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Ja Rule to enter Celebrity Big Brother House ?

Acording to UK newspaper The Sun Ja Rule is to enter the CBB House tomorrow(Wednesday) so watch out for that. To qoute The Sun " US rapper Ja Rule, 30, is tipped to join CBB as early as tomorrow." Leave your thoughts on our forum. If we hear or see anything else on this we will be sure to let you know.

published on January 17 th, 2007

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Lloyd's Street Love to Drop March 20th

Inc. Crooner Lloyd Controls Destiny By Leaking Track, Enlisting Jazze Pha

'I feel like a player. I hate being on the bench,' newcomer insists.

Things are going pretty well for Lloyd lately.
The Inc. crooner recently celebrated his 21st birthday at Atlanta's Velvet Room with Cee-Lo, Lil Wayne, T.I., Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, label boss Irv Gotti (see "Irv Gotti Maps Out Inc. Comeback With Vanessa Carlton, Lloyd, Ja Rule") and new manager Jazze Pha. And then there's his sophomore project, Street Love, due March 20 on the Inc./ Universal Records, which has spawned Lloyd's biggest hit to date: "You" featuring Lil Wayne.

According to the singer, he leaked the track himself because he didn't want to be the only one to hear it. A few friends at Atlanta radio stations played "You," and the next thing he knew, a release date was set for his album. "[The song] spread to a lot of secondary markets outside Atlanta," Lloyd recalled. "And from there, I remember everybody kind of calling, wanting to work with me. And Street Love is really about the best of both worlds hip-hop and R&B to create a popular sound."

"I remember calling Usher" after overhearing the instrumental for the song in his manager's studio one day, Lloyd explained. "I had Jazze call Usher, and we begged him for it every day. And I finally got it. I remember they invited me to their house, and I recorded it at Usher's crib in Atlanta. ... It's hot. Something unlike anything I've ever released before."

Lloyd also said he's looking to take his music in another direction with his second album. Originally, the singer was looking to part ways with Gotti and the Inc. over creative differences and sign to Jazze Pha's label. But after reconciling with Gotti, Lloyd instead brought the Atlanta beatsmith on board as his manager and mentor. "I always wanted to work with him," Lloyd said of Jazze Pha. "He's like the black Santa Claus. He's just got joy and happiness for everyone. I remember the first time we worked [together]. The first few records were special."

In addition to Gotti and Jazze's production prowess, Street Love will feature collaborations with newcomer Johnta Austin, Big Reese & Jasper ("They're gonna be like the new Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis," Lloyd exclaimed) and Bryan-Michael Cox.

Now that things are going better for Lloyd, he said he's going to make the most of his time in the spotlight with his new album. He has no time to rest after waiting three years in between projects. "For me, I feel like a player," Lloyd said. "I hate being on the bench, I hate sitting on the sidelines, I hate watching the game from the sidelines.

"I just want to kind of spark some kind of energy in the building," he said.

published on January 13 th, 2007

Supreme Had Men Killed For Slapping Irv Gotti, Says Witness

A former associate of druglord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff testified in Brooklyn Federal Court yesterday (January 11) that he was hired by the defendant to kill two men for hitting Murder Inc. founder Irv Gotti.

According to the New York Daily News, Emanuel "Dog" Mosley, who pleaded guilty to killing Smith and Singleton after being arraigned on murder charges last year, testified as a government witness, claiming that McGriff offered him a $50,000 contract to have Singleton and another man, Nathan "Green Eyed Born" May, murdered because they "had smacked up a friend of his in a studio and they had to be dealt with."

He identified Irving "Gotti" Lorenzo as the "friend."

Mosley testified that he assembled a hit team that stalked Singleton and May but then McGriff asked him to slay E-Money Bags, who they got to first on July 16, 2001.

A videotape showing E-Money Bags being secretly recorded minutes before his murder was shown to jurors on Wednesday (January 10).

Mosley then revealed that three months after killing E-Money Bags, they shot a man matching McGriff's description of Singleton at a sports bar in Jamaica, Queens.

"Did you care [if it was the right man]?" prosecutor Carolyn Pokorny asked.

"No," Mosley replied.

The victim was, in fact, Singleton. May managed to elude the hit team.

published on January 13 th, 2007

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Ja Rule First Single "Free" feat Ashley Joe

MurderInc-Online is proud to bring you Ja Rule fans an exlusive first single from Ja Rule's upcoming album "Love Is Pain" which features an up coming artist by the name of Ashley Joe the name of the single is "Free". Ja is back to his best on this track the beat is amazing Ja Rule sounds like Bizzy Bone on the first verse this track can easily bring The Inc Back. Listen to it here and leave your opinoins on our forum.

published on January 12 th, 2007

Update: Videotape Surfaces In Supreme McGriff Murder Trial

A former NYPD detective took the stand yesterday (January 10) to show jurors a videotape of rapper E-Money Bags secretly recorded by an associate of druglord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff minutes before his death.

According to New York's Daily News, retired detective Anthony Castiglia testified in Brooklyn Federal Court that the 30-minute video was recovered by authorities during a search of a Baltimore drug stash house allegedly under the control of McGriff, a month after E-Money Bags was shot and killed in Laurelton, Queens.

Investigators claim the video was shot by Nicole Brown, the girlfriend of a key lieutenant in McGriff's drug gang, who lived in an apartment overlooking 111th Road where Smith was killed.

The video shows Smith parking his Lincoln Navigator on 111th Road while Brown's young daughter can be heard chattering. Brown is then heard talking on the phone describing the cross street where Smith is parked and adding that he's eating a plate of food brought to him from a nearby cookout.

In court papers, prosecutors contend Brown was speaking to boyfriend Dennis "Divine" Crosby, who was allegedly passing the critical information to the hit team that had been stalking Smith for days.

The tape ends about 20 minutes before four gunmen pulled up and unleashed a barrage of gunfire at Smith. He died with a loaded gun next to his foot and a cell phone in his lap.

published on January 11 th, 2007

Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff On Trial For Murder, Faces Death Penalty

Notorious druglord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff went to trial yesterday (January 9) for allegedly ordering the death of two of his rivals, Queens rapper E-Money Bags and Troy Singleton.

According to the Associated Press, the federal case claims that 46-year-old McGriff paid $50,000 to have two men gunned down back in 2001. He is charged with ordering a hit on E-Money Bags (born Eric Smith) and Singleton, his associate, two years after E-Money Bags shot and killed one of McGriff's friends in a dispute in 1999.

As previously reported by SOHH, Emanuel "Dog" Mosley was arraigned on charges early last year that he recruited the men who carried out the hit, allegedly at McGriff's orders. If convicted of the charges, McGriff could possibly face the death penalty.

"The case against Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff is about a man with the power and the will to get people murdered," prosecutor Jason Jones told jurors during opening statements in a Brooklyn courtroom. "He wanted those men erased to settle an old score and to show that Supreme is not to be crossed."

Defense attorney David Ruhnke rebutted by claiming that after McGriff had served several years for a prior drug offense, he took the legitimate approach and fulfilled his dream of producing movies and films with childhood friend and Murder Inc. CEO Irv "Gotti" Lorenzo.

"This was an effort to make money legitimately, to change the direction of his life," Ruhnke stated.

But authorities claim that McGriff did no such thing and continued his drug operations in both New York and Baltimore, all while allegedly laundering more than $1 million dollars through Gotti's Murder Inc imprint. McGriff was originally indicted along with both Irv and his brother Chris "Gotti" Lorenzo on money laundering charges in 2005. The Lorenzo brothers were granted a separate trial from McGriff, and were later acquitted of the charges.

McGriff is believed by authorities to have started the notorious "Supreme Team," a powerful drug dealing crew that operated in NYC during the 1980's crack epidemic. Allegedly, the crew took in an estimated $200,000 per day during the height of its operations.

published on January 11 th, 2007

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Lloyd News

Lloyds Video for "You" featuring Lil Wayne has climbed to the top of the 106 & Park Video charts which gives him his second #1 Video on the 106 & Park countdown. This means we can expect a live performance of the single on the show in the next few weeks.

In related news you can listen to two new tracks from Lloyd's upcoming album "Street Love" in sotres this March and the "You" remix featuring Nas and Andre 3000 on AOL's First Listen. Leave your opinions on the new tracks on our forum.

published on January 11 th, 2007

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Another new 7 track

7 comes strong with a second track in two days7 told us 2007 would be the year of 7 and its looking to be that way. This new track is similar to m.a.k.e.l.o.v.e.t.o.m.e. but also different. Again 7's beat is out there and different from the current tracks gracing our radio stations these days. So make sure you give it a listen on 7's myspace let him know your opinons on the track and then drop your thoughts on our forum.

published on January 2 nd, 2007

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New 7 First Single From Channel 7

7 has put up his debut single from his new album Channel 7 which is set to drop 7/7/2007. Station Identification (Intro) / M.a.k.e.l.o.v.e.t.o.m.e. features Vanessa Carlton and you wouldnt know it was her if you were listening to the track without being told who was on it. The sound on this track is crazy its unique something you wont have heard before or hear anywhere else. If this is how the rest of the Channel 7 album is going to be a highlight of '07. Go to 7's myspace to listen to it and leave your opinions on the track on our forum. Once again big thanks to Seraph for getting the interview with 7 and even bigger thanks to 7 for granting us the first 7 interview of '07.

published on January 1 st, 2007

7 icon


7 Would like to deliver this message to the people...




))) CHANNEL 7 (((



published on January 1 st, 2007

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