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Lloyd On Pace To Sell 140k First Week

The Inc's Lloyd is on course to sell around 140k of his new release "Street Love" in its first week on the shelves. If you havent picked up your copy yet make sure you do over the next few weeks Bestbuy seems the best place to pick up a copy with them offering two bonus tracks and thought to be the cheapest at $9.99 so go out there and support The Inc and Lloyd. Also Lloyd's official site has finnally fully launched so check it out

published on March 14 th, 2007

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Lloyd Interview with

After independently leaking the single, You, to an Atlanta radio station over a year ago, 21 year-old singer Lloyd Polite Jr. had a feeling something big was on the horizon.  Fast forward to March 13th, 2007, the sunrise at dawn—of the biggest morning of his life—has arrived for the New Orleans-born singer.  His sophomore album, Street Love, is out in stores and has along with it two smash singles.  The aforementioned ‘You’ featuring Lil’ Wayne reached the #1 spot on the Urban Billboard Charts and the follow-up single, ‘Get It Shawty,’ is making its move towards the top.  In an interview with’s DJZ,” Lloyd talks about his growth as an artist since last he released an album, which artists would fill out his A-list R&B super group if he chose to recruit some friends, and what his growing passion has become that involves both money and time.

You can download the interview here or read it below.

Lloyd Interview Transcription:

DJ Booth:  What Up People, it’s your boy ‘Z’ doin it real big as always on— and on the phone with me, also doin’ it real big, with the new album “Street Love” [out in stores today,] please welcome, Lloyd.  How are doing?

Lloyd:  Hey ‘Z,’ glad to be here.  I’m a big big fan of the show and real glad about doin’ this interview.

DJ Booth:  Well thank you.

Lloyd:  I’m happy to say the new album is out in stores.  Look for “Street Love,” and check it out man.

DJ Booth:  You actually stole my line, because I was just about to say I’m a big big fan of yours.

Lloyd:  Ha-ha-ha-ha we together right here man.  We on the same wave length bro—

DJ Booth:  “Street Love,” has been very highly anticipated.  The arrival probably couldn’t come soon enough for you and now it’s in stores.  How does it feel?

Lloyd:  Aw man, I’m just happy to be here right now, and hope people check it out.  I hope they really enjoy it.  I’m glad to be back as a part of the game, that I love so much, and I’m glad to be a part of the music.  I hope people go and check it out.  As for me, I represent for a lot of people in the present, and from the past.  I have a lot of quality music.  It takes a lot of hard work, so to contribute to music, when you work really hard to get somewhere, you really learn to be appreciative; so I would just like to thank you for having me. 

DJ Booth:  Oh no, the pleasure is all on this side of the phone.  Did you have any idea when you first released the single, ‘You’ featuring Lil Wayne, that it would blow up like it did? 

Lloyd:  I’m always confident about my music, but I never expected to have my peers embrace my music so much.  I guess the cool thing about working with music is that I get a chance to work with the people who inspired me, when I was growing up.  When Andre 3000 and Nas call to get down on a remix, then I know I’m doing somethin’ right.

DJ Booth:  I could not agree more.  Let’s talk about your new single “Get It Shawty”.

Lloyd:  Get it Shaw-ty!

DJ Booth:  Get it Shaw-ty…I don’t think I can say it quite like you.

Lloyd:  Come on—Get it Shaaw-ty!

DJ Booth:  Get it shaaaw-ty.  Is that better?

Lloyd:  HA HA HA [laughing]

DJ Booth:  I don’t think when I say it, that its as smooth as you.

Lloyd:  Aw come on man, you just had it!

DJ Booth:  All right we’re not gonna try that again… Lloyd I love the video you did.  I love the scenery.  Did you shoot this in a retention waterway? 

Lloyd:  It’s that same set they used for Grease Lightening.

DJ Booth:  It looked familiar, but then they all look the same.  Talk about the angle for the second single, produced by J-Lack?

Lloyd:  Well to make a long story short.  “Let’s turn the water to wine and keep the party goin.” Cool thing about this song it’s not like anything I’ve released before.  It’s a much more up-beat up-tempo [single.] The message of the song is forget what your friends may think.  Forget about going to work.  Just get on the dance floor…and “Get it Shawty” ha-ha. 

DJ Booth:  You know that’s a perfect message to give to all of your listeners.  Personally, forget about which tracks will be chosen for singles; what is your favorite track start to finish?

Lloyd:  I’m feelin’ all the joints yo!  The cool thing about it all, is the experience.  Each of the tracks carries with it an experience.  ‘Certifed’ which was the first single I did with Jazza Pha was memorable, or ‘Get it Shawty’ with J-Lack at Usher’s crib in Atlanta, or even recording ‘You’ over a year ago in my boy Big Reese’s basement.  The title track though, ‘Street Love,’ was the last cut I recorded and it reminds me of the prince age of R&B.

DJ Booth:  The title that you chose for the album, “Street Love” is like a dedication to your fans who have stuck with you, through all of your struggles with numerous record labels, and now finally having your album released.  Has everything gone as smoothly, up to this point, as you would have liked?

Lloyd:  Let me say this Z.  Everything up to this point has been a stepping stone and I have learned a lot coming into it all at an early age.  Now, at 21, I am more confident in my sound and abilities to deliver great records.  What I decided to do is leak the single ‘You’ to Atlanta radio.  Independently, along with my business partner Henny Lee (who co-founded Sho’Nuff in Atlanta) we created my own production company, Young Goldie Music.  This album is the first to be released under that company name.  So at the age of 21, to be an executive producer is a big big responsibility. 

DJ Booth:  You have some very experienced people working around you to help you out.  So often you see a lot of people your age, between 20 to 25, and they don’t have those people around them and in turn, don’t make it.  Another reason why you’ve gone straight to the top.

Lloyd:  If I surround myself with greatness, then I must be destined for greatness.

DJ Booth:  I actually got you on the phone today because I thought maybe if Lloyd’s greatness rubs off on me, then maybe I will be destined for greatness, too.

Lloyd:  [Laughing] You crazy man.  You’re already great at what you do man.

DJ Booth:  Thank you – Moving along… You don’t have many features on the album, except for Nas, Andre, and of course, Lil Wayne.  Was this album all about making sure to showcase Lloyd?

Lloyd:  I wanted to just keep it limited.  Anyone featured I consider to be a legend.  Lil’ Wayne, being one of them.  Sometimes when you get an album with so many features, you forget what album you bought, and forget whose album it is.  I just like to keep it simple.  I’m just very confident in my sound.

DJ Booth:  You released your debut album a couple of years ago, “South Side,” through The Inc & Def Jam.  With the same hit potential on numerous cuts, why did you not have the same success, that you’re set up for this time around?

Lloyd:  Timing is everything.  Not only have I grown, but also my music has always-- and should be—all about growth and development.  I consider it a success because it was my introduction to the world.  I always want to do better than the first time.  You should never be content with your own situation, but instead, try to make it better.  With the first album people had their ears open, but now with this second album-- they will have their eyes open.

DJ Booth:  That’s a great success strategy right there.  I recently spoke with Marques Houston, about who would be apart of his ’Ultimate R&B Super Group,’ and he said it would be himself, Usher & Justin Timberlake.  So, who would be apart of your group if you had to recruit a few of your friends from the industry?

Lloyd:  The Ultimate Superstar group?  I don’t know… has there ever been a group with 20 people?

DJ Booth:  No, but Lloyd you could start that—

Lloyd:  Ha-ha, you know how the G-Funk used to do it with George Clinton and “The Parliament”??  I just want to get all the young guys together and we’ll do it.  The R&B ‘Wu Tang’!!!  [Laughing…]

DJ Booth:  Lloyd, in every photo shoot you either go with the shirtless look or the unbuttoned look.  Is it in your contract that every time you pose, without a shirt, you get an extra million or an incentive?

Lloyd:  A lot of people shop for different things… t-shirts, shoes, jackets.  I guess I like to get tattoos.

DJ Booth:  That was to my next question.  About how many tattoos do you have?

Lloyd:  I lost count—

DJ Booth:  Give me an estimate—

Lloyd:  …about 20?

DJ Booth:  Which is your favorite one and why?

Lloyd:  I would have to say the portrait of my father [on my left forearm.] I lost my father at a very young age, and I think he lost his life providing for me and my siblings.  For me to be here today is thanks to him and that’s why I want him to be with me at all times.  Two others though that I’ll tell you about are, “No Struggle No Progress,” which is on my wrist and then I also have a rebel baby angel.  He’s got a Mohawk, and a guitar strapped over his shoulder. He’s a good guy, but rebellious.  He is holding a rose for his lady angel who plays the harp.  While he plays the guitar, she plays the harp and together they make beautiful music, if you know what I mean….

DJ Booth:  I know what you mean… [laughing] and I can say with confidence, that your father is looking down on us doing this interview, and I know he is very proud of his son.

Lloyd:  Awww, [laughing], what up Pops?

DJ Booth:  Don’t get choked up now!  Lloyd go ahead and give a MySpace address so that people can find out how to reach you and where to get that album [which is in stores today.]

Lloyd:  Check me out or or 

DJ Booth:  Well, its official.  You’re taking over both the Billboard charts and now the world wide web with all those sites!  Best of luck to you.  I hope you have great success in 2007, with this album, and may you do big-big things.

Lloyd:  Hey man—thank you very much sir!

published on March 14 th, 2007

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3 Review's of Lloyd's Street Love

On his second album, the singer Lloyd establishes the fact that he's here to stay, and also solidifies his status as PG-13 sex symbol for the teen/young adult female audience. Street Love is by no means a masterpiece - his vocal style and range are limited and two-dimensional and his subject matter is almost completely unoriginal - but despite this, the album has a certain amount of charm, style, originality and of coolness that Lloyd's target audience of teens and young adults will certainly be able to appreciate.

Strong, Yet Sensitive

Back when Lloyd was on Irv Gotti and Ja Rule's Murder Inc. Records, it seemed like the Creole singer was destined to be just a flash-in-the-pan, a here today, gone tomorrow artist. Although he had a minor hit with the song "Southside," (a duet with labelmate Ashanti), Lloyd's career never really flew too high after that.

Then after Murder Inc.'s various problems (legal and otherwise), it seemed like Lloyd may have disappeared forever. But true talent can't be held down forever and Lloyd's come back strong with his sophomore album, Street Love.

The good news about Street Love is that it's got some really catchy songs, starting with the song "You," which features the rapper Lil Wayne and is built around the melody of the old Spandeau ballet song "True." Also among the better material is the love song "Valentine," the marijuana ode "Hazel" and the bouncy jam "Get It Shawty." In fact, there's enough radio-friendly songs here to keep this album on the charts and in the public eye, for months on end.

The bad news is that artistically, the album's neither complex, nor mentally stimulating. The songs are simple, straightforward and sometimes cliched tales of love, lust, seduction, infatuation, etc. And although the album's not completely devoid of substance, the substance it does contain is shallow and surface-deep. Lloyd's vocals are distinctive, yet sometimes brittle and unremarkable.

That said, the album isn't bad. Lloyd plays his role well and manages to come across as sensitive yet strong, and not as a sappy sucker.

Here are two more reviews Yahoo Review and Billboard Review.

published on March 13 th, 2007

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Lloyd "Street Love" In Stores Now on Lloyd's new album "Street Love" which drops today. Lloyd got some assistance from Lil Wayne, Ashanti and Ja Rule on his 2004 debut, Southside. Weezy's back to give the Atlanta R&B crooner another leg up — this time on "You" — and Nas is also climbing into the action with a spot on the album-closing remix of "I Want You." on LLoyd's new album "Street Love".

Another crooner making a return is Murder Inc. standout Lloyd with his sophomore album Street Love. The album features appearances from Nas, Andre 3000 of Outkast and Lil' Wayne. Producers on the disc include Jazze Pha, Dallas Austin and Brian Cox.

"People always ask me what separates me from the rest of the crowd, you know the Chris Browns, the Omarions, the NeYos, the Bobby Vs of the world, and I'm friends with all those guys, I love those guys. But the one thing I think that I can really do is, I bridge the gap between hip-hop and R&B," Lloyd explained to SOHH. "That's what you're going to get on Street Love. We all are stars in our own right, but I be on that street stuff sometimes".

published on March 13 th, 2007

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That's right people, IT'S ANOTHER ONE! 7 and Ja Rule, 'R U  Comin With Me', the record MIO updated you on is a certified banger; and we are proud to bring it to yall.

All long standing, active members enter the forum to hear the track. We gon' put this up here for all the rest of yall in a minute.

Once again shout to 7, and stay's about to get crazy!

Click Here to Listen To Yet Another MurderInc-Online Exclusive

published on March 10 th, 2007

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Lloyd News

Lloyd was on Angie Martinez yesterday and revealed he will be on Fabolous's upcoming album and also said that he just worked with Snoop Dogg so look out for Lloyd on an upcoming Snoop project aswell as Fab's new album. Lloyd also told Angie that King magazine is going to name him "King RnB ARTIST OF THE YEAR" in their next issue.

In related Lloyd news Besttbuy has a special addition of his new album "Street Love" which drops this Tuesday March 13th that includes two bonus tracks "Drop It On The One" and "Hit The Floor".

published on March 9 th, 2007

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Lloyd To Be On TRL This Tuesday

Lloyd will be stopping by MTV's TRL Tuesday to promote his brand new album Street Love in stores March 13 make sure u tune in to MTV @ 3:30 to check it out. If you havent ordered your copy yet do so here or go out and buy it in your local support Lloyd and The Inc.

published on March 8 th, 2007

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187fm Launch's Today

March 08, 2007 - New York, NY  – RULE the recording artist - and businessman, movie star, fashion designer, philanthropist, and political activist is at it again. - Ja Rule, whose first seven albums have sold over 18 million combined units in the U.S. alone, is back with MIRROR, this album his most highly anticipated album ever. is now competing directly with Sirius and XM radio in a big way, wherein listeners do not need to buy expensive satellite tuners nor do they have to pay costly monthly subscriptions to tune in. All you need is internet conection and for free you can interact directly with only Ja Rule.

This is not the first website launched by Ja Rule and his partner Anthony Peluso, aka cap2.   Last year these two launched the worlds first hip-hop poker site, and one year before that they launched the worlds first hip-hop casino Its clear by now that these two are innovators and be on the look out for many other artists to follow in there footsteps as they pave the way into the future. Ja Rule has his own show Live every Friday Night 9pm till 1am where he interacts directly with all the members answers questions and spins never heard mixes.

published on March 8 th, 2007

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New D.Gift "The One"

Mpire's finest D.Gift is back with a new single "The One" and MIOnline brings you it exclusivly you can hear it here first before any where else watch out for this to be all over the net in the next few days its straight fire, D.Gift is clearly a problem and this track proves it. Click Here to Listen to The One and leave your comments on our forum and dont forget to show D.Gift some love over at his myspace.

published on March 7 th, 2007

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Lloyd "Street Love" Album Release Party


published on March 7 th, 2007

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