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Ja Rule Interview (2008)

Ja Rule talks to MIO about the latest on his new album 'The Mirror' in stores November 6th. New tracks, old tracks, DMX and what the future holds.

Ja Rule: ‘The Mirror’ its coming Baby, sorry I had it pushed back but it’ll be better now it’ll better even better, it’s great.

MIO: What’s the current situation with ‘The Mirror’ at the moment?

Ja Rule: Right now its coming on the 6th of May, crazy, incredible album. I touched it up…. allot of it got leaked so I had to go and do some new things (laughs) so it’s definitely the revamped ‘Mirror’ so its gonna be crazy.

Ja RuleMIO: Will there be features from new artists on any of the new tracks you’ve recorded?

Ja Rule: Yea I’ve been doing some things with new producers, new artists everything.

MIO: Can we expect allot of the original album on the new version?

Ja Rule: Some of it yea, I'm not gonna tell you which tracks are gonna make it or which songs are gonna come off but some stuff had to get switched out like I said because of the leaks.

MIO: Will we be seeing ‘Father Forgive Me’ as a single?

Ja Rule: Yea I think I want to put ‘Father Forgive Me’ out as a single, I think I want to do a real dark video, real series, real fresh, real fly, something that y’all really aren’t used to seeing or haven’t seen before, so yeah I think I’m going to do that.

MIO: You got very personal on ‘The Mirror’ will you be keeping that kind of vibe or moving more toward the mainstream?

Ja Rule: Well some of the songs that I’ve done like a record, this new track called ‘Conceited Bastard’ (laughs). It’s kind of real fun, real hot, its different, it’s expressing everyone’s true feelings at times so you know, it’s a good record.

MIO: ‘Message To Mankind’ is a record that’s been talked about allot but never heard, has that sample been cleared, should we expect it on the ‘New’ Mirror?

Ja Rule: ‘Message To Mankind’ I actually didn’t have the time to clear that, so yea it’s been cleared, I can definitely put that record on the album.

MIO: You know that’s the one that everybody’s been talking about on MIO?

Ja Rule: Yea it’s a hot record, definitely a hot record.

Ja RuleMIO: So let’s talk about ‘Judas’ for a minute, because the talk that record is getting is incredible.

Ja Rule: ‘Judas’ is a great record, it’s my passion, it’s what I wanted to say. I don’t want you to take the record the wrong way, it’s not a diss record, it’s a tough love record. Sometimes you say these things to people you love that may sound harsh to the ear but in essence it’s really a wake up for them so that’s what ‘Judas’ is really about.

MIO: So Ashanti’s still the Princess?

Ja Rule: Ashanti’s still the Princess, that’s still my sister, I still love her. Its just certain things that went on in that time, it was kind of hurtful to me so I expressed it through song.

MIO: You’re known for getting very deep and personal on your records, like ‘Passion’ for instance, most rappers don’t put themselves out there like that, do you think sets you apart?

Ja Rule: I think it definitely does, I think allot of artists are scared to express who they truly are, in fear that the public might not accept who they truly are, it’s easier to paint a facade and walk around like that but ‘The Mirror’ is a album which showcases just that, because at the end of the day you got to go home and look at yourself and I’d rather be loved for who I am then hated for who I’m not.

MIO: You got some new tattoos done recently; ‘Hitman’ and you also got a verse done, what’s the relevance of that?

Ja Rule: Well the verse is Job 1:21 and it says ‘Naked I came from my mother’s womb and naked I shall depart’. God give it, God take it away, blessed be the name of the Lord. It’s basically a passage from Job’s life more so then what the wording of it is. Job was Lord’s most loved servant and he was put through tests in life, the Devil came to God and said ‘well of course Job loves you, you give him everything, he has everything, take these things away from him and see if he still loves you’. And so God put Job through this test and took his things from him and Job stood strong and never asked God and then God gave him everything back ten times over. So I like that story, I kind of fell like Job in a sense so it’s a great story it’s a great tattoo, I'm proud of it.

MIO: Do you think the Ja, X, Jay ‘Murder Inc’ dream team will ever happen?

Ja Rule: I doubt it, we’re all in different places of our lives, you know me and X (DMX) we have our differences but I have no hard feelings towards X, I still got love for X. If X was to reach out to and ‘Holla’ at me I’d reach out my hand and ‘Holla’ back. Jay, me and Jay are good we cool, we speak. It’s just that we’re all doing different things in our lives right now.

MIO: Speaking of Jay, there was a rumor a few months back that you and him were working on something for ‘The Mirror’, any truth in that?

Ja RuleJa Rule: Me and Jay talked about doing some stuff for ‘The Mirror’ but we didn’t get a chance to put it together, maybe we’ll do something now for it or whatever, but I’m not really stressing a Ja Rule/Jay-Z collaboration, we’ve been there, done that. There’s allot of new, fresh, hot cats out there that I’m cool with, so maybe we’ll get some new stuff from those guys.

MIO:So Murder Inc has taken a new direction with the signings of acts such as Vanessa Carlton and The Thunderkatz, have you thought about bringing these acts together for a sort of ‘Irv Gotti Presents….’ type of album?

Ja Rule: Well that’s all Gotti. Gotti’s got to tell you he’s ready to put it together but it takes allot of work when put together a project but it could definitely be interesting and I think he’s going to do something like that this year. And I got my own MPire situation with all my acts so I’m looking to put together a MPire compilation.

MIO: So who’s officially signed to MPire at the moment?

Ja Rule: Merc Montana, Harry-O and I got a new female; she’s a Gwen Stefani type so she’s real hot.


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