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Milwaukee Buck aka Buck 3000

The Bronx has raised some of todays most influential music industry professionals. And this Bronx native is no exception. When it comes to the engineering boards, James Olowokere a.k.a Milwaukee Buck, adjusts every level and tweaks every beat to perfection for the ears of , Ja Rule, Ashanti, Pink, Mariah Carey just to name a few. It was just eight years ago that Milwaukee Buck graduated from IAR Institute of Audio Research, but the music bug bit him much earlier. Growing up in the borough where it all began, he experienced the rhythmic rhymes, beats and dance moves of hip hop's earliest pioneers at a very young age. But it was moving to his parent's homeland (Nigeria) at ten years old that exposed him to the international sounds and drums that would characterize his later production. At 15, Milwaukee Buck moved back to New York, graduated high school and then attended Virginia Union University where he learned a little 'bout the South.' Wasting no time after graduation in 1997, he landed his first position in the music industry as an A&R assistant at Penalty Records, the home of Noreaga & Capone. After one year of sleepless nights and networking he landed a seat behind the engineering boards to pursue his dreams at Unique Studios as an Assistant Engineer. In two years he learned every aspect of the studio, without hesitation he became one of the studios head engineers. His talent for pre-mixing, conquering reverbs and delays makes him an incredible engineer. In 1999 when hip hop music was at its greatest height he watched todays most influential producers take over a urban nation. Milwaukee Buck was destined to position himself along side the hits. An introduction to Irv Gotti and JaRule landed him a chance to work on one of Ja Rules largest LPs, 3:36. If Irv and Ja seemed reluctant at first, it was because Milwaukee Buck is not the typical classification of an engineer. With that said he uses his talents and blazes his very first Murder Inc track If God Was One of Us. With 20 ..1 Hits under his belt engineering for artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti, Camron, Noreaga, R. Kelly, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Alicia Keys, Eve, and Mary J. Blige, just to name a few. Some of his accomplishments include; Aint it Funny, Always on Time, Foolish, Happy, Rain on Me, Rainy Days, Wonderful and New York New York. If any of these hits sound familiar its because each string, base and all the vocals were tweaked and perfected by Buck. For six years Milwaukee Buck or Buckaroo as Ashanti would say, worked beside his mentor Irv Gotti and the Murder Inc. family. As a visionary behind the music and cultivating each sound Buck works his way into the producer seat making musical decisions. He goes on to say I want to use all my attributes, my knowledge & experiences, my social & musical skills to leave a legendary mark on all genres of music. This Bronx native is here to stay whether hes behind the boards or in front producing. Remember this name for this wont be the last time you hear of Milwaukee Buck.

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