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Exclusive Ja Rule Interview With MurderIncOnline

Ja Rule talks to MIO about the latest on his new album 'The Mirror' in stores November 6th. New tracks, old tracks, DMX and what the future holds.

Ja Rule: ‘The Mirror’ its coming Baby, sorry I had it pushed back but it’ll be better now it’ll better even better, it’s great.

MIO: What’s the current situation with ‘The Mirror’ at the moment?

Ja Rule: Right now its coming on the 6th of May, crazy, incredible album. I touched it up…. allot of it got leaked so I had to go and do some new things (laughs) so it’s definitely the revamped ‘Mirror’ so its gonna be crazy.

Ja RuleMIO: Will there be features from new artists on any of the new tracks you’ve recorded?

Ja Rule: Yea I’ve been doing some things with new producers, new artists everything.

MIO: Can we expect allot of the original album on the new version?

Ja Rule: Some of it yea, I'm not gonna tell you which tracks are gonna make it or which songs are gonna come off but some stuff...

Read the full interview here

Dont forget to check out for upcoming Ja Rule and other shows.

published on February 11 th, 2008

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Ashanti 'The Way That I Love You' Video News

Ashanti’s video for her new single “The Way That I Love You” off of her upcoming Album “The Declaration” will be shot at an undisclosed location in LA on Thursday February 7, 2008. Check out Ashanti perfroming the new single live in Vegas and leave your opinions on our forum.

published on January 30 th, 2008

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Lloyd 'Devil In A Dress' Remix featuring Ja Rule & Harry O

M.I.O. bring you yet another exclusive track thats three in just under two weeks but enough of the bragging and onto whats important here. Lloyd is back with a little teaser for his fans with a remix to his 'Street Love' album cut 'Devil In A Dress' which features Murder Inc's finest Ja and Harry O. Listen to it below and leave your comments on our forum.

published on January 27 th, 2008

charli icon

Charli 'Chuck' Baltimore is BACK

Believe it or not, Phillys Finest Charli Baltimore is Back. We are proud to push her latest track called 'Lose It'. Listen to the track carefully cause its STRAIGHT FIRE. No doubt the greatest comeback in 2008 so far.

You know where you hear it FIRST its M.I.O. Baby

Leave your comments at the Forums

published on January 24 th, 2008

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Win Tickets For Ja Rule Shows

Win a Ticket for you and a friend for the upcoming Ja Rule shows in Helsinki and Riga. To win these tickets, log into our forums. There you find our email adress (just post a reply to see the email) with which you can send us your answer to the following question.

Tell us the name of the agent Ja Rule played in Scary Movie 3

Don't forget to send us your full name and address along with your answer and which concert you want tickets for(Riga or Helsinki).


published on January 21 st, 2008

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The Source Mag. Feb. '08 Ja Rule & Irv Gotti: Hard To Kill Interview

The Source Magazine February 2008 Irv Gotti and Ja Rule: Can’t Hold Me Down


By Brent Woodie

Days after celebrating the success of Irv Gotti’s VH1 reality show, Gotti’s Way, at Club 720 in Chicago, the two are in high spirits. Answering each question with a brutal honesty, these two have much to get off their chest. Irv more so his personal life, Ja more into the music. When talking to the two Queens natives, there is a sense of twin telepathy: Ja, like Irv, has a loud voice that can pierce through a busy New York City subway. Irv, like Ja, wears a heart on his sleeve so big that it could rival Kanye West. These two similarities have an important benefit---it makes you listen and believe when the Murder Inc. head honchos tell you the industry is a double-crossing, unfaithful monster.

In 2003, when the offices of Murder Inc. were raided, the future of the label looked dim. “People had a real sense of fear of us during the trial,” says Ja Rule. “It was a real undertone to whereas it wasn’t just music no more. When we were walking in these buildings, it wasn’t the same receptive love people gave.” Eventually, losing their deal with Universal Records during the grueling three-year federal investigation, Murder, Inc. was buried even further by the music industry.

But the move by Universal wasn’t the only blow to the label. In the proceeding months, Ashanti, the princess of Murder Inc., further distanced herself. “It made me feel like she just used me and Rule to get further, and now that she got further it’s, f-ck y’all niggas,” says Irv, regarding Ashanti’s disappearing act. “Where is the love? Where is the loyalty?” With their female cash cow looking to separate from the Inc., Irv and Ja needed a prayer.

That prayer was answered in 2006, when Irv was carried like an infant by his two lawyers, two legs in the air, smiling like…well, a man who has just been acquitted of federal charges. Does that mean that he’s off the hook entirely? “I am not doing anything illegal, the Feds can watch me all they want,” says Irv. “What sense does it make for me to do anything illegal? I just signed a new deal!”

The new deal is with, ironically, and old partner: Universal. Signed to a three-year, $10 million deal, just nine months after his acquittal, The Inc. was given a second life. “Oh, yeah. The smoke got a chance to clear; the dust settled,” says Ja, regarding the new deal. “All fake niggas ran, and I’m happy. If you can’t stand the heat, get out the f-cking kitchen. That is the realest saying ever, because so many niggas ran. I’m good with that though, because we good. People are trying to come back, but the door is closed.”

Now that the house that birthed numerous top ten hits has reopened, the question swtill remains: Can the Inc. do it again?

Gotti’s Way just got renewed for a second season, but the first showed some real drama in your personal life. How do you feel now that the first season is over?

Irv: It feels good. I like how the show came out. I knew it was going to cause a lot of conversation between men and women. I knew my relationship with [my wife] Deb was going to overtake the music side of the show. I like the producers of the show and how they treated me. So, they offered me another season.

Did VH1 approach you or did you pitch the idea for the show?

Irv: They approached me. I was on the cover of The Souce [January 2006 issue]. You guys put me on the cover draped in the American flag; that is what got me on the show: The Source magazine. Chris Abrego [Gotti’s Way Executive Producer], picked up that article and read it; he was so entrenched in the article, he called me and said, “I want to give you a show.” Then he gave me part ownership of the show and the creative control.

Read the rest of the interview on our forum.

published on January 19 th, 2008

Ja Rule icon

Smooth Magazine Hoiday 2007 Edition Ja Rule Interview

Smooth Magazine 2007 Holiday Special Edition Ja Rule: Back To Business Without The Beef Interview. Thanks to lokivvv2 for posting this on the forum.



By Mitchell S. Jackson

What questions are you sick of being asked?

Beef questions. Damn, let the beef questions go!

We had a feeling you were going to say that.

(laughs) You got some beef questions, huh? Go ahead, man. It’s okay. Fire away.

We’ll make it quick. Do you foresee any beef-squashing between you and 50?

Nah. We’re two different people. The character of person that he is, I would never have that type of person as a friend.

Even for some crazy bread?

All Money ain’t good money, baby.

It seems like despite all this drama with Murder Inc., you’re in a good place right now. How did you get there?

I’m always in good spirits. I don’t let shit get to me. You can’t let what people say about you dictate who you are as a person. If you do, you’re going to go f-cking crazy, especially in this business, where you constantly hear all types of rumors. You can’t let them cloud your vision or block your focus.

The music game is changing. How does the current climate of the business affect your expectations for your new album?

I’ve been in the game a long time. I watched it change many times, and I’m a chameleon. Right now, I’m looking to be the guy who brings a little more substance to the game. My album is gonna make you feel good, but it’s gonna make you think, too. I’ve got songs on there that’ll make people say, “Man, that record helped get me through this hard time. I’m glad I had that music around at this time in my life.”

Do you listen to other people’s music?

I listen to everything, because the way I see it, rappers aren’t my only competition. All artists in all genres are my competition. So I study music--period.

While your label was going through its problems, did your paper ever get too low for comfort?

Oh, no. I have a bunch of deals going. What people fail to realize is that I’m one of the bigger artists out there, no matter how you slice it. And when you look outside of hip-hop (which is a small world) and put Ja Rule on paper for a company, it looks very attractive.

What else do you have going?

I have my new jewelry line. I have my new Rule Global Media situation, which is humongous. Y’all will be hearing about that soon. I have my own record company, Mpire Music Group. I have my film company, Tunnel Vision Films, and my internet radio station, I alson just wrapped two films, one called Furnace and one called Don’t Fade Away. And I’m working on my biopic with Flavor Unit, Queen Latifah, and Shakim. It’ll be out next year.

Read the rest of the interview here.

published on January 19 th, 2008

Ashanti icon

World Exclusive Ashanti 'The Way That I Love You'

Ashanti is back on her grind and MIO brings you it first as always. After her buzz singles 'Switch' which also features St. Louis finest Nelly and 'Hey Baby (After The Club)' featuring Channel 7, her new Single 'The Way That I Love You' is more what we have expected from her,  the upcoming album called The Declaration will be in stores this Febuary...

So watch out for her album and leave your comments on our forum.

published on January 14 th, 2008

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule European Tour can exclusively reveal that Ja Rule will be embarking on a European tour during late January and February.
The confirmed dates and venues are as follows. We have now updated the schedule with more dates and venues as of the 14th of January we are still expecting more so keep looking out.

Saturday - 26th Jan Helsinki,Finland

Friday - 1st Feb Lippstadt,Germany

Sat - 2nd Feb. Riga,Latvia
 La Rocca

Friday - 6th Feb. Himmelskron,Germany

Saturday - 7th Feb. Magdeburg,Germany
 Froxi Moon

Sunday - 8th Feb. 2 Shows In One Night

1st Singen,Germany
Club show @ Top 10

2nd Filderstadt,Germany
Club show @ XXL

Monday - 9th Feb. Hannover,Germany

More dates to be announced as they are confirmed. Keep Checking for details as they emerge - first for Murder Inc. news.

published on January 9 th, 2008

Black Child icon

MuderIncOnline Black Child Interview

One of the original Murderers Black Child sits down with us to discuss his future including his debut album 'Black Is Beautiful' and the current situation with Hoodstock.

MIO: What projects are you currently working on ?

Black: Right now I'm working on the solo album, working on the BlackTah Affair album, I'm still working on the Hoodstock project, that's me and a few groups in the hood and I'm working on a few movies.

Is the solo album still called 'Ghetto Gospel' ?

Right now I don't know what I'm going to go with I'm leaning towards more 'Black Is Beautiful' because 'Ghetto Gospel' been so long and so much anticipation so much waiting for the album that Iv upgraded it since Eminem produced an album for 2Pac with the name so because of that I might flip it to 'Black Is Beautiful' or something in that area it depends on when the album is finished, what records I feel fit the album that's how the title will be decided. When the project is complete then I'm probably just going to listen to every song and give it a title but right now I'm thinking about 'Black Is Beautiful' even if anybody got any suggestions they could submit them to Murder Inc. Online y'all heard ?

Black ChildIs their any guest features lined up at the moment ?

So far I got to keep allot of hats I cant let it all out the bag but y'all know I got my Murder Inc. family on there, some new artists coming out definitely some new producers I got this producer from Ohio his name is 'Safe R'. He's series he produced a few tracks, this Jordan song I got about Jordan's all the different Jordan's that came out and its just a song that kids can get involved with not be turning to violence and drugs and everything I just did a variety of different songs but everybody is a Jordan head so I figured they could relate to that but basically just my Murder Inc. family right now Kiss(Jadakiss) going to be doing something on there real soon. I aint going to let too many names out there cause its still early in the game for me right so i don't want to let the rabbit out the hat.

The 'BlackTah Affair' its been expected since 2003 was there ever any certain dates for it to be released before now ?

Right now early early next year(2008) first or second quarter no set date yet and I'm content with that because it gives me more time to make a classic, one thing I can say is I really believe my album is going to be a classic when it drop because it took so long I went through so many stages musically that I got a variety of songs from each era of my life and If I got ten songs from each era in my life just one of them out of each era I believe you know is going to create a classic.

Read the rest of the interview here and leave your opinions on our forum.

published on January 4 th, 2008

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