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Ja Rule Refuses to clean up lyrics.

Hip hop artist Ja Rule isn’t about to clean up his language despite a growing storm of criticism from African-American leaders like the Rev. Al Sharpton.Last week, Sharpton’s National Action Network led a campaign against sexual and degrading lyrics in rap music. The organization picketed General Media, home to Hot 94.1 and demanded the station pull rap music with offensive language including the “N”, “B” and “H” words. The station already airs edited versions of the music in accordance with FCC rules and regulations.

Ja Rule visited Hot 94.1 during a stop in Bakersfield Thursday afternoon to prompt his upcoming album “Mirror.”“It’s our freedom of expression to say what ever we want because we do live in America,” said the rapper.The recent backlash against the rap industry followed after radio talk show host Don Imus called members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team, “Nappy headed hos.”“It's like a reverse of a coin because he says the negative comment and then flips it on hip hop and now we're under fire,” Ja Rule explained.

He also called Sharpton’s decency campaign opportunistic and misdirected.Fans at the radio station also weighed in on the debate to cleanup the music they listen to.“Ja Rule uses those words, but not like the others,” said Destiny Nutt. She said the rapper didn’t use the “N”, “B” or “H” words in a negative manner.

Erica Bravo agrees, a long time fan of the hip hop artist she said she liked his music but preferred the edited radio versions of his popular songs.“I’m not offended by it, but I like the edited versions better,” said Bravo.She and others sat and watched as Ja Rule talked live on the air about his upcoming record and his past struggles.

His latest record set to release in November will include many of the offensive words Sharpton's group is looking to clean up. But, don't expect the rapper to comply.“Rock music has some offensive words, but you don’t see anyone going after them,” said Ja Rule.

published on August 19 th, 2007

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It's Murda Again can officially reveal that that the murder is back in The Inc. That's right it's Murder Inc. all over again so expect big things in the coming year starting with Ja Rule - "The Mirror" on November 13 and Vanessa Carlton - "Heroes and Thieves" on October 9.
And remember - It's Murder......

published on August 15 th, 2007

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Vanessa Carlton Hosts Listening Party In NY Home

Vanessa Caltondreamily plays the last few notes of “Hands On Me,” a track from her new album, Heroes and Thieves, on the piano in her Manhattan loft. Her 20-something audience she's invited to this listening party all applaud, but are definitely quieted by the mood of the song.

Then, smiling, Vanessa busts out that immediately-recognizable first snippet from her 2002 mega-hit “1000 Miles,” but she quickly stops and says, “Remember that song? Yup, that was me.”

Vanessa then goes on to describe filming the music video for her album's lead single, “Nolita Fairytale,” in which a cab runs over the piano from her “1000 Miles” video. She shrugs, “But I can play that song too. I like that song.” I still wonder if I was the only one who desperately wanted her to now I love that song, Vanessa.

“Nolita Fairytale” (you can watch her perform it here) refers to Vanessa’s neighborhood in Manhattan, around the NoHo Chinatown area. She said long walks in those New York streets inspired most of her third studio album, due Oct. 9, this time with label The Inc.

The mood of the evening at Vanessa's listening party last night could have been totally formal Vanessa’s loft was gorgeous, the party had Dean & Deluca caterers, the lights were dimmed and soft candles were burning throughout, but Vanessa insisted everyone have a good time and that we were all just “cool people enjoying music.” She even asked one guest to take off his press necklace as soon as he got out of the elevator.

Dressed in a floor-length white dress with a black vest, Vanessa bustled around the party making sure everyone had a drink in their hands (reminding us we’d probably like her music more after a few glasses), occasionally stopping to shower attention on her dog, Victor.

And later, Vanessa’s new partner for Heroes and Thieves, Irv Gotti of Universal Motown (which backs Vanessa’s current label, The Inc.), gathered everyone around Vanessa’s piano, giving her glowing praise and calling her "V." He admitted the lines in the lead single "spent the last two years getting to what's real...And now I can see so clear...I hope you feel just like I feel" always get to him. The pair then recounted their first meeting, which involved Irv jumping up and shouting to Vanessa, “You’re the f*cking sh*t!”

For her informal performance, Vanessa also played the tracks “The One” (she prefaced that this wasn’t "The One" from The Matrix), “Heroes and Thieves” and “Home.” All of the songs were honest and beautiful, and I think Vanessa is one of those artists whose talent you don’t really appreciate until you see her perform in person.

Between songs, Vanessa giggled and apologized that vodka-Redbulls and being in her own home were making her too chatty.

The songs I heard were all great, and I think the album will be too, but “Nolita Fairytale” is definitely my favorite I love the added percussion.

Vanessa references her old label, A&M Records, in “Nolita” as the record deal she "doesn’t need;" she left them after they failed to promote her second album, Harmonium, which flopped big-time. After that, she toured for two years with Stevie Nicks (she offers a guest spot on one of the album's tracks) whom she also references in “Nolita.”

Vanessa looked to be on the verge of tears after just mentioning Stevie, adding that her mentoring and support changed her life. Vanessa then asked us to imagine a mini-Stevie sitting on her piano and continued to play.

published on August 9 th, 2007

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Channel 7 Still With The Inc.

MIO was previously informed that Channel 7 would no longer release his album under The Inc./Universal Music Group due to a lack of understanding from the top executives at the label. People who were disappointed with departure will be happy to know the problem now seems to be resolved; and the album will be released on The Inc. as planned.

First single off the album will be the smash 'Hello' followed by 'After the Club' performed by Ashanti and 7 and produced by The Senate (Channel 7 and Mario Winans) their new production company.

published on August 8 th, 2007

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Ja Rule Returns To Boro For Youth Event

Grammy-nominated recording artist and actor Ja Rule comes home to Queens in August to host the first LIFE Camp Weekend and raise money for a local youth organization.

Ja Rule, born Jeffrey Atkins in southeast Queens, will be joined by some of his friends from the rap and hip-hop world as he headlines the new event Aug. 17-19.

Friday night will kick off with a special VIP screening of "80's Babies," a film produced by students of LIFE Camp Inc. in partnership with Southeast Queens Neighborhood Network & Spectacular Views.

The film will be shown at 7 p.m. at the Tribeca Cinemas Screening Room with a VIP screening by invitation only.

On Saturday, Ja Rule and friends will host the all-day Annual LIFE Camp Inc. BBQ for the People, at Craigmeur Park, located at 53 East Hanover Ave., in Morristown, N.J. There will be face painting, clowns and Olympic-style events.

Attendees can brighten a child's day by reading a book to him at the LIFE Literacy Village Tent, hosted by LIFE's own Grammy award-winning artist, Cheryl (Salt) James-Wray.

Visitors also can sign up for health care and learn how to manage their finances at the Health & Finance Tent.

Buses will depart from York College in Jamaica at 8:30 a.m. A $50 cover will include transportation, food and park entrance. Seats must be reserved.

On Monday, radio personalities Ed Lover of Power 105.1 and Angie Martinez of Hot 97 will host the Bowling for LIFE Tournament at Bowler City, in Hackensack, N.J., at 8 p.m. Lanes are $1,000 for four bowlers, food and bowling shoes. Reservations are required.

LIFE, an acronym for Love Ignites Freedom through Education, is a nonprofit organization established in 2002 to provide a second chance to youths who are disconnected from educational, employment and social opportunities.

The Queens-based organization is focused on teens and young adults 13 to 24 who demonstrate patterns of negative behavior and are at risk for dropping out of high school and getting into trouble with the law.

The camp's mission, administrators said, is to help develop its participants into strong leaders and responsible entrepreneurs.

published on July 31 st, 2007

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Vanessa Carlton Video Update "Nolita Fairytale"

Vanessa Carlton gets sheer leggy while filming the music video for “Nolita Fairytale,” the first single off her upcoming third album “Heroes & Thieves,” on Saturday afternoon in New York City.On set, the 26-year-old songstress consulted with Irv Gotti, the CEO of her record label, The Inc.Residents and pedestrians in the area of Lafayette Street and Bond Street were disturbed during the filming of the video as a New York City yellow cab performed a burnout, accelerated and then collided with a piano at high speed, sending debris and smoke flying down Lafayette Street.The carefully orchestrated stunt will be featured in the “Nolita Fairtytale” music video.

published on July 29 th, 2007

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New NY Times Editorial on Ja Rule Arrest

July 28, 2007 -- By all appearances, rapper Ja Rule didn't take his arrest this week on il legal gun charges too seriously - after all, what's a bail hearing if not an opportunity to sign autographs?

Celebrities behaving badly, then basking in the publicity: It's not an uncommon occurrence. But this particular case deserves special attention, as it may well test the mettle of a vital new law.

Starting in late 2005 - largely at The Post's prodding - state lawmakers got serious about the menace of illegal guns. They imposed strict new penalties for the sale or possession of illegal firearms.

Last year, the law got stronger still: Illegal possession of even one loaded gun now carries a mandatory minimum of 3½ years in prison.

Which is exactly what Ja Rule and his partner Lil' Wayne - arrested separately the same night on the exact same charge - now face.

We'll be watching how this unfolds, for two reasons:

First, although the law is supposed to carry an automatic sentence, if there is a loophole, the rappers' high-powered lawyers will find it.

It also depends, of course, on the actual facts of the case. Predictably, Messrs. Rule and Wayne are claiming that the guns found in their vehicles aren't theirs.

But regardless of who truly owns the weapons, no one is denying that these rappers did, in fact, have illegal guns in their vehicles. That may reveal a dangerous contempt for the law, which is all too common in the rap world.

And that's the second reason we'll be watching: for a very good illustration of why the mandatory-sentencing law is needed in the first place.

The illegal guns that flooded New York streets two years ago were such a problem precisely because they were illegal - destined by their very nature for the hands of thugs who couldn't stand up to a background check.

And who are the same folks for whom light prison sentences and a Swiss cheese judicial system aren't much of a deterrent.

This is the kind of criminal lifestyle that far too many rap artists get rich glorifying - except that, when they participate in it themselves, they're a lot better at avoiding the consequences.

But, let's hope, not in this instance.

published on July 28 th, 2007

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule and Lil Wayne Speak out on Arrests

Rappers Lil Wayne and Ja Rule, both arrested Sunday in separate incidents following Wayne’s concert in New York, are out on bond and claiming that the guns found in their cases were not theirs.

      According to their attorney Stacey Richman, Lil Wayne was released Monday evening on $70,000 bond and will appear in court again in November on a felony charge of gun-possession. He was arrested following his headlining show at New York’s Beacon Theatre.

      Ja Rule, who features Lil Wayne on his current single, “Uh Oh,” was released on $150,000 bond and expected back in Manhattan Criminal Court on Nov. 7 to face a felony charge of criminal possession of a weapon. Both rappers spent Sunday night in jail.

      Richman tells MTV News that both arrests seem a little suspect. As for Lil Wayne, “he was in the bus in his boxer shorts with a number of other people," she said. "Unless his boxer shorts had a pocket for this gun, I don't understand how he had it on him." 
      Richman's father and legal partner, Murray Richman, believes Lil Wayne’s arrest was a result of an action by New York's police-detective "hip-hop squad," which "staked out the [tour] bus," Richman told MTV.
      Murray Richman added that the .40-caliber gun police found in Wayne’s tour bus was in the same area in which Wayne was changing clothes and was a legally registered handgun, but did not belong to the rapper.
      Also, the attorneys are wondering why the other 12 to 20 people on the bus were not arrested along with Wayne, given New York laws requiring everyone in a vehicle with an unclaimed gun be charged if that vehicle is searched by police.
      Prosecutors claim that as police approached the bus after smelling marijuana, the man later charged with marijuana possession allegedly flushed
7 ounces of the substance down the bus' toilet. The marijuana was retrieved and introduced into evidence.
      In Ja Rule's case, Stacey Richman claims the .40-caliber Taurus pistol police recovered from inside the 2004 Maybach that Ja was riding in belonged to someone else. Ja; his driver, Mohamed Gamal; and his road manager, Dennis Cherry, were all charged with criminal possession of a weapon.
      According to Richman, the car in question was a company vehicle owned by Gamal's Maximum Transportation firm and is used by his clients.
      "If you get a car, and something's left in the car, is that yours?"
Richman wondered to MTV. "How you can ascribe that anybody knows what's in a car?"
      She also says the car was stopped about a block away from the Beacon Theatre and that it had been "parked outside for two and a half hours, with the police department, and they ran the plates they could have just handed out a ticket then, but they didn't. They waited for [Ja Rule] to get into the car."

published on July 28 th, 2007

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule & Lil Wayne arrested in NYC

Hours after Ja Rule made a surprise guest appearance at Lil' Wayne's much-hyped concert Sunday night, billed as the latter's Big Apple debut, both emcees capped the evening by getting collared on separate weapons charges.

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department said that Ja Rule (real name: Jeff Atkins) was busted  for speeding around 10:30 p.m. That was just moments after he left the Beacon Theater, where he had joined Lil' Wayne for the aptly titled "Uh Oh." A search of the 31-year-old rapper's vehicle turned up a .40-caliber pistol. Ja Rule was taken into custody and charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

About an hour later, officers pulled over Lil' Wayne's tour bus not far from the concert venue and allegedly caught the 24-year-old performer (born Dwayne Carter) smoking ganja with a companion. Upon further investigation, officers discovered a .40-caliber handgun and the two men were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana.

No word yet on an arraignment date or if the duo have posted bail. A message left with NYPD's central booking was not returned. There was no immediate comment from their record company, Universal Music.

According to MTV, before the gig got underway, both Ja Rule and Lil' Wayne and their various posses, including Diplomats member Jim Jones and The Inc. kingpin Irv Gotti, were seen hanging around outside the Beacon. The concert hall was brimming with both police and private security, who reportedly gave Jones a tough time getting in, upsetting Wayne.

On stage, the New Orleans native hinted at the constant police watch, telling the crowd that they better enjoy the show because he didn't know if he'll be allowed back in New York anytime soon.

"I just went through the worst f---in' feelin' ever with y'all police," Wayne said, per MTV. "This may be one of the only times you see me because of how they treated me."

Rule, who has previously feuded with the likes of Fiddy, Eminem and the Game, is best-known for such albums as Pain Is Love, The Last Temptation and R.U.L.E., as well as the hits "Livin' It Up" and "Wonderful."

Lil' Wayne, who was arrested a year ago in Atlanta for possession of marijuana and prescription medication, is famed for his collaborations with such artists as Jay-Z, Wyclef, OutKast, and Juvenile, as well as the solo hits as "Go DJ" and "Money on My Mind."

published on July 24 th, 2007

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule & Lil Wayne "Uh Oh" Video

Check it out here on MIO first as always for all things Murder Inc watch out for big things coming your way we have just begun. Leave your comments about the video on our forum.

published on July 23 rd, 2007

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