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Lloyd and Irv Gotti Visit Radio Station Power 105

As a part of promoting Lloyd's new single 'You' featuring Lil' Wayne, Irv Gotti and Lloyd sat down with Power 105 host DJ Clue. The interview is in four parts, and you can view them here


Big thanks to Spectacular Views Inc. for uploading the videos.

published on November 23 rd, 2006

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More News on Irv Gotti's Universal Deal and Tv Show

Irv Gotti is to star and produce a new reality show for VH-1 charting his bling-bling lifestyle a year after being acquitted of money laundering.

The rap impresario, real name Irvine Lorenzo, who built up The Inc (formerly Murder Inc) record label with Ja Rule and Ashanti, was acquitted by a New York jury along with his brother Christopher Lorenzo of all money-laundering charges in December 2nd.

In the time subsequently, he has worked on renegotiating his label's position with Universal Def Jam, and is looking forward to bigger and better things, he tells the New York Post.

"Listen, no matter what I went through, I kept Ja Rule, Ashanti, all my acts. I now have a joint venture with Universal, the same company that kicked me out when those accusations came down. They even gave me back my masters. I sold 20 million albums. I produced J.Lo's two biggest hits, 'I'm Real,' 13 weeks on the charts, and 'Ain't It Funny,' 11 weeks. Now I own all my stuff and I split with Universal. Doug Morris gave me the deal. He's grooming me to be president of Universal. And Tobey Maguire and I bonded over poker, so next up I'll produce movies."

A reality show is the first big project, set to air on VH-1 in 2007. Gotti advices viewers to keep an eye out for big name guests.

"I'll be taping this reality thing - there's no name yet - for six months. I told them it's a one-shot deal. "Some friends like Jay-Z, Damon Dash, Russell Simmons will probably be on it."

"I own a piece of it. I'm executive producer, so I OK the final cut. They're tracking my success back from the days I mixed tapes in my house and sold them for 10 bucks apiece to friends. They'll also include scenes from Crack House, my two-floor SoHo studio."

published on November 14 th, 2006

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Lloyd to premiere "You" on 106 & Park

Lloyd will be premiering his new single "You" which features Lil Wayne on BET's 106 & Park this Friday so make sure you tune and see what he has to say hopeefully Itv Gotti will make an appearance with him. Speaking of the "You" video you can download it here you will need quicktime player to play it as its a .mov file.

published on November 14 th, 2006

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Lloyd "You" video has arrived !!

Thats right people Lloyd's "You" video has finnaly arrived and as always MIOnline is first to bring it to you. So check it out on youtube now and leave your opinions on it on our forum. We will have the video for to download sometime later on today we are just waitng on the video to be sent to us by The Inc but for now you are going to have to do with youtube.

published on November 9 th, 2006

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One Blooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats right The Game's "One Blood" remix that everybody has been talking about has arrived and our boy Ja Rule is on it and yes Ja Rule spit the best verse and thats not a Murder Inc fan speakign thats every Hip Hop/Rap fan in the world that has heard this track speaking. The Rule is back and you better believe he is coiming stronger then ever. Listen to "One Blood" Remix with features Ja Rule and 23 yes 23 other of the industry's top rappers on one track right here. Dont forget to leave your comments on Rule's verse on our forum. Below is what Irv Gotti had to say on about Rule;s verse on MIO's very own forum and what The Game had to say about it on Chicago radio.

Irv Gotti :

My Peoples. If you haven't heard The Game's One Blood Remix. Please go to and check it out. The remix features 24 of todays hottest rappers. 1 of them being my brother Ja Rule. My fam. Everyone is talking about Ja's verse on the Remix. My brother destroyed that shhiiittt! Just like I told yall a week or so ago. The have a voting poll on asking the people to vote on who killed it the hardest and Ja is taking damn near 50% of the votes. The people are announcing that Ja is back on the Threads over there. I wanna send a BIG Thank You to the nigga Game. He called it. He said this was gonna bring Rule back. And trust me. it has started. Stay tuned. Its about to get fun! Its Murda 4 Life! Irv Gotti

Also for a radio version. they have 4 different versions. but the hot thing is on every version. Rule closes it down. hahahahahahha.

The Game:
Game calls in to Power 92 and drops the remix. He says that Ja Rule had the dopest verse and that he put Ja on the end to have him in the spotlight.

published on November 7 th, 2006

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Ja Rule, Russell Simmons, Irv Gotti Host Celebrity LIFE Camp Benefit

Rapper Ja Rule is teaming with Russell Simmons, New York Giants' Michael Strahan and Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo, to put on a Celebrity LIFE Camp Benefit for at risk youth.

The benefit will support the year round LIFE Camp program for at risk youth, who are on the fast track to incarceration.

The program aims to decrease youth violence by focusing on conflict resolution, self-esteem, goal setting, critical thinking and leadership.

"I grew up in Jamaica, Queens and it is through the preservation and dedication of my family and mentors that I was able to make it," Ja Rule said in a statement. "Unfortunately, many of my friends lacked a significant support system and are now incarcerated or deceased."

In partnership with York College, Life Camp has educated scores of young people through tutoring, music, athletics, theater, photography, educational and cultural workshops.

With the help of over 85 musicians, athletes, community activists, entrepreneurs, educators and formerly incarcerated individuals, LIFE Camp operates seven days a week and facilitates in school, after-school, weekend and summer programs.

The Celebrity LIFE Camp benefit will take place on Thursday, November 9, from 6:00pm-10:00pm at Club Lotus in New York City.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to the LIFE Camps programs.

published on November 5 th, 2006

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Ja Rule To Appear On The Games 'One Blood' Remix

If you weren't convinced by reading Game's pledge of allegiance to The Inc. (formerly Murder Inc.) in the past issue of XXL, well, Irv Gotti has confirmed it. Both parties are loving each other right now. "Our problem stems from nothing," Gotti said before explaining how the onetime enemies got together. "I seen him at the [past] Grammys. Me, I know our problem all stems from bullsh--. From somebody who I don't like to mention anymore."

I.G. said he started thinking about siding with Game after he heard the Compton MC shout out his good friend Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff in one of his raps.

"I'm very into giving Supreme smiles," Irv continued. "[Game] said some lyrics, if you remember, bigging up 'Preme. So I went to Game at the Grammys and he was sitting with Jimmy Henchmen. Jimmy Henchmen is somebody I respect and somebody I'm rooting for. I've known Jimmy for a minute, and I'm happy for his success with Game. Me and Jimmy have a great relationship. I felt compelled to go over there. I put my hand out and said to Game, 'Yo, thanks for what you said about my man 'Preme, it gives him smiles.' I said thanks for that, and I want you to know ... love!' I seen Jimmy and gave him pound, like, 'My n---a.' I know it took Game off guard, but it was real. I was extending my hand to him, like, 'F--- all that bullsh--.'

"Next thing you know, him and [Ja] Rule started talking to each other on the pager," Gotti added. "He supporting us, we supporting him. It's real. We talk a lot. Rule is actually on the 'It's Okay (One Blood)' remix. Once you hear Rule's verse, you gonna go, 'Ohhhhh sh--!' No beefing, but the verse is fiery: 'The Rule, the Game, New York, L.A.!' When Game heard it, he hit me on the Blackberry, like, 'The Rule is back. Murder Inc./ Black Wall Street.' I felt his energy. Rule and Game have another record on Rule's album too. It ain't no beef, we ain't talking about no beef, it's just hit records. All that beef is tired."
Lil Wayne has also been tapped to appear on the "One Blood" remix. It doesn't stop there. Word is there will be at least 15 to 20 MCs total on the remix, which comes out this week.

published on November 5 th, 2006

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Yeah, Irv Gotti Knows Who Vanessa Carlton Is He Just Signed Her

Inc. label head signed 'A Thousand Miles' singer after chance meeting.

NEW YORK A funny thing happened to Irv Gotti on the way to a business meeting.

The multiplatinum hip-hop producer had recently signed a deal with Universal Records for his label, the Inc., and was visiting with the bosses to discuss business matters. (" 'Pinky and the Brain' sh--," he quipped.)

An A&R rep noticed Gotti in the Universal building hallway and prodded him to join another meeting in the adjoining offices where, oddly enough, Vanessa Carlton happened to be working out a deal to join the label's roster. In a twist of fate even he admits is surprising, Gotti ended up signing the pop singer to his company, the one formerly known as Murder Inc. Now, he and Carlton are pushing to finish her new album in time for a spring release.

"I see Vanessa and I say to myself, 'I know her from somewhere,' " Gotti, preparing for a Carlton showcase at the Canal Room, remembered of their initial chance meeting. "I didn't quite know yet to put the name on it, [but I knew] she was an artist. She started playing and her voice, it completely took me over. I start rambling, running my mouth basically. And just going crazy.

"After I calmed down," Gotti continued, "she played 'A Thousand Miles,' and once I heard the piano riff, I spazzed out again.

" 'You're the girl from "White Chicks," ' " Gotti recalled Carlton jumping in, finishing his thought for him. They laughed about the song being parodied in the Wayans brothers' comedy.

With that number, Gotti knew exactly who Carlton was and began wondering if she would be willing to work with him. Gotti learned Carlton had become a free agent after parting ways with A&M Records following her commercially disappointing 2004 album, Harmonium. At first, a hesitant Gotti only offered Carlton his production assistance. He says he was surprised when her enthusiasm matched his.

"He just has this bundle of energy," Carlton said of meeting Irv. "I was so thrilled. I had been waiting for this reaction [to my music] my whole life and [that day] was the beginning of our friendship and our working relationship."

The two exchanged contact information and soon began paging each other. When Carlton signed her first message to Gotti with her first initial he affectionately calls her "V" he says he knew the odd pairing was destined to be. As Gotti explains, the V pendent he wears on his necklace is in remembrance of his late grandmother, who would only allow Gotti to call her "V," even though her nickname had nothing to do with her birth name.

Carlton also called their union coincidental. And she was quick to add that Irv, despite recent baggage from a federal court case (see "Gotti Brothers Found Not Guilty Of Money Laundering") and parting ways with his longtime distributor Def Jam, isn't as strange a bedfellow for her as many would think.

"I don't have an opinion on someone until I meet them, and he instantly struck me as a music guy," Carlton said. "It didn't matter what genre he usually works in or what imaging he has for himself. All I was looking for was someone who I would connect with personally, and there was energy there I wanted to be a part of."

The new duo were tightlipped about what to expect from Carlton's forthcoming album. Irv did reveal that a few surprises are possible, but most likely the effort will consist of Carlton continuing to evolve her sound. Gotti noted he wouldn't force her to become more urban nor would he be overbearing in the creative process, as he is notoriously known to be. "This is the first time where I'm gonna be a co-pilot," Irv said, adding that he usually plays the role of "dictator."

Carlton explained that just having Irv around is enough support for her. "What he gives me the most is this cushion," she said. "And I feel now like I'm sitting on the best patch of songs I've ever written. It's like baking bread, and I think this is the best loaf so far."

"Wait till you get a load of that loaf," Gotti finished.

published on November 2 nd, 2006

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Irv Gotti Clears Up Artist Situations

Irv Gotti graced Murder Inc Online with an apearance less then 24hours after his last one. Irv cleared up alot of rumours and let the fans know about their favourite artists and his upcoming tv show. Leave your opionions on what he said on our forum.

Ok. So I am reading all the posts. 1st. Thanx for all the love my people. I'm gonna clear the air again. But please understand i can't keep coming on here to clear the air. some of you guys lil bull i'm just gonna have to let yall run with.
1. ASHANTI is still signed to The INC. period. end of story. hahahaha.
2. Caddillac Tah is still signed to The INC.
3. Blackchild is still signed to The INC.
4. Yes. I do have a reality show on VH1. The producers of the very successful Flavor of Love Show (Cris Abrego), contacted me and wanted to do a show based on my return to the Top of the Game! They also was intrigued by my Family Life. And it was kind of a misquote when they released there press release. I am not really married anymore. But me and debb are the best friends in the world. which was very interesting to them. So get ready to see me a whole lot more on TV. Hope you guys enjoy my crazy life. hahahahah. Runs House is like the Cosby Show. they are saying after my pilot. that my show is like The Sopranos. hahahaha. we'll see.

Just because I didn't mention them doesn't mean anything. I probably was just tired of typing. hahahaha. i see i have to watch everything i say around you guys. yall look into everything so deep. hahahah. when its not that serious. Hopefully i didn't forget anything. well back to my grind. will catch up with my fam soon tho. i love yall energy tho. it has me energized. Its Murda 4 Life! Believe In It! and for any of the doubters out there. it is really me. Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo. not a 12 year old kid. lol

published on November 1 st, 2006

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Irv Gotti Posts On Murder Inc Online's forum

Its your boy Irv Gotti. I have been posting stuff on my new artist Vanessa "V" Carltons site. And i just seen that someone posted that i should post on here since i am posting on there. i felt that. but i feel you guys on here know me already. and the people on V's site need to get to know me. but i kind of like interacting with the people. I'm feeling it. so i will be on here from time to time to see what my people are saying and thinking. i gotta be honest. yall say some pretty funny shhiiittt. NO. i am not fuuuccckkiiing V. i have a great relationship with her boyfriend stephan jenkins of the group Third Eye Blind. me and V have gotten extremely close in a short time tho. so i could easily see why people may think that. but its not the case. she is my bfff. hahahahaha. as far as Murder Inc goes. 07 is looking like its gonna be a HUGE year for us. The young lion Lloyd "Ladi" is really getting things going. his YOU record with Lil Wayne is starting to explode at radio. feels great. as far as my brother Ja Rule goes. Yall all should know i would give my life for him. so as far as his project goes. you should know we coming. and yes. The Game and Murder Inc is like that now. me and rule speak to Game all the time. and you will be hearing some crazy songs with Rule and Game. I also have alot of new artist coming. 7, who is arguably the most talented person i have ever been around, is making a jump into being an artist. he is with Murder Inc. and his album is incredible. Imagine Prince if he fuuccckkked with Hip Hop. thats the best way to explain 7. i seen a post that chink santana is not with the INC anymore. yall make me laugh when yall run with the bullssshhit. Chink Santana and Murder Inc. is forever. feel me. what i have with my family is deep. and its rare in this fuucckkedd up biz. He has a label called Black Flag. that i am fully behind. and yes he co exec. jim jones album. my nigguz talents run deep. so hopefully it clears up a few things. i will end with this. after i got acquitted and didn't have to do that 20 years. it changed my life. i became more spiritual and believing in GOD. but yet i'm still Thugging it til the casket drops. my nigguz call me the Spiritual Thug now. hahahaha. but i just feel an obligation to make everyone whoever believed in me. to make them proud. i am way more of a people person now. cause 12 juror members that i didn't know. seen the good in me when the government was saying i was the head of a criminal empire with my brother for life SUPREME! and they acquitted me. so i owe them and every person out there a service to do them proud. i guess thats why i am on this sites now. i guess i am really FOR THE PEOPLE NOW! Ride wit ME! its real. Irv Gotti

p.s. i am very busy so do not get mad at me if i'm not on here as much as you guys may like. I'm trying to make history and change the way people think and feel. but i will be on here.

Go here to reply and leave IG THA BOSS a message.

published on November 1 st, 2006

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