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Ja Rule: Reclaiming What's Mine

HipHopDX: Let’s talk about the beginning of your commercial career, in 1997 where did you think you were going to be by the year 2007 as opposed to where you are?
: Um, I think I’m in a nice position. I think I’m in a good place. A lot of people may not know that I’m in as good as a place I’m in, but I’m in a good space.

HipHopDX: Cool. This is your seventh solo project. What have you learned since Venni, Vetti, Vecci and how has your music shifted then?
: I think I’ve elevated as an artist in many ways. As an artist you gotta be able to be different- you have to push the envelope. I think I’ve done that throughout my career. Whether it’s been records like, “Put It On Me,” that catered to the ladies or making an all out war album, like Blood In My Eye. I think I pushed the envelope (laughs).

HipHopDX: Aight, cool. How was it making that transition from being one of the biggest emcees out to almost being forgotten? Did you ever think you would be starting from the bottom again? How do you feel having to build that whole connection back again or do you even feel like you have to?
: It’s a big misconception of that- what you just said. For me, I never stopped making good music. It’s like the hate bus pulled up and somebody kicked me in my ass on it and now I’m on the hate bus. But, I don’t think I ever stopped making good music. My last album, my records off that were wonderful (with R. Kelly and “New York”). Those were two great records, so I never stopped making good music. I just think I was a victim to a lot of hatred, due to making so many big records and being so out there. At that time and in anybody’s career when you’re doing things in the public eye at such a high level, people start to hate - it’s natural.

Read the rest on our forum. Credit to

published on September 13 th, 2007

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Ja Rule Interview With URB Magazine

Ja rule was recently interviewed by URB Magainze where he talks about his fans the upcoming album 'The Mirror' in stores November 13th his family and a 'Uh Ohhh' remix.

Listen to it over at

published on September 13 th, 2007

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Ja Rule Speaks To the.LIFE Files Radio Show

 Check out Volume 16 of our wildly popular RADIO SHOW featuring J.D. Dapper, Doe Dolla,Tola (The Girl Wonder) & Summer B.

Listen to the hottest music out right now and the.LIFE Files Radio Show talk about the top breaking news headlines.

the.LIFE Files Radio Show got to speak to Ja Rule about his NEW highly anticipated album The Mirror which hits stores on November 13th.

Ja Rule talks about:

- his relationships with Jay-Z and DMX -
- what album he is going to purchase on September 11th-
- if he could speak to Foxy Brown, what he would tell her-

Ja Rule also talks about his new movie deal, clothing line and other investments that he has on the way. Ja Rule also talks about how the world got to see him create a track on Irv Gotti’s new reality show. Hear his 2nd single off his new album “Body”, exclusively at the.LIFE Files Radio Show.

Listen To Ja Rule’s Two Part Interview NOW!…

Part 1 of the.LIFE Files Radio Show & Ja Rule Interview

Part 2 of the.LIFE Files Radio Show & Ja Rule Interview

published on September 8 th, 2007

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'Heroes & Thieves' Album Cover

MurderIncOnline is proud to bring the cover for Vanessa Carlton's debut album on The Inc 'Heros & Theives' which is in stores October 22nd. Leave your opinions about the cover on our forum and thanks to "Hazy Eyes" for bringing the cover to our attention.

published on September 5 th, 2007

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Ja Rule On a Mini Tour

At the moment Ja seems to be on a mini tour through Europe so far he has stopped in Germany and was in Turkey on Monday Night. MurderIncOnline has some exclusive photos from the Germany concert which you can view in our gallery. Also below is a video from the concert in Turkey of Ja Rule performing "Body".

published on September 4 th, 2007

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Rest In Peace D.O. Cannons

Today marks the fourth aniversay of the murder of D.O. Cannons who was shot on September 4th 2003 in Queens, N.Y.he was 26. MurderIncOnline remembers D.O on this day as one of the brighest up and coming artists on Mureder Inc at the time of his death he was most featured on the Irv Gotti Presents series but also on Ja Rule's 'Blood In My Eye' album where on the track "Things Gon Change" he spit this verse:

"You better watch you mouth, fo' I rip yo face off
And everybody you with gonna jet the fuck off
You's ain't gansta, you sweet as ducksauce
D' plays no games, pop the fuck off
O' you want war, everybody gonna get clipped the fuck off
everybody know you block is buzzed off
We got big ball's, pay off ten fo' walk with the fifth ball
Bangin on Crenshaw"

Rest In Peace D.O. Cannons from everyone here at MurderIncOnline.Com.

published on September 4 th, 2007

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Body Video Preview

Here is a preview video for Ja's first single 'Body' off the new album 'The Mirror.' It was a 4 day shoot in LA with Hype Williams, and from the looks of things, the video came out very well. The full video will come out September 18th. Leave your opinions on our forum.

published on August 29 th, 2007

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'Nolita Fairytail' Video Released

Sorry for the delay in putting this video on our main site but the video for Vanessa Carlton's first single 'Nolita Fairytail' from her upcoming album to be released on The Inc Records "Heros And Theives" out October 9th is here. The video was shot in the hamptons in late July and was co-direced by Irv Gotti. Check it out below and leave your opinions on our forum..

published on August 29 th, 2007

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Vote Cupid. New Thunderkatz Video

Check out the new promotional video for 'Cupid Baby' from the Thunderkatz. Make sure you spread the vid to get it viewed, and remember to vote. With your help, 'Cupid Baby' can do very well.

published on August 19 th, 2007

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