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Rock Reality Show Recap: Irv Gets Heated Over a Ja Rule YouTube-Style Clip on “Gotti’s Way”

Gotti’s Way tracks Murder Inc. mogul Irv Gotti’s attempts to rebuild his empire and fix his broken home, while our Rock Reality Show Recaps track how many times he breaks out Ja Rule in each episode. Here’s our fifth report:

Thirty Minutes in Three Sentences: This week’s episode was all about the blame game. Gotti places all the blame for his failed marriage on his career (“I can’t be everything to everyone,” he laments, stressing that his main allegiance is to his three children) while his Murder Inc. cohorts blame their lack of direction on the amount of time Irv spends chilling out and being “distracted.” Gotti, in the meantime, says he’s too busy with all the many artists on his roster to stay focused (that’s Vanessa Carlton, Lloyd and Ja Rule, by our count).

Does Ja Rule Gotti’s Life?: He’s baaack. This episode, Gotti gets heated after his comrades post a less-than-perfect-quality video of Ja rapping online. “Who’s idea was this … YouTube shit?” he demands as the Murder Inc. crew scrambles for answers. Ja and Irv kiss and make up later in the episode while laying down a rockin’ track in the studio. Irv says the song is “hot,” while Ja makes a statement that has every word but “dirty” bleeped out.
Irv’s Industry Advice: “All you need is one record to pop and go.” Evidently, that is the key to superstardom (and curiously not one-hit-wonderland).

Broken Home: Episode Five introduces us to Gotti’s parents, the fifty-one-year monogamers who you kind of can’t believe created Irv. When Gotti asks for their take on his relationship with Deb, they tell him to keep doing what he’s doing because it seems to be working for him. “Try to be normal, Irv,” his mom adds, as the mogul leaves. Back home, Deb wastes no time calling Gotti out, noting that if truly lived for his children, he would be setting a better example — not chasing a “shorty woo woo with [a] plump ass”. “The kids haven’t seen what a real relationship is like,” she says.

published on November 13 th, 2007

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule In New XXL Magazine

Ja Rule will be featured in the new XXL magazine with Lil' Wayne on the cover. There are three variant covers, make sure you pick up a copy.

published on November 13 th, 2007

D.Gift icon

D.Gift Pushed Back

Unfortunately, D.Gift's 'Amerikaz Middle Child' has been pushed back to the date of February 29th 2008. Gift has been working hard in the studio to create a classic album for the fans, so make sure you show your support. Keep checking for updates on Amerikaz Middle Child.

published on November 13 th, 2007

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'Hands On Me' Second Single Off 'Heroes and Thieves'

Multiplatinum recording star Vanessa Carlton is getting critical acclaim for a record she collaborated on with Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind, her former boyfriend. That sounds like a bittersweet victory, but she insists it's not like that.

"We're still friends and so very proud of this record because it's our child," says Carlton of her new Heroes and Thieves album. "I think this record was the whole reason we were together in the first place. In some ways, it was like the music was always most important, and in the end, that's probably why we evolved into being friends."

The singer/songwriter/pianist says The Inc./Universal Motown Records' release is her most introspective work yet.

"I'm 27 now, and the past year for me has brought up a lot of questions that come from evolving into a real woman, and the theme of the album is deciphering the heroes from the thieves in a very black-and-white way: What kind of life do I want to lead and carve out for myself? What kind of characters do I want to surround myself with?"

She adds, "I call my songs chapters, and the last chapter, More than This, talks about: What if we could declare right now that I don't need any more than I have - the person sitting next to me, the shoes on my feet, my dog, my career? If I just kind of declare that, in theory, I would experience this bliss. . . . Every song on the album involves those kinds of things."

Carlton just headed out on a limited four-week promo tour. She plans to "shoot the video for the second single Hands on Me in December, then next year, I'll take the band out and do a bigger tour."

published on November 13 th, 2007

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MurderInc-Online Gallery Update is proud to bring you a massive gallery update that includes exclusive and never before seen images of Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, Chink Sanatana, Caddillac Tah and allot more so what are you waiting for ? check out our gallery and leave your opinions on anything you like on our forum.

published on November 11 th, 2007

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New Irv Gotti Interview

The rise and fall of Irv Gotti has been well documented. He spent the early years of this decade basking in the success of the Murder Inc. empire he built around Ja Rule and Ashanti—but then things got difficult. When rapper-of-the-moment 50 Cent engaged Gotti and Ja in one of the most intense off-the-wax beefs hip-hop has ever seen, the label's approval rating dropped like Dubya in his second term. Insult got added to injury in 2005, when Irv and The Inc. got caught up in a money laundering investigation that potentially meant a 20-year federal bid. While Gotti was ultimately acquitted, the road back to where he once was has been long. Now, with his hit VHI reality show Gotti's Way, and new projects from Ja Rule and Ashanti coming down the pike, IG is looking for 2008 to be a comeback year. And he sat down with us to build on the new show, the current status of Murder Inc, the rumors behind Ashanti and Irv's sexual relationship, and how he feels the Internet has fucked the music industry. It's Murder.

By Joe La Puma You were hesitant to do Gotti's Way at first. What did Chris Abrego (Executive Producer) do to convince you?
Irv Gotti: He approached me and at first I was reluctant to do it. It took like two or three months to convince me. But then he said this wouldn't be like Flavor of Love or The Surreal Life or any other reality show. This was going to be real. And after we shot the pilot, I saw his vision and was like "Alright, let's do it."

C: A major theme present in the show is that cheating broke up your marriage...
Irv Gotti: [laughs] Well, there are two parts of the show and it's the tale of two families: the music family, me with my artists and my company and trying to get us back to dominance, and then my family at home and the uniqueness of that family. Me and Deb are actually best friends, we're not together, but we're raising our kids. It's kind of unique that you see that on television: people who are not together, but who get along real well.

C: Are you worried about the effect that your cheating might have on your sons when they go back and watch the show?
Irv Gotti: Anything that they're seeing is nothing that they don't know already. What people need to understand is when they see the show, that's a reflection of me being out of the house. I've been out of the house for six or seven years.

C: What do you think drove you to cheating?
Irv Gotti: What draws any man to cheating? Just wanting to fuck other chicks. I mean that's just the bluntness of it. He sees another chick and he wants it.

C: You're pretty open to keeping it real on the show, but at one point, you kicked the camera crew out of the room because it got so personal. What was it that was going on in that situation?
Irv Gotti: It was me and Deb having talks with Sonny about me and her getting a divorce. Next thing you know, Sonny's crying, and then Deb starts crying. I didn't want that for the show, so I got very angry. I was basically like, "You're going to have to get the fuck out of here." I didn't want the show to be that ? to the point where my family is crying. So I kicked them out. That was the fastest breakdown of a set. If you were to watch the whole footage of that, before I kick them out I'm looking around. I'm actually looking for a stick or a bat or something to break the camera. But I couldn't find anything in the house.

C: Was the money-laundering trial Murder Inc.'s biggest setback?
Irv Gotti: Oh, definitely. Through the money laundering trial I lost my deal, I lost my funding, it was just a huge setback. I was facing 20 years; when you're facing 20 years, you have to worry about getting everything back. So I got everything back, and now this is the whole process of getting me back rolling. It takes a little time.

C: How did you convey to your artists that everything would be straight?
Irv Gotti: I wasn't guilty. I never felt that I would be convicted. I never felt guilty. I told them, "I'm innocent, so there's not reason to think that we're not going to be good, because I didn't do any of this shit."

C: A lot of people would say that 50 was the main reason for the label's fall, more specifically Ja Rule's career, do you think that's fair?
Irv Gotti: That's fair to say. He was definitely riding on us. It was just a whirlwind, though. The combination of a lot of things that just hit us all at one time. But he definitely played a part, because he became the biggest rapper in the world and he didn't like us. But we'll get past all of that. It's all part of the game we're in. We have to accept all of it.

C: In the beginning, did you think that Ja could successfully go back at him?
Irv Gotti: Well he was the newest rapper and the hottest rapper, and it's hard to go against that. The thing about me is that I've been a part of three different movements. I was a part of Rocafella, I was a part of Ruff Ryders, and I was a part of Murder Inc. I know about when you're the new rapper on the rise. It's like you can do no wrong for like two or three years. So if you're saying the sky is green, everyone would say, "Yeah, the sky is kind of green today." So it's just sitting back and riding his wave out, and just keep doing what we do.

C: Now 50's beefed with a ton of people, but with no "real issues" but with you and Ja he makes it clear that you three could never be friends. Why do you think that he holds such resentment?
Irv Gotti: Unlike other rappers, we've had physical altercations with this guy. We whipped his ass and he sued us. So, it's deeper than just words with me and him and Ja and him. It's a real beef.

C: Do you think that your association with Supreme has a lot to do with it as well?
Irv Gotti: It could or it couldn't. I really don't give a fuck. 'Preme is my brother. If he doesn't like me because of that, it really doesn't fucking matter. It's basically like this: he's over there; we're over here. We'll co-exist, because I'm not going anywhere. He's got his little money and he's not going anywhere. All good. We're going to have to just co-exist.

Read the full interview on our forum.


published on November 8 th, 2007

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule Album Release Party Tonight and Chart Update

Rap artist Ja Rule will rule the Rose Supper Club tonight when he performs songs from his upcoming album, "The Mirror"

Ja Rule in concert at The Rose Supper Club (a Mr. Sweets and Hot 105 promotions production). Doors open at 9 p.m., tonight and the show starts at midnight. Tonight is Ladies' Night -- first 50 ladies to come in before 9:30 p.m. get in free. After that, cost is $20 for ladies; $30 for men.

Single's wise both Ja Rule and Vanessa Carlton are climbing the Billboard Charts with Ja Rule's Body at #69 on the Hot 100 and Vanessa Carlton's 'Nolita Fairytale' at #26 on the Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks. Keep request the songs on your local radio stations.

published on November 8 th, 2007

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule, Remy Ma All Appear In Front of NYC Judges

'It's a coincidence,' Ma says of deluge of rappers at Manhattan Criminal Court; most of their cases were continued.

The entrance to Manhattan Criminal Court in New York looked more like a red carpet at a hip-hop awards show Wednesday morning (November 7) when Busta Rhymes, Ja Rule, Lil Wayne and Remy Ma all made court appearances within hours of one another.

The rappers were all appearing before judges on a variety of charges, from misdemeanor assault to drug possession and attempted murder, and, for the most part, they made brief appearances before their respective judges that lasted just a few minutes. Still, the drama surrounding their arrivals turned some heads.

"It's a coincidence," Remy Ma told New York's Daily News. Wearing a skintight Moschino outfit to her hearing, the rapper and her hip-hop cohorts set camera phones clicking as they arrived to court in a variety of luxury SUVs, the paper reported.

Busta Rhymes (born Trevor Smith) was first up, standing in front of a judge for just a few minutes for what was to be the beginning of his trial on a number of charges, including two misdemeanor assaults, drunk driving and driving with a suspended license. According to Rhymes' lawyer, Scott Leemon, the appearance was adjourned until January 23 when the judge said he needed more time to review a request made by the defense. Leemon said he could not discuss the contents of the sealed letter he submitted to Judge Larry Stephen. The paper said he arrived for court in a Cadillac Escalade and smiled broadly to fans as he made his way into the building with a Bluetooth phone device in one ear. On his way out, Rhymes autographed a court reporter's portrait of him.

Next up was Remy Ma (born Remy Smith), who was appearing in front of a judge following her arrest and arraignment in July on attempted-murder charges in relation to a shooting outside a New York club. Remy is accused of shooting her close friend, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, twice in the stomach following a violent altercation that was reportedly about money missing from the rapper's purse.

Remy's lawyer, Ivan Fisher, said the three-minute appearance was brief because the judge in the case had not yet received a prosecutor's filings and was unable to rule on several motions. "The prosecutor was hoping to get back DNA evidence from some blood found in Remy Smith's car, but it hasn't come back yet," Fisher said. A follow-up court date has been set for December 5, at which point the judge is expected to announce a decision on the prosecutor's motions and perhaps set a trial date. Fisher said the coincidental hip-hop legal summit occurred because Wednesdays are typically the days the criminal court judges schedule these types of appearances.

Depending on what kind of evidence comes back from the DNA test, Fisher said he might have to ask for more time to conduct his own DNA screens, especially if the tests come back positive for Remy's blood.

The Daily News described Remy's outfit as red-carpet-worthy, consisting of a "microscopic" gray wool skirt, blue tights and matching suede stilettos, as well as 3-inch heart-shaped gold earrings and a Dolce & Gabbana patent leather purse that read "PINUPS."

Also in court Wednesday afternoon with their mutual attorney, Stacey Richman, were Lil Wayne (born Dwayne Carter) and Ja Rule (Jeffrey Atkins). Both men were arrested in separate incidents on the same night in July following a headlining performance by Wayne in New York. Both were arrested on felony gun-possession charges (see "Lil Wayne Arrested On Gun-Possession Charge In New York" and "Ja Rule Arrested, Charged With Weapons Possession"), which Richman cast doubt on at the time of their arrests.

"[Wayne] was in the bus in his boxer shorts with a number of other people," she told MTV News at the time of his arrest. "Unless his boxer shorts had a pocket for this gun, I don't understand how he had it on him." Richman said the legally registered gun did not belong to the rapper. She also said at the time that the .40-caliber Taurus pistol recovered from inside a car Rule was riding in belonged to someone else.

The men arrived separately to court and both waved at fans as they walked up the steps, with Ja wearing all black leather and blowing kisses to admirers, Richman said. A judge set a February 25 court date for both men, though Richman said it was likely that grand jury presentations in each case would take place in mid-December, which would not require an appearance from each rapper.

"All of us [lawyers] know each other, and I ran into one of my colleagues [Leemon] while parking my car, and I was like, 'You have your guy in court today? I have my guys in court today!' " Richman said of the scheduling serendipity. "We all picked the date independently, but it was a funny alignment of the stars."

Richman said the mob scene outside the court was "ridiculous," with more than two dozen photographers, camera crews and reporters blocking the entrance to the courthouse, along with dozens of shouting fans waving their cameras and trying to get pictures with the MCs. "There were guys tripping and falling over the pavement to take pictures, and I couldn't even get through them to get Ja and Wayne in," she said.

published on November 8 th, 2007

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Rock Reality Show Recap: Vanessa Carlton Sweetens Up Murder Inc. on “Gotti’s Way”

Gotti’s Way tracks Murder Inc. mogul Irv Gotti’s attempts to rebuild his empire and fix his broken home, while our Rock Reality Show Recaps track how many times he breaks out Ja Rule in each episode. Here’s our fourth report:

Thirty Minutes in Four Sentences:
This week’s Gotti show focused on two unrelated subjects: Irv and Deb’s love lives and Vanessa Carlton. Over dinner with a model, Gotti makes a statement that summarizes his entire relationship with his sorta-wife: “She’s special, but not special enough for me to stop fucking.” Deb, who finds herself chatting up a few new male prospects, espouses opposite sentiments: “I don’t want my kids to see me with different men.” Meanwhile Gotti gets pumped about a new MC named Flashy, but ditches him when his single has no traction on radio, instead championing his latest project: songbird Carlton.
Does Ja Rule Gotti’s Life?: Nope. This week the crown goes to Carlton, who Gotti guiltlessly blares from his Bentley, not missing a word. “That’s fucking hot,” he later tells his latest signing, as she plays a half-finished song at the piano. “Do you have to go to a lake to finish writing that?”

Irv’s Industry Advice: Gotti chooses to address the uncharacteristic move of bringing Vanessa Carlton to Murder Inc. “If I was a scared person, I wouldn’t have signed Vanessa. If she was a scared person, she wouldn’t have signed with me,” he says. Of course, no Gotti explanation would be complete without a giant pat on the back. “I’m fearless, though. So it’s easy,” he concludes.

Broken Home: An essay could be written to fill this space, but let’s just say that Irv and Deb view their separation very differently. Deb remains cautious while meeting guys for her kids’ sake, even while her best friend, DMX’s wife, tells her to go “sausage crazy.” Gotti, on the other hand, needs no encouragement to mess around. “It’s not a hickey. It’s a rash ’cause of the cologne I wear,” he pleads to Deb, who spends a lot of camera time arguing that Gotti has his cake and eats it too.

published on November 6 th, 2007

vanessa icon

Vanessa Carlton On CW11 News

Check out Vanessa on CW11 news performing Nolita Fairytale and Ordinary Day

published on November 4 th, 2007

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