the dogg fufo life
grand champ in my blood line is tight
its all good.. its all right
niggas try to holla but couldnt holla back
now they gotta swallow everything in the sac
blood line and we can go track for track
dam dogg why u had to do them niggas like that

now go to sleep bitch DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE uh times up bitch close ur eyes go to sleep bitch why are u still alive, how many times i gotta say close your eyes, and go to sleep bitch DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE, BYE BYE MOTHER FUCKER BYE BYE go to sleep bitch why are you still alive WHY, DIE MOTHER FUCKER HA HA HA

all of you mother fuckers, take that, here take this too bitch, were killin all you mother fuckers dead, all of you... fake ass gangstas, no more press, no more press, rot mother fuckers rot, decay in the dirt bitch, in the mother fuckin dirt, die nameless, no more fame, hahaha, yo X.. com'on man, obie.. lets go..haha

Artistes: G-Unit & Eminem
Titre: Bumps Head

[50 Cent]
Yeah, Shady, Hahahaha
G G G G G G G G-Unit

Here we go again

[50 Cent]
Does it make you mad when I switch my flow?
You can't understand how I get my dough
50 Cent I'm on fire cause Shady said so
I'm on fire

Everybody's in a rush try to get the throne
I just get on the track and try to set the tone
I ain't tryna use nobody as a steppin stone
But don't compare me
I'm better off jus' left alone
And I ain't even tryna go there wit record sales
I'm just tryna keep it humble and respect myself
Say what up, keep steppin, and just rep D-12
Keep my nose clean, stay away from weapons, jail
And livin wreckless
But if you go check my belt
You may see something else I used to protect myself
A vest, to stop a Rueger and deflect the shells
And send 'em back at you faster than they left the barrel
And I don't even carry guns no more, I don't got to
Got undercover cops that'll legally pop you
And I done seen a lot of people cross the line
But this motherfucker Ja musta lost his mind
That X, got him thinkin' he was DMX
Then he switched to 'Pac now he's tryna be him next
So which one are you? X, Luther, Pac or Michael
Juss keep singin' the same song, recycled
We'd all much rather get along and fight you
Me and Hailie danced to your songs we liked you
And you don't really wanna step inside no mic booth
C'mon now, you know the white boy'll bite you
I hurt your pride dawg and you know I don't like to
But I will if I have to, with syllable after syllable I just slap you
Killin' you fasta than you poppin' pill afta little pill of them tabs of that shit you on
But if you want it you got it you'd bump this shit too, if we ain't diss you on it
But if we lock horns we can charge harder than Busta
We bump heads wit any motherfucker that wants to
So whats the, deal where was all the tough talk?
When I walked up to you like, Ja what up dawg?
How come you didn't say you had a problem then?
When you was standin' there wit all your men, we coulda solved this then
I'ma grown man dawg come holla
All you did was slapdance, smile and swallow,
another one of them little X pills in front of me
And tell me 50 Cent was everything you wanna be come on

[50 Cent]
I know you don't want it with me
You know you don't want it with me
You, talk an' you soon will see
You don't wanna bump heads with me
I know you don't want it with me
You, talk an' you soon you will see
You know you don't want it with me

[Tony Yayo ]
You couldn't son me if my father helped you
My punchlines is hot, my bars'll melt you
Ja you Stuart Little, shells'll lift you
Every other week I'm buyin a new pistol
I clap at your ass with this chrome 38
And put six thru your hats of seven 3/8
Irv you ain't Suge Knight, you should shook night
I put my knife in ya wind pipe and freeze ya on the turnpike
You know and I know who took ya chain
You got robbed two times so ya ass is laid
I'm down to die for this shit all I need is bail
You betta stick to tha movies with Steven Seigel, bitch

[50 Cent]

[Lloyd Banks]
Fuck that I'm miles away
And these industry niggas startin' to get outta hand
I'ma find your whereabouts by stompin' 'em out ya man
Tellin' New York, even in Compton they understand
I'm on the block where you was raised doin' chocolate out tha game an'...
They see me more pop a boy for icey cuz I could
Shootin' guns for money you probably forgot your way around the hood
Bitch when you paranoid it's hard to make a song
Now you want it wit' us, half your artists got to make a point
Every magazine I own your on your knees takin' prayer picture
And you ain't even got shot yet, you scared bitches
You don't know nuttin' about what pain is sucka
I'll put your ass to the ground like a train conductor, muh'fucker

[50 Cent]

[Tony Yayo]
Yeah nigga yeah
Shady Aftermath G-Unit
Fuck you think they call us G Unit for
Cause we move units uhha
Don't think we ain't billin you for this motherfucking studio time
A matter a fact keep call it a 50 we'll call it even

Shady Records for life....................2003

07-09-2003, 11:00 PM
50 Cent is just a big guy with muscles that are weak that think he is top dwags because he was shot how many times, 9? He thinks he is so hot because is album is almost 6 times platinum and Ja Rule's is only 6 times platinum of December 2002. Just because 50's album was good, he thinks he can pick on Murder Inc and Ja Rule. Ja aint no pussy. I think 50 cent and Eminem have a big mouth. If they were in a real fight, Ja Rule would beat there ass. I don't care how big 50 Cent is.

07-09-2003, 11:29 PM
so true. i mean 50s just underestimating ja. and if 50 is so tough
why does he have a restraining order against ja? 50s a pathetic lil hoe.

07-10-2003, 04:59 AM
lol.JaRule is a little fag.50 his much strong than Ja and 50 kill Ja.

Eminem Too.

Vive Shady records....................2003

Proof,Ja In A Bra :

Word on the street is I murdered this INC...
Your wack with your hands, not deserving the heat...
Your nervous in beef, to Irv and his peeps...
I ain't rapping no more, I speak through the curb in the streets...
Ya henchman got this bitch to get a poor job...
That makes the Cookie Monster hanging from a door knob...
Ya lucky I don't like touching women...
And don't send no peace talks coming through Russel Simmons...
Got the right connections, mic conceptions...
Yo, with beef you sleep, your life is definately GONE...
Don't ever seep at least a woof of rap...
You'll need more than a Bush attack to push me back...
You think it's just 50 and Sha...
Listen up Ja, no kissing or not, Detroit city wishin you die...
I know you wanna just rap and be pop...
But before it's said and done your gonna see Pac...

Ya'll don't want war, ya'll want talk...
In the dark my doggs all bark like ROOF
Proof n.igga, I'm a wolf...
Got you all shook...
About to get your brains pushed back [GUN SHOT]...

Chris Gotti...
This n.igga had the nerve to have 10 n.iggas sneek me...
Just to get wit me...
I'm only 160, and the fact is...
Murder INC is Dj's and kittens...
I only walked out with scratches...
Wearing a Rolex Shirt...
So if thats your streets speaking, your threats don't hurt...
You cowards, do something before we do ours...
I could write a Ja Rule album in two hours...
Right down on your back, run your pockets flat...
Like federal tax, put your head on a rack...
It's so bad, only be good is death...
In LA, G Unit Posted and Suge Left (Proof talking:Fat Bitch)
I'm from Detroit, went to holla in Hollis...
N.iggas is like "Ja's garbage, don't even bother"...
Plus your over, gangstas is ?....
50 made wanksta, and wanksta's definition is ain't tough...
With bitches with ya'll wanna brawl with a paint brush...
Painting his war marks, I'm losing my patience...
It ain't just D-12 and Obie...
Homie cancell your shows, respect, and act like you know me...
If you say Hailies name again, I'm catching a jet...
911 style, to your face and your chest...
911 style, to your face and your chest...
It's over n.igga getting wet on the set...

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The Best

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Download this track :

Proof- Ja In A Bra (http://www.jordansneaks.com/Proof%20-%20Ja%20In%20A%20Bra.mp3)