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New Somong "Beautiful One's" Produced by Irv Gotti & Chink Santana

Mpire's Somong has released a new track titled "Beautiful One's" which was co-produced by Irv Gotti and Chink Santana and also features Irv Gotti on the intro. You can only hear it on Somong's Facebook so check it out and leave your thoughts on MIO's forum and don't forget to tell Somong your thoughts and where you heard the track.

published on October 10 th, 2010

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Ja Rule Previews Tracks From His Upcoming Album

Ja Rule previewed some new tracks last night from his new album apparently he played between ten and fifteen tracks live on ustream but the recorded video only has two on it, check it out below and join on the ongoing discussion on our forum.

published on October 10 th, 2010

Ja Rule 'Swagga' New Track

Ja Rule has released a new track titled 'Swagga' this is the original 'Welcome To Ruleyork' track check it out below and leave thoughts on our forum.  You can also download it here.

published on October 10 th, 2010

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Irv Gotti Working with The Diplomats

Check out this video interview with The Diplomats where they talk about Irv Gotti's involvement in them getting a new record deal. Join the discussion on our forum.

published on October 10 th, 2010

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Young Life - This Is The Life Mixtape

Mpire's Young Life has released his debut mixtape titled 'This Is The Life' and features his Mpire label mates Ja Rule, Merc Montana and Harry O it also features Murder Inc's Newz. Download it below and leave your thoughts on our forum.

Download Link

published on October 4 th, 2010

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New Harry-O Interview

Check out this new H-O interview and drop your opinions on our forum.

published on September 23 rd, 2010

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Ja Rule talks Comedy Sitcom and Mpire Reality show with AHH

(AllHipHop News) Ja Rule has recently announced that he has several television programs in the works that will be released to fans soon.

“We got a situation that we’re working with, where its Hip-Hop based and we are focusing on my new talent. Harry O, Montana, and Life,” Ja Rule told said in an interview.

In addition to the hip-hop based show, Ja Rule will be doing a reality TV show with his family involved.

“We are focusing on that with one show, and I am doing a show, a little something with my family, you know that’s kind of cool, so.”

In addition to the other reality TV shows, the Murder Inc. artist stated that he is also using his acting talent to partake in a written sitcom as well.

“I am doing a sitcom, a real written sitcom, so that not reality, we are doing the TV thing and we are having a good time, and the movie thing, so it working,” Ja Rule added.

Ja Rule has been in major features as an actor since 2001  according to, and has had roles in the movies, The Fast and the Furious, Scary Movie 3, The Cookout and Assault on Precinct 13 to name a few.

“I am not shopping any of the deals, they are actually deals that we got in the works already with stations. I’m not gonna name the stations at this moment, but they will be out real soon so holla,” Ja Rule joked.

In related news Ja Rule updated fans about the possibility of Irv Gotti doing a season 3 of his TV show that was called Gotti’s Way.

“I don’t think Gotti is shooting a 3rd season of his show, he shot the two seasons and now I think he’s going to fall back on the next season,” Ja Rule said of his partner at Murder Inc.

“That’s my ni**a Gotti, we talking big business, I just got off the phone with Gotti a little bit ago and we got some new things coming over the next year."

Ja Rule has also had music featured on several TV and movies soundtracks as well including but not limited to, Next Friday, Friday After Next , Exit Wounds, The Fast and the Furious, Glitter, Saturday Night Live, Ali G Indahouse, The Wire, Belly, Blue Streak and Rush.

published on September 18 th, 2010

Young merc icon

Merc Montana - Boardwalk Mpire Mixtape Download Now

Mpire's own, Merc Montana - Boardwalk Mpire Mixtape, has just been released. The mixtape, which has been described as "46 minutes of heat" features other MPire artists including Ja Rule and Harry-O.           

Got an opinion on the mixtape ? Drop your comments on our forum.

Keep checking Murder Inc Online for continued updates on all things Murder Inc & MPire.

Follow Merc Montana on twitter.

published on September 3 rd, 2010

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NEW Video "Slow Down" Mpire Mix feat. Merc Montana & Young Life

Check out this new Mpire mix of Rick Ross' track "Slow Down" featuring Merc Montana & Young Life.

Join the discussion and leave your thoughts on the track in our forum.

Follow Merc, Life and get the latest updates from Mpire on Twitter.

published on August 18 th, 2010

The Inc icon

Brooklyn Newz - "Money" Official Music Video

A new video has surfaced on the net from The Inc.'s own Brooklyn Newz titled "Money"

Join the discussion and leave your thoughts on the video on our forum.

Follow Brooklyn Newz on Twitter.

published on August 18 th, 2010

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