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'Gotti's Way' VH1 Show To Premier October 15th

Irv Gotti's new reality show is set to debut on the 15th of October on VH1. Make sure you tune in to see what Murder Inc has been doing to prepare for the takeover. Below is the trailer for the show, as well as a sneak peak of our official new artist 'Newz'.

Episode Description : 'Get A Hit' Irv Gotti, platinum selling record producer, is struggling to bring back his label, Murder Inc, from near ruin by finding a hit w/ his #1 artist Ja Rule. At the same time, he is trying to talk his family, wife Deb (who he is separated from) & their 3 kids, to move to a bigger house. Deb doesn't want to move because she does not trust whether Irv will continue to pay the mortgage or even worse leave them for another woman...

published on October 7 th, 2007

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Vanessa Slant Magazine Interview

Take away my record deal. Go on, I don't need it," Vanessa Carlton sings defiantly on "Nolita Fairytale," her first single released under a new deal with Irv Gotti's The Inc. For every Britney, Lindsay, or Paris flashing their private parts, driving under the influence, or landing in rehab and/or jail, there's a Vanessa Carlton, behaving well (at least in public), avoiding the pitfalls of fame and success, and managing to evade the seductive glare of the paparazzi lens. Perhaps there's a sexist social disease at work that creates young girls starved for attention and willing to self-destruct in revolt once they get it, but it's more likely that they just lack good manners, a solid foundation, and common sense. Carlton managed to keep her four-year relationship with Third Eye Blind frontman Stephan Jenkins off the sleazy pages of Perez Hilton, and according to "Nolita Fairytale," apparently the trick is keeping a rent-controlled apartment just north of Little Italy as opposed to a Hollywood mansion, and hanging out at Ruby's, a cozy downtown Manhattan café, rather than fashion week. Carlton and Jenkins have split since he helped record the singer's new album Heroes & Thieves, but you probably didn't hear about that in the tabloids either.

The 27-year-old dancer-turned-singer endured a different kind of break-up a couple of years ago, this one with A&M Records, which expertly set up Carlton's debut album in 2002, leading to two hit singles, three Grammy nominations, and a platinum plaque, but the label fumbled her follow-up, 2004's criminally overlooked Harmonium. After performing a showcase for former Sony boss Don Ienner, Carlton says she was lucky to find Gotti, whose label (formerly Murder, Inc.) was in need of an image makeover of its own following accusations of money laundering. Carlton took a break from rehearsing in Nolita for some upcoming appearances (which are part of what her label promises will be a two-year push for Heroes & Thieves) to talk to me about the new album, her former label, and her "fairy godmother," among other things. She was extra candid (thanks in part to a double espresso), but also a little cautious. "Protect me from myself," she joked after letting out a few barbed comments that shall remain off the record. When I assured her no one else was listening in on the conversation, she said: "I'll just choose to believe you."

Slant Magazine:I heard you recently made a trip to Egypt.

Vanessa Carlton:Yeah, I was in Cairo. It was just extraordinary and peaceful while at the same time being the most chaotic city I think I've ever been to. To be on a horse in the desert looking at these pyramids was just out of control. But then the grittiness…there are no rules there. They literally have no traffic signs. If you hit a pedestrian with your car—I almost got hit so many times—you have to pay $150 and you're cool.

Slant Magazine:In the new documentary About a Son, Kurt Cobain talks about how his fondest memories of Nirvana came right before Nevermind was released. Do you remember how it felt just before your first album came out?

Vanessa Carlton:I think I tried to put it out of my mind, speaking of chaos.

Slant Magazine:So it wasn't one of your fondest memories then?

Vanessa Carlton:You know, there was a lot of positivity going on, obviously, and I was on the eve of something that was very special and hugely impactful on my life, but as a person I didn't quite have my feet under me. And when something that big happens…I think it was just a little bit lost on me. If I could redo that moment now and be 27 maybe I'd feel a little more…nirvana [laughs].

If you'd like to continue reading, you can find the rest of the interview on our forum

published on October 7 th, 2007

Ja Rule icon

Win tickets to Ja Rule Concert In Germany

MIO has three sets of two tickets to give away to Ja Rule's concert in Club Index, Schuettorf, Germany tomorrow night. To win the tickets simply answer the following question What was the name of Ja Rule's sister who passed away while he was a kid ? Hint: Her name is tattooed on his back. Email your answer, name and contact details to kain AT (replace the 'AT' with @ ).   Thanks to streetlife.

published on October 4 th, 2007

Ashanti icon

Ashanti On November Issue Of King Magazine

Ashanti is on the cover of the November issue of King Magazine. Make sure you  pick up a copy

published on September 30 th, 2007

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule 'Body' Video Version 3 MIO Exclusive

Article removed due to legal reasons we apoligise for the inconvience.

published on September 28 th, 2007

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule Presents 'The Mirror' Promo Video

Murder Inc Online is proud to bring you this promo video for Ja Rule's new album 'The Mirror' in stores November 13th. This video cannot be seen any where else on the internet we are bringing you this first and exclusivly if you see it any where else on the web they got it from us. MIO brings you a eight minute Ja Rule promotional video where he talks about everything to do with the new album. Leave your comments on our forum and enjoy the video below. Finally a big shoutout to my man Glen from spectacularviews.

published on September 27 th, 2007

Irv Gotti icon

Irv Gotti's Reality Show to Debut October 15th

"Gotti's Way" starting at 10:30 PM* on Vh1 will provide a rare
behind-the-scenes look at Irv's company and the music machine that he is, working with artists such as Vanessa Carlton, Lloyd, Ja Rule and more. After being investigated for 3 years by the federal government and acquitted, on charges of money laundering, Irv Gotti is now attempting a comeback with his label, The Inc., while also juggling his responsibilities as a husband and father. The show will also focus on the raw emotions between Irv and wife, Debbie, by exposing their struggle to mend a severed relationship and make it functional for the sake of their family.

published on September 27 th, 2007

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule 'Body' Uncut Video

AOL music has premiered the uncut version of 'Body' and as usual MIO brings you it first. This version easily beats the clean version not just because of the amount of 'flesh' on show but the whole video in general. So here is 'Body' Uncut leave your opinions on our forum.

published on September 27 th, 2007

vanessa icon

Vanessa Carlton 'Heroes & Theives' Tracklist

Below is the final tracklisting for Vanessa's upcoming release 'Heroes & Theives'  which is in stores October 9th. You can pre-order your copy here.

1. Nolita Fairytale
2. Hands On Me
3. Spring Street
4. My Best
5. Come Undone
6. The One (ft Stevie Nicks)
7. Heroes & Thieves
8. This Time
9. Fools Like Me
10. Home
11. More Than This

published on September 27 th, 2007

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule International Tour Dates

Ja Rule is going on yet another mini tour of Europe the four dates include two shows in Germany and then a show in Moscow, Russia and Oslo, Norway. MIO will be doing its best to get to atleast one of these shows and bring back a report of the show so keep checking back for updates.

  •   September 29th- Moscow, Russia->CLUB BLACK
  •   October 2nd- Cologne, Germany -> CLUB STATIC
  •   October 4th- Oslo, Norway-> ROCKEFELLER
  •   October 5th- Germany->CLUB INDEX

published on September 27 th, 2007

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