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Ja Rule Heading To Africa For Performances

U.S. rapper Ja Rule is heading to Africa to headline a concert in Nairobi, Kenya next week.

The Inc.'s star artist will perform at the Carnivore grounds on Friday (July 28) as part of the Celtel Kenya Win a Porsche World Cup promotion.

The rapper will hand over the keys to a Porsche to one winner of the contest, which started last month.

Celtel, which started mobile phone operations in Africa in 1998, has networks across 15 African countries and covers more than a third of the population of Africa.

According to reports, Ja Rule, along with Ashanti will travel to the African nation of Tanzania, which borders Kenya the following Saturday (July 30), for a show in nation's capital of Dar es Salam with radio station Clouds FM.

In May, Ja Rule launched a new business venture,, a new online gaming/card tournament website as a member of the Action Poker Network.

Players can play such games as Chinese Poker, Texas Hold'em, 7 Card Stud and other card games for cash prizes.

published on July 22 nd, 2006

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Murder Inc Online Exclusive Milwaukee Buck Interview

Milwaukee Buck recentyl took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for us here at Murder Inc Online and he done an amazing job so get reading and leave your comments on our forum. : For the people that don't know who you are or what a
sound engineer actually does could you tell us a bit
about yourself and what you do ?

Milwaukee Buck : I am the person who records an artist singing or
rapping along with the track (the music or beat of the
song). When I'm done recording an artist, I mix the
song so that it sounds good on the radio. I'm also a
producer so I create the music or beats for songs.

MIO : What made you want to become a sound engineer and then
after that become the head engineer for Murder Inc?

Buck : I've always loved music. Since I was little, I was
rapping and dancing in the Bronx. But it wasn't until
I was a senior in high school that I learned about
sound engineering. My school counselor suggested it to
me because she knew I was great at math and loved
music. But I still had a dream of becoming a doctor,
so I decided to pursue college first. I went to
college for 3 years and realized it wasn't for me.
Then I went to the Institute of Audio Research in
Manhattan and I've been a sound engineer ever since.
As a freelancer, I worked with many well-known
artists, but while working with Ja Rule, we had a cool
relationship and that's when they asked me to become
Murder Inc's or The Inc's head engineer.

MIO : You have recently begun producing do you have plans to
produce on any up and coming Inc/Mpire releases ?

Buck : I definitely do. I've been working a lot with Harry-O, Iceberg Slim
an up and coming rapper who is going to bring that
Bronx sound back to the game. A lot is in the works
right now.

MIO : Do you have any plans to ghost write more since you
co-wrote Ja's "Exodus Outro" ?

Buck : I didn’t write anything on that track. He named the album “Exodus” and then I went in and created the track

MIO : What would be the favourite track(s) you've had the
pleasure to record over the years ?

Buck : Foolish, Thug Lovin’ - Bobby Brown a legend.

MIO : What is your favourite memory from being in the studio
with fellow members of Murder Inc over the years ?

Buck : I don't have a specific favorite moment, but overall,
it's been the best experience of my career. I've
learned so much while working with there and I've had
a lot of fun doing it.

MIO : Out off all the artists you have worked with over the
years who is the most fun to work with ?

Buck : I have to say Ja Rule. He's the coolest dude. Really
laid back, but his work ethic is gangsta.

MIO : Who would be your favourite artist you have worked
with outside of The Inc/Mpire Roster ?

Buck : Bobby Brown definitely. Im a New Edition fan

MIO : There's been alot of unreleased albums from the inc,
including Caddy's Pov City Hustler and also a joint
venture with Caddy and Black, What is your opinion on
these recordings? and why do u feel they never got a
chance to get released?

Buck : Those albums were hot. Unfortunately, this music biz
is all about timing. And it just wasn't the right time
to release those albums. But both Caddy and Black are
in the studio grindin' so you'll definitely hear from
them in the future.

MIO : Do you have plans to work with other artists outsude
of The Inc ?

Buck : Definitely. I'm working with a lot of up and coming
artists right now that you'll hear about soon.
Otherwise, I'm just working to step my game up so that
I'm always ready to work with the best in the music

MIO : Finally Buck I would like to thank you for taking time
out to answer some questions do you have any message
for The Inc fans and our members at

Buck : Thanks for the interview. I love all the Inc fans out
there. Keep on supporting the movement. And if you
need hot beats, holla!!!!

published on July 19 th, 2006

Site update icon

Site Update

Just a quick update letting everybody know that we have added a review to Ja Rule's "Exodus" you can check it out at our reviews section. MI Online are also on myspace so make sure you add us and leave us a comment on Myspace We have also added some dvd's staring Ashanti and Ja Rule including "Coach Carter" and "Turn It Up" to our shop. Our MIO T-Shirts will be back in the next few weeks for you to order. Finnaly Ashanti24-7 have become one of our top affilates so make you sure you support them aswell as MI Online.

published on July 17 th, 2006

Irv Gotti icon

Irv Gotti Article from new XXL

Irv Gotti was interview by XXL aobut his time working with Jay Z and helping Jay become the artist he is today. We have added scans to our gallery and you can leave your comments on our forum. Thanks to J.M.C for the scans. You can see the article below but you will have to go to our gallery in order to read the full article.


published on July 15 th, 2006

Ja Rule icon

Calling all unsigned artists

Ja Rule and his bussiness Partner Anthony "Cap2" Peluso are having a competition for all unsigned and up and coming artists to earn a chance of appearing on a new mixtape alongside Ja Rule and other Inc Artists. If you are interested in sending Ja your material just email at Below is the Bulliten sent around on behalf of Ja.

This is a invitation that we just decided to do we had a mix tape done for unlkown reason we need three new rappers joint the team, Mpire Records Cap2 Cutz , Execitive Producers Ja Rule and Cap2 anthony, we have feature songs unhaerd by Rick ROSS, the making the bank, and OF CORSE JA RULE, and oher hot INC artists.

Think is this cd will goto press in 3 weeks os if you no any one that raps and is alwasy craying about he never geta chance or the other loud mouth rapper saying he needs one chance to make it big, tell them niggas to com fuck with me NOW, I ant got time to play areondf I am listing and it better be good and we go from there.


published on July 15 th, 2006

Ashanti icon

New Clips of Ashanti from "John Tucker Must Die"

Below are a few clips featuring Ashanti in "John Tucker Must Die" which hits theatres in the U.S on July 28th. So don’t forget to go and support Ashanti at your local theatre.  Credit goes to for providing the videos. Leave your opinions on our forum.

published on July 15 th, 2006

Site update icon

Murder Inc Online V4 Home Of A Dynasty

After six months of hard work our new site is finished. We have completely revamped everything we have updated our artists  biography’s , added a new gallery with 100’s of images with more to be added over the coming months. All the software is new including our news software and guest book software. Most importantly we have a brand new design which we feel is a major step up from previous designs.

We have added a brand new up to date history of the carer of Irv Gotti and The Inc  Records a special shout out goes to Relentless from the forum for writing it. You can now find our recent interviews with artists such as Harry-O and The Gift in our Interviews Section and look out for an interview with Milwaukee Buck coming any day now. You can now purchase any and every release from The Inc. Records in our shop along with exclusive MI Online t-shirts. This is Version 4 Home Of A Dynasty of MI Online and things can only keep improving from here on out.

The last six to eight months have been very important in the development of MI Online with us taking a major step in changing our forums software to Vbulletin which has led to our community significantly we can now boast to have over 1000 active members with 2000+ members registered. We are home to the exclusive Hoodstock Forum with Stock’s very own Amazin Grace popping in every now and again to interact with the fans

Now here is the important part as our Newsletter software is different on the new site you will need to register again as we cannot import our list from the old software into our new Newsletter software. Don’t forget to visit our forum and if you havent already registered do so now.

Finally from everyone on the team here at MI Online I would like to thank you for your continued support and we hope you keep coming back and continue supporting us and The Inc Records.  

It’s Murda 4 Life

MI Online Team 

published on July 10 th, 2006

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule Album and Label News recently got the chance to catch up with Ja Rule during a poker tournament on and he was kind enough to answer some questions. Ja told us that The Inc have signed a distribution deal with Universal Records and that his new album "Love Is Pain" should be hitting the shelves around September/October. We were also told to look out for releases from Young Merc, Harry-O and Boxie this year.

published on July 9 th, 2006

Ja Rule icon

Supreme Court Won't Hear Ja Rule/TVT Case

The Supreme Court declined today (June 26) to hear a case involving a contract dispute between record companies over a hip-hop album by Ja Rule and other rappers.

Lawyers for TVT Records and TVT Music Inc. asked justices to overturn a decision by the New York-based 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which voided a $132 million jury verdict TVT was awarded in its dispute with another recording company, the Island Def Jam Music Group.

The jury found in TVT's favor in the company's fight with IDJ over TVT's efforts to distribute an album by Cash Money Click, whose members included Jeffrey Atkins, known professionally as Ja Rule. The group joined TVT because of talent scout Irving Lorenzo, who is known professionally as Irv Gotti.

After Gotti left TVT for Island Def Jam, Ja Rule followed a few years later. Both men enjoyed far more success with IDJ under the Murder, Inc., label.

In court filings, IDJ lawyers said the dispute stemmed from a threat in 2001 by a TVT employee to release old CMC songs "that weren't particularly good" at the same time as Ja Rule's next IDJ recording. A side deal was signed by some representatives of the parties, but IDJ ultimately refused to honor the agreement.

published on July 9 th, 2006

Irv Gotti icon

Happy Birthday Irv Gotti

Today is Irv Gotti's the President and CEO of The Inc. Records 36th Birthday and everybody here at would like to wish him a very happy birthday and lets hope this year of his life will be one of the most succesfull since his carer has begun.

published on July 9 th, 2006

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