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Ja Rule loses battle to get gun possession case tossed

Rap star Ja Rule has lost his battle to get his 2007 gun possession case tossed, but his lawyer says he remains on track to fight the charges.

Ja Rule -- real name Jeff Atkins -- had argued in a two-week hearing last spring that cops had no cause to search his Maybach after a concert at the Beacon Theatre and seize a .40-cal, unlicensed handgun found inside. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Richard Carruthers denied the motion this morning.

The judge did throw the rapper one crumb -- his helpful statement to cops that he had "a little weed" in his pocket can't be used against him.

"We disagree with the decision, but we'll tend to other issues now," said defense lawyer Stacey Richman.

Next fight for the hip-hop big will be against the methodology investigators used to match a microscopic amount of DNA recovered from the gun to Ja's own profile, Richman said.

He remains free on bail on gun possession charges carrying a mandatory minimum of 3 and 1/2 years prison; his next court date is March 3.

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Leave your comments on our forum.

published on January 22 nd, 2010

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Ja Rule Will Be In Europe This February

Good news to all Ja Rule fans in Europe MIO has just gotten word that Ja will be touring Europe in February. At this point in time we haven't been given a list of dates and countries but have been promised them at the latest tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 21st) but we are confident we will have a provisional if not final set of dates by this evening (Wednesday 20th). Keep checking back on our forum for updates throughout the day.

published on January 20 th, 2010

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Ja Rule 'My Brother's Keeper'

On Wednesday Night Ja Rule previewed a new track from his upcoming album 'VVV 2010' titled 'My Brother's Keeper' below is the video in which Ja premiered the track watch the video and leave your thoughts on our forum.

published on January 8 th, 2010

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Iceberg Slim Ft. Ja rule - Plenty Money (Remix)

When Milwaukee Buck spoke to MIO a few months back he talked to us about artists Iceberg Slim & Rico White of AfriGang and how they will be making moves later in the year. That time is now and Iceberg Slim has released a new mixtape titled 'The Fix' which is hosted by Buck and features the track 'Plenty Money' which is blessed by an appearance of Murder Inc's/Mpire's Ja Rule. If your feeling 'Plenty Money' then download the mixtape here and let Buck 3000 know your opinions on his twitter page.

Another hot track from Iceberg Slim & Rico White is the 'Soldier Of Love' Remix I was blown away by this track both Rico & Iceberg came strong on this track and its another reason to download the mixtape mentioned above.

published on December 27 th, 2009

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Ja Rule featuring Harry O, Merc Montana & Young Life - MPire Baby

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everybody here at MIO we hope you enjoy the next few days of celebrations and stay safe over the Christmas period. As a Christmas present from Ja Rule and the MPire family we bring you the new track titled 'Mpire Baby'. It's not quite the Christmas present we were all hoping for in the Rule York mixtape but who are we to complain when we get new music ? Anyway onto the point of this post and thats the track 'MPire Baby' listen to it below and leave your thoughts on our forum.

published on December 24 th, 2009

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N.O.R.E. - Stay Flawless (feat. DMX, Ja Rule & Yummy Bingham)

N.O.R.E has brought Ja Rule & DMX back together for the first time in a very long time on this new track titled 'Stay Flawless'. As y'all know Ja was the bigger man and stepped to X during the Vh1 Hip Hop Honors and squashed their beef there and then. Now history has been made, check the track below and leave your thoughts on everything Ja Rule & X on our forum.

published on December 24 th, 2009

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Cody B featuring Ja Rule 'She Got It'

published on December 24 th, 2009

Young merc icon

Merc Montana featuring Caddillac Tah - Man Down

Mpire's Merc Montana has teamed up with Pov City's Caddillac Tah once again to produce another banging track titled 'Man Down'. Check it out below and leave your opinions on our forum.

Merc Montana feat. Caddillac Tah - Man Down

published on December 8 th, 2009

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Ja Rule Brazil Tour November/December '09 have received an update on Ja Rule's upcoming tour of Brazil in the next few weeks. We have the dates and City's Ja will be going through but not all venues have been confirmed yet once everything is confirmed we will update again. Those wondering about the European tour we are expecting dates and venues in the next few days.

Schedule so far:

Thursday Nov 26 Juiz De Fora

Friday Nov 27 - Rio De Janeiro

Saturday Nov 28 Sao Paulo - Autodromo / Potential 2nd Show

Wednesday Dec 2 Club Scandallo Lounge Sao Paulo

Friday Dec 4 Volta Redonda

Saturday Dec 5 Goiania

Sunday Dec 6 - Florianopolis

published on November 16 th, 2009

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Ja Rule to be in Europe and Brazil next month

MurderInc-Online.Com is happy to anounce to all Ja Rule fans in Europe and Brazil that Ja will be touring Brazil in the first week of December no dates or venues have been confirmed yet but as soon as we get them we will post them up here. Ja will also be touring mainland Europe from December 11th to December 20th at the moment that is all the information we have on the tour but as above once we get move info we will post it up here. For now keep checking our forum.

published on November 13 th, 2009

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