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Just Another Day Available To Buy On DVD

Just Another Day is available to buy on DVD for $25 from today having watched the trailer it looks like it could be a good movie, not sure what type of role Ja Rule plays in it but he is credited as starring in it. Check out the trailer below and if your tempted here is the amazon link.

published on July 20 th, 2010

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Ja Rule Talks About Rule 3:36 With MIO

This is the second installment of our interview with Ja Rule where he breaks down each album he has recorded and the process that went into each one. This time around Rule talks about his sophomore release Rule 3:36 and the struggles he had with Def Jam over what route to go down. Check out the videos below and leave your thoughts on our forum.

published on July 17 th, 2010

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Ja Rule Talks To MIO About Venni Vetti Vecci

This Interview was recorded in September 2009 but is still as relevant now as it was then. This is a very intriguing interview where Ja Rule talks to about his debut album and what it did to his carer there after. Check it out and leave your opinions on our forum.

published on July 13 th, 2010

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Ja Rule 'Man Is Down' Full Track

Here is the first version of Ja Rule's new single 'Man Is Down' according to Ja this isn't the final version as it needs to be mixed again due to the drums being too low. Given a listen below and leave your thoughts on our forum.

published on July 13 th, 2010

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Ja Rule To Play FOX Stadskanaal In The Netherlands

Ja Rule is playing FOX Stadskanaal Night Club in the Netherlands on July 31st.  We will let you know if Ja is playing any other dates in Europe once we get word.


published on July 10 th, 2010

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Irv Gotti Is Alive

Who'd of thought it but Irv Gotti is actually alive and was spotted in LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas with Ja Rule on Thursday night. Here is a picture of IG with Rule in LAX for more pictures go to our forum.


pictureof a pumpkin

published on July 10 th, 2010

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Renaissance Project

Renaissance Project is the new working title of Ja Rule's latest album as of now no scheduled release time frame has been announced.  Discuss the new title on our forum with our members.

published on July 8 th, 2010

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VVV 2010

Ten months on from when MIO brought you the exclusive news that Ja Rule was releasing a new 3 disc album in 2010 titled VVV 2010 and we can now inform you that Ja has scrapped the title of VVV 2010 and has yet to announce what the new working title is. We now expect no album to come in 2010 and honestly have no idea if we will see another Ja Rule album despite the fact Rule now has control of his own affairs. Ja has said he is releasing a new single this week which we believe to be titled "Pick Ya Man Up" but whether this is a promo single for an up coming album or not we just don't know. To hear a snippet of the single go to our forum. 

published on July 7 th, 2010

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Ja Rule To Be Live at 7pm Tonight

Ja Rule has said on his twitter that he will be live from 7pm EST which is about 40 minutes time from this post going live. Don't expect him to be on time as despite his song title of 'Always On Time' it's in Rule's genes to be late so give it some time and keep checking the MIO forums for updates if he doesn't go live at 7pm. MPireTV Link

published on July 6 th, 2010

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Usher feat Brooklyn Newz & Ludacris 'She Don't Know' Remix

Here we have another Brooklyn Newz track for all our visitors out there, this time Newz jumps on Usher's 'She Don't Know'. Check it out below and leave your thoughts on our forum.

Brooklyn Newz-  'She Don't Know' Remix

Brooklyn Newz-  'She Don't Know' Remix (Clean)

published on May 23 rd, 2010

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