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05-21-2003, 12:30 PM
Singer refutes rappers claims.

Eminem is threatening to include what he calls
rambling voice mail messages from Mariah Carey as
skits on an upcoming set. During an interview with the New York Daily News Carey was asked what the deal was on that issue and she claimed she doesn't know what he's talking about.
"I don't know what the hell he's doing," Carey told
the paper. "It's a little excessive. Doesn't it seem a little
bit girly? Like we're in a cat fight?"
The audio pinings purportedly reveal a different side
of the diva--one who adores mixing "baby talk" with other
"weird and graphic" messages. Whatever their content,
Carey downplayed their naughtiness.
"Graphic? I'm like Mary Poppins when it comes to
that type of thing. I'm a jokester," Carey tells the Daily
News. "I have little voices. I do little things like that that
are fun and games...If somebody has nothing better to
do than sit around listening to old phone messages, I'm
a little concerned about that."
The story, first circulated by the gossip mavens
at the New York Post, claimed that Eminem had saved
every one of the songbird's "gushy" voicemails to use
as payback when Carey dissed him in her song
"Clown," after he went public with their relationship.
Emimen told Rolling Stone last summer that the
pair briefly dated, before he realized he "didn't like her
as a person."
"Don't believe the hype-She doesn't really have it all
together," he said at the time.
Carey claims they were never an item.

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lol yea. he must've been on crack or something!!!

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Lol, That is odd!