View Full Version : B2k & Bow Wow!

05-21-2003, 12:26 PM
Just like New Jersey and you, they're POIFECT TOGETHER!

*You know, this world is so upside down and retarded
that everytime there are two acts in competition for the
attention of the same demographic they are instantly pitted
as mortal enemies.
This is the same situation that Bow Wow and the
pop group B2K found themselves in. But, according
to MTV, they're the furthest thing from enemies.
In fact, they're working on putting together a joint LP.
"It's not like that," Raz, who was on the Los Angeles
set of the B2K and Marques Houston dance film "Got
Served," insisted.
He dismissed any notion of friction between his
group and the Ohio MC. He chalked up Bow not going
on the tour to politics with the outing's promoter and the
rapper's management.
"Bow is always at our house," he explained. "It was
a whole big mix-up so he couldn't go out on the tour. But
we're actually talking about doing an album together.
When B2K does head out on tour this summer,
they will be accompanied by actor Nick Cannon.