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04-02-2003, 11:51 AM
Ja Rule has turned his attention from Slim Shady's newest signee to Slim himself. On A Warrior's Words, the new mixtape by Murder Inc.'s Black Child, Rule responds to Em's warning of "Ja, you'll get it too" from the Benzino diss track "Go to Sleep."

What kind of world is this when a snitch gets praise?," Ja asks, talking about 50 Cent. He later threatens Slim Shady and his family rapping "I'm hunting ya blondie..." among other threats. "Em you know you fear me/ 'Cause I'm clearly the rap game's Jimmy Hoffa.

Unlike the real Hoffa, Ja Rule has been keeping a high profile lately  not only with his own self-promotion, but via 50 Cent's disses. A new 50 duet with Tupac Shakur called "The Realest Killas" recently hit the streets and finds the Billboard chart's top gun attacking what he calls Ja's obsession with being Tupac (see "50 Cent Disses Ja Rule On Tupac Joint; New Biggie Material On The Horizon").

50 is also the target of some new salvos, but not only from the Murder Inc. camp. Houston MC and Rap-a-Lot recording artist Z-Ro rhymes, "These snitch fellas on 'How Ya Livin' '/ Dry snitchin' on BET, but got a restraining order out against Murder I-N-C" on a track called "Snitch N---as."

The song even starts off with the same sound of a coin dropping on a table that commences 50's Get Rich or Die Tryin', but then Z-Ro says, "Run and tell somebody it's your worst day," using the same cadence as 50 does in the line "it's your birthday" on "In Da Club."

What has everybody buzzing about the cut is that along with Z-Ro, Scarface and Bun B of UGK are also on the track, which will appear on the upcoming Face album, Balls and My Word. People who have closely followed 50's career remember that UGK appear on 50's Guess Who's Back CD via "As the World Turns," and sources close to the G-Unit camp say that 50 and Face have recently been in talks to collaborate on a song.

If it seems like the dis came out of nowhere, it's because it did; at least on the part of Face and Bun. They do not mention Cent by name in either of their verses for good reason  according to reps for both rappers, they did not record the song with 50 in mind. Face's reps even claim that his lyrics are several years old.

"You hearing it from me," Z-Ro said Monday. "As far as Bun B and Scarface, they was just doing a song in general about these snitches. We did the song earlier this year, then when I found out some comments [50] made about [Murder Inc.], I said, 'Let me go back in there and address this. I'mma put my 50 cent in it.' I asked [Rap-a-Lot CEO] Lil' J, 'If you ain't got no problem with this, I'm gonna ride on this cat.' J said, 'I ain't gonna protect no snitches.' "

J Prince appears on the beginning of "Snitch N---as," saying, "Don't act like you don't know who we talking about."

"We want it to cause a stir, we want to step on toes," Z-Ro said. "We wanted the world to know to beware of these snitches."

As has been well publicized, Irv Gotti and Ja Rule have called 50 Cent an informant and a snitch, alleging that the Southside Queens MC took a police order of protection out against them after a fight in a studio a few years back.

"They bend over backwards to try and disrespect me," 50 told MTV News earlier this year. "They went and got a piece of paper out of the library ... had a fake order of protection made, and mailed it to people. They did everything in their power to try to see if they could destroy 50 Cent."

Balls and My Word hits stores on April 8 and features a few new tracks, such as "Snitch N---as." It will contain mostly unreleased material that Scarface made before going to Def Jam, according to Rap-a-Lot.

For a feature interview with 50 Cent, check out "50 Cent: Money To Burn."

Source MTV.com

04-04-2003, 03:33 AM
Yeah I know, I translated the whole thing in Dutch to put on EvilRap. My opinion is that Ja needs to chill man, he's just jealous 'cause Eminem is that popular I think. I dunno about the diss on 50...

05-24-2003, 04:22 PM
alltought 50 cent is cool. he dont want it with murda inc and z ro..

05-27-2003, 04:08 AM
ja aint jealous of eminem! ja's had heaps of fame since 1999. i dont think ja will b jealous of him. i mean c'mon! ja's got like 3 platinum albums n eminem only has one. dat is so pathetic!!! n da beef between him n 50 is so gay! 50 started da whole thing. if u ask me its 50 hu's jealous. 50's jealous of ja coz ja looks like a hottie n 50 looks like a gorilla hu just smashed head first into a wall. 50 will neva be betta dan ja rule!!!!

Murda Fo Life!!!!

06-08-2003, 05:58 AM
Can someone tell me sumthin?
How long has 50 been in da buisness?
cos here in da UK, he jus apperared in '03, wiv "In Da Club", but wasn't his shootin in '00 cos of sum kinda song?

06-08-2003, 09:23 AM
he has been around since 1998 when he released how to rob diss to everyone and after that he was supposed to release an album through columbia but got shot so they dropped him and then eminem picked him up and you know the rest.

07-11-2003, 12:29 PM
Eminem is the best rapper in the world.
He is more popular than Ja Fool and sold a lot more albums than this lil'bitch.

07-13-2003, 11:50 PM
Fuck you Eminem! It least parents don't listen to Ja Rule. That is pathetic if peoples Mother & Father come out and say I want to buy Eminem the Eminem Show CD.. It is scary if parents listen to rap. Eminem sucks anyway. Eminem is to white to rap. I hate Eminem, not because of his diss tracks, because he sucks! He can't rap! I am not black, and I hate Eminem.

07-15-2003, 03:18 AM
lol yea it is scary if your parents listen to eminem. wat btyjeski said is true.