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Lloyd Chart Updates

Lloyd's "Street Love" this week charted at #25 on the Billboard Album Charts, after 6 weeks the album's tally stands at 314,600 and has officially been certified Gold by the RIAA. So congratulations to Lloyd for this major achievment very few albums are going gold lately let alone platinum. If you still  havent picked up your copy of "Street Love" do so now and help him keep up this great run of sales.

As for "Get It Shawty" Lloyd's second single is doing well on the charts below are its postitions on various charts.

2007 Get It Shawty Hot Digital Songs # 42

2007 Get It Shawty Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs # 8

2007 Get It Shawty Pop 100 # 53

2007 Get It Shawty The Billboard Hot 100 # 27

published on April 29 th, 2007

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Shawty's Story: Lloyd Says He Stole From Usher, Loves John Mayer, And More

'Yeah, 'Get It Shawty' was probably for Usher's album,' singer admits.

Lloyd's latest single "Get It Shawty" is currently climbing the charts and will most likely be the Inc. crooner's second top-10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 from his sophomore album, Street Love (the first was "You" featuring Lil Wayne). But it turns out shawty almost didn't get it. The song, that is.

"I was working in the studio with Jazze Pha one day and Usher's brother [James] 'J. Lack' [Lackey] came by," Lloyd explained. "[We] recorded a song called 'Hazel,' and because of our vibe, he accidentally played me another song called 'Get It Shawty.' Usher was there and he kind of waved him off, like, 'No, what are you doing? You're not supposed to play that.' I was just so in love with the song that I had Jazze kind of call them every day and tell them how much I wanted to record it. They actually invited me to the crib, Usher and J. Lack, and we recorded it at their studio. Originally, their stance was, 'I know you like it, but how about this one?' And I was like, 'No, no, no, I want that one!' [He laughs.] 'I need that one. That's the one for me.' I know Usher wants to showcase J. Lack's talent on his next project. So I would go as far as to say, yeah, 'Get It Shawty' was probably for Usher's album."

So with that nugget in mind from Lloyd, MTV News decided to find out five other things you may not have known about the Atlanta-by-way-of-New-Orleans singer.

Mom Knows Best

While most artists may be comfortable with a party-like atmosphere in the studio, the only lady crashing Lloyd's sessions is ... his mom?

"I always invite my mom to come by," Lloyd said. " 'Cause she inspires me. She reminds me why I first started. She wasn't in the studio for 'You,' but she was for most of the [other] songs on the album. She came by and kind of gave me her thumbs up. When I was a kid, she taught me how to harmonize when old-school songs came on. She would say, 'Here, Lloyd, grab this note and I'm gonna do this note.' It's just so funny, because my father ... used to make her do that kind of thing with him before he passed. She turned me on to a lot of music growing up. And I kind of just invite her down to let her know how I'm making my mark."

A Rap Role Reversal

When Lloyd and Lil Wayne collaborated on "You," Lloyd said he was surprised when Weezy told him he was a big fan. To prove his point, Wayne started belting out a tune from Lloyd's first album, which made Lloyd crack: next time you sing and I'll rap.

"Oh yeah, I can rap," Lloyd said. "Ask Akon about me. I just taped '[Nick Cannon Presents:] Wild 'N Out' a few days ago and I killed him. I'm telling you, my rhyme skills are mean. Actually, when I write my songs, I write them the rhyme format almost as if I'm rapping. And then I go back later and put melodies to them. They used to call me DJ Sweet'N Low. Like the package of sweetener, 'cause the package had music symbols."

From Dorville to Madison Square

From singing as a young buck to joining R&B troupe N-Toon as a teen, Lloyd's been performing music about as long as Don Imus has been offending folks on the radio. But his very first time onstage as a kid and his first time performing after joining Murder Inc. were as different as night and day.

"My very first solo performance on a stage was at a neighborhood arts theater called the Dorville Arts Theater," Lloyd said. "We would do renditions of Broadway musicals. At the time, I was 8 years old. The music director told my mom I was too young to join, but she begged him and said, 'Let him try' ... she finally talked him into it and I ended up with my first solo. It was in a play called 'Up With Kids.' [The music director] was charmed by my ability to rock the crowd. [He laughs.] I did this song where I would say [sings], 'Moms, Dads, what do they know about kids?' I was scared, man.

"From there, I joined [N-Toon] and we did our first real performance at a showcase for Dallas Austin and some local Atlanta executives. I was really nervous back then. Now the more I perform, the more anxious I get. My very first solo performance [as a professional] was at the Ringling Bros. circus with Ashanti at Madison Square Garden. I was nervous for that, too. Know what's crazy? Those same people that booked me then invited me, just a few weeks ago, to perform again at the Ringling Bros. circus at Madison Square. But by myself this time."

Secret Admirer?

Lloyd has had the chance to work with Wayne and Ashanti, and has upcoming collabos in the can with Fabolous, DJ Khaled and DJ Drama, but one person you might not expect him to work with is John Mayer. Lloyd professes to be a huge fan.

"The most-played song on my iPod right now would probably by 'Vultures' by John Mayer," Lloyd explained. "I kind of turned myself onto John Mayer [a few years ago]. I loved his first songs, and then he came out with 'Your Body Is a Wonderland.' I just think it's really cool the way he composes his music. I'm just really drawn into it. He's very advanced [even though he's] so young. ... He keeps getting better and better. He's smooth, man. He's one person I would collaborate with if I could."

Body Language

Like most rappers, Lloyd is covered in tattoos. So far, he has a tat for every year he's lived: 21. But the first time he got marked was a family affair. After his grandmother passed, he and everyone from uncles to cousins decided to pay tribute to her in ink.

"My grandmother had such a huge influence on us, like Big Momma," Lloyd said. "So the whole family maybe like 11 or 12 of us were in the tattoo shop and we all got something in memory of her. So from my older uncle at like 50-something years old to one of my younger cousins at like 16, and everyone in between, got tattoos.

"I was 17 at the time. Mine is a cross I got it done over, but it has these big rosary beads wrapped around my shoulders. I got this big tribal sign going up my shoulder. And I've got the cross, there's a sun made of roses and it says, 'May peace be with you.' And it has her name on there: Rosemary. The fact that I could be creative and express individualism is what attracted me to tattoos. ... I'll keep getting one every year."

published on April 18 th, 2007

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Lloyd "Street Love" & "Get It Shaty" Chart Updates

Lloyd's "Street Love" this week in its fourth week on the charts sold 36,796 which is a 13% increase from last weeks sales he charts at 28 which is a drop of 7 places this puts his total sales at 270,180 which is an amazing achievment considering his debut album "Southside" barely sold over 100,000. If you still havent picked up your copy of "Street Love" do so now at your local store.

"Get It Shawty" has dropped 11 places this week on the Billboard Hot 100 dropping to 55 from 44. And on the the RnB charts it has dropeed one place to 19 from 18 last week. So get requesting "Get It Shawty" on your local radio station.

published on April 13 th, 2007

Ja Rule icon

New York Part 2 Is Here ! is proud to bring you DJ Khalid featuring Ja Rule, Fat Joe & Jadakiss - New York Part 2. Ja Rule had talked about this being his first single off "The Mirror" due out in June but it will be on DJ Khalid's upcoming album "We The Best" which will be released June 12th on Koch Records.

You can can listen to "New York Part 2" over at

published on April 11 th, 2007

Irv Gotti icon

Irv Gotti with the Thunderkatz at the Masquerade Show

Murder Inc. artists The Thunderkatz recently performed a live show at the Masquerade. Not only did they deliver a satifying performance, but fans were also treated with a guest appearance from head honcho Irv Gotti himself. Below is some video footage of Irv and the Thunderkatz that night.

MIO would like thank o8o of the Thunderkatz for hooking us up with the footage!

published on April 11 th, 2007

The Inc icon Thunderkatz o8o Interview

The line between rock and Hip-Hop is thinner than people think. The perfect examples are N.E.R.D. and even Mos Def’s last album. However, there is a new movement on the horizon fronted by the Thunderkatz. 080, Ginger, Levelz, Jus Jon, Ben Gee, X.O. and Juno consider themselves Urban Rockalistics. Still confused? The fans who seem to gravitate toward the Thunderkatz also like artists like Lupe Fiasco, Papa Roach and Lincoln Park.

Like their fans, the Thunderkatz are a motley crew of musicians who have between them worked with everyone from Patra to Tony Sunshine (Terror Squad), to that local emo band that’s been making a buzz. They play instruments, they’re producers, they’re audio engineers ─ basically jacks and masters of all trades. They have a self-titled EP out and are working on their debut LP but in the meantime, brace your selves for the takeover. 080, the group’s front man and founder says the Thunderkatz are getting ready to redefine what everyone thought was Hip-Hop, Pop and Urban music.

Hiphopdx: You guys say that you’re the Urban Rockalistics. Can you elaborate on that title?

080: What we think is the future of urban music is a rock element put into it. Rock comes from black music so what we’re really trying convey is the old feel of taking a music that was black and putting a new face on it because over a period of time, people attribute that to just being white music so, we want to redefine that and bring it back into an urban setting. If you look at us image-wise you know we do a lot of stuff that’s considered urban. Speaking of rock music, you guys incorporate Hip-Hop into your music. How do you think rock ties in with Hip-Hop?

080: If you listen to a lot of Hip-Hop like T.I.’s album and Lil’ Wayne’s album, they have straight rock riffs in their albums. I think that black people are kind of infatuated with guitars and rock music too on the low. We’re just not scared to show it. We show it totally. We show it like just do it all the way. We have the guitars blaring and we’re gonna have a rhyme over top of that, and we’re gonna have some drums over top of that, a bass over top of that, and keyboards over top of that too.

Read the rest here.

published on April 8 th, 2007

The Inc icon

The Thunderkatz' Juno: Beating Rock and Hip-hop into Your Groove

The Thunderkatz are a group of musicians that fall into the category of "best band you haven't heard yet." Yes, they have a myspace page but they also have industry cred: The Thunderkatz won BMI's best unsigned band contest last year, judged by celebrities like Lil' John and Ludacris. Their brand of music is influenced by everything from hip-hop to jazz to hardcore rock to- well- anything that can make a groove.

One of the driving forces behind the Thunderkatz is their drummer, Juno Sanders. June is no stranger to the music scene. He started out in local bands around the Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina areas as the beat-maker for Herbus, a rock-alternative band, and Crush7, a girl-driven power rock group. June later joined up with The Astrojet, a band led by Jody Porter (guitarist for Fountains Of Wayne). After a stint with them in New York, Juno (also known as June or Junebug) joined up with 080 and the rest of the Thunderkatz. They've since then relocated to Atlanta and released an EP titled "New Age Hip Hop Rockolistics" under the Wall Street Records label.

What prompted you to join the Thunderkatz?
The Astrojet had stopped playing music. We hadn't officially broken up, but we just stopped playing and no one said anything. I was involved with a lot of other side projects.

I met them through Josh, a manager with Gibson guitars. Gibson was on top of the Hit Factory and guys from the Thunderkatz were assistants. Since the Hit Factory was closing, they decided to form their own band instead of take a job offer from them in Miami. They were recording early Thunderkatz tracks. They really wanted to have a rock feel to it with the hip hop. We exchanged numbers and asked me to play on some tracks. Still to this day they haven't officially asked me to join the band (laughs). I recorded one track after another. Eventually I was asked to do a photo shoot.

How have you grown as a musician as one of the Thunderkatz?
I'm more disciplined now ...then I was in previous bands. With hip hop music, especially with the drums, you have to play more of a pocket beat. A lot of people think that I've de-evolved as a drummer, but I think I've evolved. I've overplayed in bands before. In hip hop it's a lot harder to be more disciplined than it is to just go off and play, play whatever you want. Less is more sometimes.

Read the rest here.

published on April 8 th, 2007

The Inc icon

A Message from o8o of The Thunderkatz

Below is a copy of o8o's blog on The Thunderkatz myspace where he talked about the comparison with BEP's aswell as other stuff be sure to leave your thoughts on this on our  forum and on the The Thunderkatz myspace. Also a correction in our previous article on The Thunderkatz upcoming show in Atl will be on the 5th not the 6th as previously reported.

Wow! Since Irv Gotti gave the ThunderKatz a shout out on HOT97 a lot of attention has sparked in the Blog/Forum World about our group. And yes I am a night owl so periodically after a long nite in the club or studio I read the sites. And I read all of them cause I think it's good to have my ear to the streets.

One topic that I see over and over and over again. Is our comparison to the Black Eyed Peas. From the outside this comparison seems very viable. But from the inside of ThunderKatz walls its benevolent. Well I want our fans to feel apart of our movement and know as much about us as earthly possible down to what color undies we wear (just kidding with that part unless in my case you are exotic ass woman that loves....).

ThunderKatz are not only recording artist but we are a live band that in our short existence of 2 years have grown a deep history in the live performance arena. One of our developmental experiences as a band during our stay in NYC(where we were formed), was our shows at the historic CBGB's. Here we fought for our spot as one of the few hip-hop acts booked for the club(we were called hip-hop because I use emceeing as one of my means to express lyrical content). Since we have played in many clubs and venues up down the East Coast.

As hot as multi-platinum Black Eyed Peas are... they simply aren't a band. Jus Jon (Guitars back vocals and know for jumping on the drums between practice sessions), Juno (drums and a highly sought after drummer. Bringing his wealth of experience such as former member of indie buzz band The Astro Jet's, he also knows the guitar and piano), Bengee (Bass which he learned just to be in the thunderkatz but orginally a extremely soulful guitar player), X.O. (Keyz/producer and creator of the new Thunderkatz sound along side partner Mus, X.O. can also can play the guitar, the bass, and when drunk the drums!), Ginger (vocals and believe it or not folks but beyond the Fergie comparison she plays the guitar and piano and was a thriving singer/songwriter solo artist before coming to the ThunderKatz. Simply said there is no comparison) last myself o8o (vocals, I would be considered the most untalented dude in the group! I mean I've been in the industry behind the scenes for a few bullets now as a songwriter, engineer, and on my good days producer. Actually getting my jump start into the industry as engineer for super producer Seven aka Chanel Seven).

I can't speak for the rest of you folks out there but ThunderKatz have payed dues and have many more to pay. "Cupid" is our single, and with that said it might play off of the creation of music that has already existed to make it easier to digest. But don't think that's all you will hear from the ThunderKatz. If so you will be shocked and appalled! With the strength of each other and the support of our growing fans hopefully we can make the music that grows along with you our friends and provide a sound track for the shit you go through.

I guess I should end this how we end our lame ass heart to hearts over here in ThunderKatz world..... THUNDERKATZ HOOOO!!!!!!!


published on March 29 th, 2007

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Lloyd's "Street Love" Second Week's sales reports that Lloyd's "Street Love" (The Inc.) descends 2-7 with 55,000 (-62%) this week. After bowing at the summit last week, Musiq Soulchild's "Luvanmusiq" (Atlantic) plunges to No. 8 with a 64% sales hit at 54,000. Lloyd's total sales after two weeks is now 199,000 if you still havent picked up your copy of the album do so now and help keep his sales up.

published on March 28 th, 2007

The Inc icon

New Music From The Thunderkatz

The Thunderkatz may only be new to us but already MIO is bringing you a new exclusive track from them this is called "Cupid Baby" and has all the sounds of a hit record we arent sure if this will be a single but who knows if all you the fans like it and it blows up then who knows. THe Thunderkatz will Also be playing a free show at Atlanta's Historic Masquerade on 06 Alril so make sure if your in the area to go check them out and show them some support the details are below. Click Here to Listen to Cupid Baby


05 Apr 2007, 05:00
695 North Ave., Atlanta, Georgia
Cost : Free

Free show. It starts early and leads into an 80's dance party at Atlanta's Historic Masquerade. Wanting something different? Come out Thursday Night!

Thunderkatz Myspace

published on March 25 th, 2007

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