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Ja Rule's 'The Mirror' Pushed Back to '08

MurderIncOnline can reveal that Ja Rule's highly anticipated new album 'The Mirror' has been pushed back to 2008 with no confirmed release date. We contacted Irv Gotti to ask him the reason behind this set back and he told us that they have recieved 'Sample clearance issues' so therefor they had to push it back. We will update you on any further developments as soon as we get word from the label. For now leave your toughts about the album being pushed back on our forum.

published on October 27 th, 2007

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Power 106 LA, Irv Gotti Podcast

Check out Irv Gotti's interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106.

The podcast can be heard here

published on October 25 th, 2007

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Irv Gotti Talks Comeback, Why Ja Rule Is Tops And Why He Can't Be Faithful To His Wife

NEW YORK (AP) - Irv Gotti is hoping that his new reality show will help him get to the top of the music world once again. In the late '90s, Gotti was one of the most influential names in the industry. His record label, Murder Inc., was responsible for churning out hit after hit from Ja Rule and Ashanti, both of whom sold millions of records. But the good times didn't last long.

The careers of both his superstar acts began to cool off. Then, in 2004, his label came under investigation for alleged money laundering. The following year, Gotti and his brother were charged - and eventually acquitted - of the charges. But the damage had been done. The Inc. (Gotti dropped Murder from the name the label) no longer ruled the airwaves.

Now Gotti is documenting his comeback efforts in his VH1 reality show, ''Gotti's Way.'' He even got his family in on the act as the show profiles his complicated relationship with his estranged wife Deb. While Gotti knows that starring in a reality show may hurt his chances of being taken seriously, it is a gamble he is willing to take.

AP: Do you think starring in a reality show will come off as corny?

Gotti: Especially on VH1. I tell VH1 that all the time. They have a stigma that even if you do a show, once you do a show with them, you are corny and washed up. We are hoping with my show to change that stigma. That is something I openly talked about. I'm like, ''Your stigma is pretty bad.'' Anyone who goes on VH1, you could very well have a hit show, but you are corny. You are washed up. With my show, they are directly trying to remove that stigma.

AP: Are you worried that your wife is going to see you on camera with other women?

Gotti: I told Deb, when Deb kicked me out of the house, let's just get it out there. I was a cheating bastard. ... When she kicked me out it was funny because there was a lot of hatred that she had towards me. It was no good. After she kicked me out, I told her, ''You placed your bet. You placed your bet once you kicked me out that I wouldn't survive and function without seeing my kids and waking up because I love ... my kids.'' I grew accustomed once I was out of the house because I was working so much. It was like seeing them just on the weekends was almost the same thing as when I was living there. Me and her developed a friendship and once we developed a friendship, I confessed. It was like a cleansing period. I told her every crazy thing that I did and it was no more lies.

AP: What is your relationship like with your wife?

Gotti: It is confusing because if you ask me, I would do anything for Deb. If she needed my kidneys I would take a knife and cut me open and hand it to her. If she needed a body part I would give it to her. If a car was coming to hit her, I would jump in front of it just to stop (it) so it wouldn't hit her. If you ask me if I can stop (cheating) ... Yo ... (laughs) ... it's just honest. It's like, what are you to do? Me and her have developed such a cool friendship. She is like my man. She is like Ja. She is like my brother. That's my man and I would never hurt my man knowing I'm going to hurt him.

AP: You were written about extensively in Karrine Steffans tell-all book, ''Confessions of a Video Vixen.'' Why do celebrities keep sleeping with her?

Gotti: They want to see ... ''Why they call you Superhead?'' With the whole (Don) Imus thing, everyone was getting down on calling women hoes. But, what do you call her? I would never call a beautiful black woman anything out of her name because she doesn't present herself (in that manner), but what do you call Karrine Steffans? They are hard adjectives but they are accurate. ... She is a girl who likes doing that to show people she is really good at that. She wants to show people. I know that sounds crazy but if she sees a new celebrity, she wants to show that celebrity, 'I'm ill with it.' Trust me. I'm cool with her because she pulled off a great thing. She took what she did and now she is making money so more power to her. When I see her, it's all good.

AP: You say a lot of the success of The Inc. hinges Ja Rule being successful. Do you feel like you a taking a gamble considering he has not had a hit in a while?

Gotti: No. I am never taking a gamble on Ja. He started it. He is the one that said, ''its murder.'' I always want him to be successful. Murder Inc.'s success, even if Ja stops making records forever, Ja is still going to be running Murder Inc. with me. He is still going to be getting money with me. I just love him so much. I always want him to win. He is always my highest priority. Always.

AP: You built Murder Inc. on hip-hop, but now you are branching out into different genres of music.

Gotti: That is what I always wanted to do. When I look at the other music greats, I want to follow in their footsteps and I can't if I am just the urban guy. My vision has always been to have the biggest record label in the world and to have all of these different acts. Not just hip-hop. Hip-hop is in me because I'm from Hollis, Queens. It's just in me and it is the easiest for me to do. I can hear everything. I hear Vanessa Carlton and I know at least in my opinion whether it is hot or not hot. I have another group too Thunderkatz that are like a Black Eyed Peas sort of group. I have Channel 7 who are like today's version of Prince in a hip-hop way. I am all over the place and I can be all over the place because I love music.

AP: What do you say to people who say you are done musically and will never be back on top?

Gotti: It's all good. I give an explanation with hip-hop. I sum it up like this. ... Hip-hop is something where they root for the underdog. They put that underdog on a pedestal. They cheer for them. Once you are on top, how Murder Inc. was on top, they heard our story. They take you off that pedestal. It ain't that they don't love you. Hip-hop likes to test you and put you through certain things to see what kind of dude you are made of. If you come back from that, you are good. Everything that comes from hip-hop, I love it because I love hip-hop with a passion. It's all good. They can have their opinions and I will change them - through music. Through being successful. After I changed it, they will go, ''All of that stuff that guy went through and he is still right there. He's good.''

published on October 23 rd, 2007

Rock Reality Show Recap: Irv Gotti Serves as a Father Figure to Lloyd, His Stepkid on “Gotti’s Way”

Gotti’s Way tracks Murder Inc. mogul Irv Gotti’s attempts to rebuild his empire and fix his broken home, while our Rock Reality Show Recaps track how many times he breaks out Ja Rule in each episode. Here’s our second report:

Thirty Minutes in Four Sentences: After stepdaughter Angie is accused of not being Gotti’s “real child” by an overzealous classmate, Irv tries to save the day by bringing her along for a day of TV and radio promotion with his star crooner Lloyd. Oddly enough, Gotti is way more excited than his fifteen-year-old, who even disses Lloyd’s hoody: “I wouldn’t wear that.” Gotti and Angie later talk about the situation at school, and the issue is settled with two straightforward sentences: “I’m your dad, yo,” Gotti says. “Fuck them.”

Does Ja Rule Gotti’s Life? Surprisingly, this episode was 100 percent Ja-free (though he was in our thoughts). However, we did discover something else that’s ubiquitous on the show: those Gotti T-shirts. Our unscientific analysis indicates only 2 percent of screen time didn’t feature one of those lower-case g’s.

Irv’s Industry Advice: The episode begins with Gotti buttering up Lloyd, a young R&B up-and-comer with a rough past who’s best-known for appearances on parent-pleasing anthems like “Pussy Poppin” and “Let’s Cheat.” Because Lloyd’s new album is Gotti’s first since being acquitted, he’s determined to make it a hit. “We have to position ourselves so we can really damage things,” he announces. And by damage, Gotti means sell.

Broken Home: Angie’s situation is truly sad, but what’s even sadder is that her parents waited until she was fifteen to set her paternal record straight. “I never believed I could love a stepchild as much as a child,” Gotti reveals. Don’t worry, the endearing moment ends as soon as Gotti finishes his thought: “It was a rape and pillage of my heart.” He then takes out the trash in an effort to reinforce he’s just like everyone else.

published on October 23 rd, 2007

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Flair goes 'Gotti's Way'

In the latest edition of’s Superstar to Superstar, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair chats with Murder, Inc. Records founder, Irv Gotti. The producer is the star of VH1’s new Celebreality show, Gotti’s Way. After being indicted on federal money laundering charges and found not guilty, Gotti is attempting to bring back the record label.

“We're presently in the midst of one of the greatest hip-hop comebacks that's ever been lived, because I don't think no one's been through what me and my company have been through,” Gotti said on the show.

Gotti’s ticket to renewed success lies in his most beloved friend and most prized artist, Ja Rule. If they can record a hit record, Murder, Inc. will rise to its feet again. Meanwhile, Gotti must try to keep peace among his ex-wife, Deb, and their children, at home.

Does the Nature Boy have any words of wisdom for VH1’s newest Celebreality star? Read on to find out.

Ric Flair: Hey, Irv.

Irv Gotti: Hey, Ric.

RF: How are you, sir?

IG: What’s up, man?

RF: It seems like you’ve been busy. How’s your reality TV show, Gotti’s Way, going?

IG: It’s going good, you know. I like it. I did it, and I really like it. I think it’s going to be a really good show. You know, outside just being for the hip-hop audience, I think the relationship with me and my ex-wife, and me and my kids, I think it’s gonna break it outside the hip-hop world.

RF: It seems to me that you are a living legend in the recording industry. Do you feel that way about yourself?

IG: I think I put in a lot of work. I’m not gonna say that I don’t like other people saying it so I’m happy that you just said it. But I’ve put in enough work… I can definitely get that [title].

RF: That’s awesome. So what made you decide to do Gotti’s Way?

IG: Chris Abrego, the co-founder of 51 Minds, contacted me after I was on the cover of Source draped in the American flag. He basically was like, ‘this is a great story’ after I was acquitted of federal money laundering charges. He said this would be a great comeback story with you coming back and everything like that. He contacted me and sat down with me, and it’s really his idea, his vision.

RF: Well that’s great. Now on Gotti’s Way, your label, Murder, Inc., is looking to make a big comeback by making a hit record with Ja Rule. How’s that going?

IG: It’s going pretty good. We’ve got a single out now called “Body” and it’s doing pretty good. You know the funny thing is, is that they actually caught the creation of “Body.” They filmed it. I think when people see it, they are going to be really excited about it.

RF: Well that’s great. What other albums are you producing this year?

IG: I’ve got Vanessa Carlton’s album [Heroes and Thieves] which is in stores now. Ja Rule’s album is coming out in November, and then Ashanti’s album is coming out at the top of the year of 2008.

RF: Are there any WWE Superstars that you think would make good rappers? You do watch our show, right?

IG: I used to watch it way more when I was younger. I still watch from time to time, but not as much as when I was younger.

RF: Did you get a chance to catch John Cena when he was rapping?

IG: I do know who Cena is. I haven’t watched his latest match. But I did see him when he was rapping.

RF: Yeah, he rapped when he first started. It was pretty cool, actually.

IG: I think wrestlers could do it. The simple fact is that you guys have such a huge following. I don’t think you guys would be critiqued. Even if you weren’t the best rappers, I don’t think anyone would mind. It’s all entertainment.

RF: Exactly, it’s all sports-entertainment. That’s what we call it. Your family plays an integral role in the show, and you touched on this earlier. Everything between you and your ex-wife, is that all working out?

IG: Yeah, yeah. We are like the best of friends in the world. You know, what the people need to know is what they are seeing has been a process. It wasn’t just a… our friendship wasn’t just like that overnight. She kicked me out of the house like six or seven years ago. The first two years were a difficult, volatile time. After that we developed this friendship, and now it’s all good.

RF: That’s great. Listen, I won’t take up any more of your time, man. I just wanted to visit with you. I have a lot of respect for what you do.

IG: Thanks man, thanks. I had a great time talking to you.

RF: Thank you, sir.

IG: Peace.

published on October 23 rd, 2007

7 icon

Channel 7 Leaves Murder Inc

Channel 7 has left Murder Inc officially this time its a shock to everybody at MIO but we wish him the best in his future and hope to see 7 working with Murder Inc artists despite the leaving of the label. Leave your commments on our forum and dont forget to keep supporting Channel 7 over at his myspace.





In Life Its Important 2 Remind Ourselves that we are the Director of Our Movie. A Good Director Knows When The Scene Has ended And when 2 Yell Cut. Such Is the Case with My Run with Irv. I want 2 thank Irv for the Oppurtunity 2 make history. which is what we Did. The Sky Is the Limit 4 the Channel. And I feel That I Left Irv with 2 Solid Hits 4 Ja with "Body" & the Incredible "Father Forgive Me". and 2 Bangers 4 Ashanti with "hey Baby (After The Club)" & the Future Classic "The Declaration (I'm Still Here)" .Now Its Time for me 2 move on. Channel Hit Records 4 Other Artists and More Importantly Finish & Release My Album 2 The World with The Right Label for What it is that I do.Then Go Perform and meet The People My Music Reaches. Murder Inc Fans Rest Assure That All though I am No Longer working With IRV When U hear My New Records U will Feel The Same Magic U Felt But In A Fresh New Way. And I Hope U will Not Forsake Me But Rather Join Me In what I Consider The Journey Of Kings and The Ride Of a Lifetime.I am About Freedom In All Forms. And This Next Chapter Is All About Finding The Freedom We 4got we Had. ******* 2 the Next Generation of Murder Inc Producers Message is This...When you Start feelin like the Records Your Making are Super Hot and Your Gonna Be The One To Do it Again. Look at the CHANNEL7 Poster On the Wall ... Remember Who Came Before U & Grind A little Harder. GoodLuck.


published on October 23 rd, 2007

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H-O exclusive Interview

What projects are you currently working on at the moment have you a mix tape in the works or just working on your album ?


H-O: Right now we in the middle of doing a bunch of things, Buck is putting together a mix tape a Murder Inc./Inc. MPire Mixtape with all the artists I'm not doing any solo mix tapes at the minute. IN the process of doing that also we will be working on my project Harry O project when that projects going to come out is another subject. (listen to it again see if that's what he says) We finishing up Rule's album and after that everybody else.


Do you expect to be on Rule's album ?


H-O: Me and Rule we did two great songs but I'm not sure exactly if they going to make the album or not we did one song called 'Miss Me' and we did another song with Me, Rule, Irv, Ashanti and Seven, that's kinda hot allot of people like that song but I'm not really sure as far the direction Rule's going to go with the album so that's a question you really got to ask him.


In our last interview you labelled yourself 'The Smooth Criminal' Gotti told you to 'holla at the ladies' do find yourself doing what Rule did with those type tracks or do you plan on going a different route ?


Harry-OH-O: Well I always get this question because im coming from Murder Inc so if I make any tracks that's aimed at females they always want to ask me the question as far as me and Rule in comparison but its something totally different from what I do what Rule do is what he does and I would be doing what I do if i was under Murder Inc./MPire or not. The reason why I would make records intended for females is because I know the fan know the greater market females and I cant help that I have a light voice over certain tracks so my voice is not going to sound to....your voice is an instrument and my instrument sometimes doesn't sound well over dark, dark, dark beats so usually it sound better over beats that are not too dark, usually those beats are the beats that are intended for females but you know don't get me wrong I can get on one of those hard tracks and smack somebody's head off if that's what I wanted to do but you know I'm just trying to make some money.


What was your situation with Bad Boy were you apart of the label at some stage, were you working with them ?


H-O: I worked with them, let me see I was down with Bad Boy I'm still down with Bad Boy those my homies over there you know, I met Puff awhile back I did some writing for him he took me on tour with him. I lived with him out on the road for almost two months and I learned from him I learned how to perform, I learned how to be an entertainer an all round entertainer they have a well oiled machine working over there and yea you could say I was down with them those still my home boys just that you know this is the label that pays me over here those are just my boys over there.


Speaking of ghost writing have you done any writing for any other artists that we'd know of ?


H-O: I don't want to just blow anybody out but I always....I wouldn't say like writing straight up for people but I have influenced allot of records you know I have influenced allot of records ideas and ideas for hooks and direction people should go in you know a couple of artists I don't really want to put their business out there. You know but im going to sit here and say I wrote hit records for anybody nah I just influenced allot of records, I influenced records in here but you know we all influence each other in here you know that's why we a team that's what we suppose to do.

Read the rest of the interview here and leave your toughts on our forum.

published on October 22 nd, 2007

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MuderIncOnline Version 5 Has Arrived

First off all the staff here at would like to thank you for your support of The Inc and all of it’s artists and for continuing to support Murderinc-Online and helping to make us the #1 Murder inc fansite on the web with 7000 hits a day.

To coincide with the
takeover of The Inc, MIO is Relaunching with an exciting and more traditional “murderous” design of both our main site and our forum, we will also be coming with new and exclusive interviews from murder inc artists starting off with Harry - O.

As you know 2007 has been a big year for both the label and the website with big releases from Lloyd and more recently Vanessa Carlton, we also had the very exciting signings of Vanessa Carlton, The Thunderkatz, Newz, Ashley Joi and her “yet to be named” Girl group.

Here at MIO big things have also been happening our website hits are at an all time high, we have had exclusive interviews with The Inc artists and producers such as Channel 7, Harry-O, Milwaukee Buck, Gift, Young Life and Merc Montana. We have been honoured to have the boss himself Irv Gotti post on the our forum aswell as a video shoutout from Lloyd.
Not to mention that we are first with exclusive news, footage and audio from the Murder Inc camp.

But you know things are only going to get bigger, Murder Inc is about to re-establish itself as the most talented record label in the game with the release of new albums from Vanessa Carlton, Ja Rule and Ashanti, and the new reality tv show from Irv Gotti “Gotti’s Way” which premiered on VH1 on the 15th of October.

MIO is a fan website, by the fans, for the fans, so we hope you enjoy our new design and continue to support The Inc.

published on October 22 nd, 2007

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Crooked I and Eastwood to appear on 'Sunset' Remix

Former Murder Inc Affiliates Crooked I and Eastwood will be appearing on the remix to Ja Rule' new single 'Sunset' look out  for that and check out Eastwood's verse below.

published on October 21 st, 2007

Ja Rule icon

'The Mirror' Tracklist

Acording to an Australian webiste Ja Rule's 'The Mirror' will only have 15 tracks instead of the previously reported 17. Two tracks have been cut from the album 'Abondon Me' and 'Message To Mankind'. Below is the tracklist and album cover leave your opinions on our forum.

Cover art

1.  Uh-ohhhhh

2.  Body

3.  Sunset

4.  300

5.  Father Forgive Me

6.  Judas

7.  Rules Of Engagement

8.  Enemy Of The State

9.  Ladies

10.  Something New

11.  Damn

12.  Hearsay

13.  It's All Hood Now

14.  The Mirror

15.  Sing A Prayer 4 Me

published on October 18 th, 2007

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