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Ja Rule Rates Today's Rapping Singers with VIBE Mag.

Ja Rule Rates Trey Songz, Chris Brown & Other Rapping Singers

Think your favorite R&B crooner packs a mean 16? VIBE rang up the king of rap melody, Ja Rule, to assess whether these singers turned rappers are fit to spit


Sample Line: “I told you once, I told you twice/And now, my shoulder’s cold like a block of ice.” —Timbaland’s “Meet in tha Middle” feat. Bran Nu

Ja Rule: “She sounds good, but I don’t feel like that’s her natural strength. I can’t say she has a distinctive flow. If you can put pen to paper and come up with a flow, you deserve at least a 6. It may work against her, though, because fans know her for [singing]. I would try to give her a harder edge.”


Sample Line: “So alive, in a minute I could die/Wings on my back, every minute I get fly.” —“Run This Town (Freestyle)”

Ja Rule: “Shit was hot! I can’t give him a 10. He’s on the cusp, though. The melodic flow is the Lambo of flows, the Maybach of flows—it’s the hottest shit out! If you can go back and forth, you are another instrument over the fucking track. He’s not good enough to [battle], though."


Sample Line: “See, I was on the red carpet when I should’ve been in the studio laying down hot shit/Madder than a motherfucka . . .” —“Basic Instinct (U Got Me)”

Ja Rule: “I don’t know what the world is coming to. I would not have advised that for her. You’re sexy and got that whole shit going on. Why would you pick up a mic? I don’t want people to think they can just pick up a mic and rhyme. It’s not for everybody.”

Read the rest of Rule's ratings on today's rapping singers here.

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published on August 18 th, 2010

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NEW Ja Rule VIBE Magazine Interview

Ja Rule recently sat down with VIBE magazine to discuss his music career, his label Mpire, his future plans for a sitcom and reality show and what's next for him.

"My sitcom got Tracy Morgan as one of the producers, Queen Latifah—I got a real team with me on this. Tracy Morgan is one of the writers. I’m trying to make some real big moves right now. Splash with an impact so people can be like, “Whoa, he got his own label over there with Fontana/Universal, own all his masters, own everything. He got a bunch of new acts that's sounding good, he got his reality show.” Then I just shot this real ill movie, this Tyler Perry shit called I’m In Love With A Church Girl, with Adrienne Bailon. They talking about taking it to the festivals and shit. So we can get a shot at winning awards and shit. It’s like everything is moving in the right direction for me right now."

"Everything is manifesting now. I just signed the paperwork for the BET show, so that’s about to get up and running and going. The sitcom I start shooting in September. I got my daughter acting. She plays my niece on the show and my son plays little me in the movie I just did. He’s 10 years old, Lil’ Rule."


Read the rest of the interview and join in on the discussion here.

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published on August 17 th, 2010

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Ja Rule Wins over the Crowd at NYC's House of Blues

Ja Rule recently performed at New York City's legendary House of Blues in celebration of Hip Hop pioneer Funkmaster Flex's Birthday. Performing in front of a sold out crowd, Rule went through his long list of hits from "Holla Holla" on Venni Vetti Vecci, through chart toppers such as "I'm Real" "Always on Time" and "Livin' It Up" and even showcasing his new street single, the Ron Browz produced "Man Down" from his upcoming "Renaissance Project."

Fan footage of Rule's set has recently leaked online, showing clearly that Hip Hop fans haven't forgotten who "Ruled" the radio for so many years. The enthusiastic response from the crowd at what was Ja Rule's first New York show in quite some time, is a good indication that the world is ready to welcome back the king of the melodic flows.

Watch the footage of Ja Rule performing at the House of Blues and join in on the discussion here.

Follow Ja rule on Twitter and on Facebook.

published on August 17 th, 2010

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Caddilac TAh Releases new song

Former Murder Inc. veteran, and fan favourite, Caddilac Tah has released a new song via his facebook and twitter accounts. The song: "Mind on Cash" is from his up-coming "Hustla's World" LP set to drop this Fall on P.C.G Records.Click here to download the track. Follow Caddy on twitter on @povdoutcaddy and on facebook:: Caddilac Tah. Be sure to drop your feedback on the track on our forum.

published on August 17 th, 2010

Harry O icon

Harry-O 'Sound Of Uptown' Mixtape

Harry-O's new mixtape 'Sound Of Uptown' is here and promises to be something special with features from the like's of Ja Rule, Lloyd, Trey Songz and The Dream. Among them we have features from Murder Inc & Mpire favourites including Chink Santana and Merc Monatana. Check it out below, download it and leave your thoughts on our forum.

Download Link 


1 Intro
2 Skit # 1
3 Passport Gang ft. J30
4 I Got It ft. Jenna
5 Take It Off
6 Pimp ft. Ja Rule, Merc & Boxie
7 Beautiful Uptown Girls
8 Leave Me Alone ft. Ja Rule & Chink Santana
9 I Know ft. Young Life & Merc Montana
10 Skit # 2
11 Bitches Aint Shit ft. Ja Rule, Young Life & Merc Montana
12 Fear ft. Merc Montana
13 Pusha Remix ft. Lloyd
14 Say Ahh Remix ft. Trey Songz
15 Fast Car Remix ft. The Dream
16 Hit 'Em On The Road ft. Boe Skagz
17 Tonight



published on July 30 th, 2010

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Ja Rule Interview from Romania

This is a good interview where Ja talks about working with Irv Gotti, his original group CMC and hip hop in general check it out below.

published on July 30 th, 2010

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Ja Rule Announces European Tour

MIO are proud to be the first to announce the schedule of Ja Rule's European tour this July/August. The short club tour kicks off in Mozambique on July 29th and finishes up in the luxurious French hotspot of Cannes on August 7th. Further dates in Romania are expected to be announced in the next few days.

The dates and venues are as follows:

July 29 - Maputo, Mozambique "Coconut Live"
July 31 - Drachten, Netherlands "Ultgaanscentrum"
July 31 - Stadtskanaal, Netherlands "Fox"
Aug 2 - Hasslet ,Belgium "Versuz"
Aug 5 - Luxembourg, Luxembourg "M Club"
Aug 7 - Cannes, France "Les Palais"

The tour promises to be 6 nights of Rule doing what he does best, not to mention a chance for the fans to hear some of his new material including the new single (brought to you by MIO; below) "Man Is Down." For updates on the tour and concert footage, look no further than MIO and our forum.

published on July 27 th, 2010

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Ja Rule - Man Is Down Official Version

MurderInc-Online.Com is proud to be the first to bring you Ja Rule's newest single and probably his best work in a long time 'Man Is Down' produced by Ron Brownz and mixed by Buck 3000. This is the final mixed version officially sent to MIO by the powers that be. Give the track a listen below and leave your thoughts on our forum.

Ja Rule - Man Is Down

Ja Rule - Man Is Down (clean)

published on July 26 th, 2010

Irv Gotti icon

Irv Gotti Interviews Shyne

Here is a random video that just hit the net of Irv interviewing Shyne, has Gotti had a change in carer since the last time we heard from him ? Let us know your thoughts on IG interviewing Shyne on our forum.

published on July 23 rd, 2010

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Ja Rule Talks About Pain Is Love & The Last Temptation With MIO

Check out Ja Rule talking to MIO about his most succesfull album 'Pain Is Love' and its follow up 'The Last Temptation'. Leave your thoughts on our forum.

published on July 20 th, 2010

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