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Channel 7 returns to The Inc Records

MurderIncOnline is proud to announce that Channel 7 has returned to The Inc Records as a producer/artist and will be releasing his debut album later this year with the first single being 'Rolling Stone' featuring Donnie. You may recall MIO debuting the final mastered version of 'Rolling Stone' just last week at that time we had heard rumblings of a return but couldnt say anything until everything was confirmed. Below you can read 7's blog as posted on his myspace and you can leave your comments on our forum.











published on May 16 th, 2008

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New Ja Rule 'No More Love Remix'

Two new Ja Rule tracks in two days and as always MIO is first to report about them this time Ja Rule has come with his DJ, DJ D Lyfe who you might remember from his interview with MIO a few months ago which you can read here.. The track is called 'No More Love Remix' and you can hear it on Ja Rule's myspace. Leave your opinions on our forum.

published on May 16 th, 2008

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The Thunderkatz storm universal motown offices

Thunderkatz stormed Universal/Motown in NYC last week to discuss everything from album release dates to various specifics of marketing strategy and so forth. We would like to thank Irv Gotti and everyone at the Universal Music Group for being so kind and informative. It has been a hot minute since the Katz have been back "UP Top" to NYC, so it was a very special time for us. We are very excited to get this movement off the ground and into the stratosphere. We will be finishing the debut album in the next few weeks. Be sure to check back for all the news on the launching of the Thunderkatz.

published on May 15 th, 2008

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DJ Desue feat. Ja-Rule & Mary J Blige - Press On 2008

Leave your comments on our forum.

published on May 15 th, 2008

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Murder Inc Article Snippet From This Months Vibe

Check out the start of a brand new article about Murder Inc as a whole and what the future holds for the label. The Magazine hits your shelves on Thursday you cant miss it, it has Mariah Carey on the front. Leave your opinions on our forum.


Will The Inc. rise again? Read an exclusive excerpt from our June feature on the label that changed it all

From 1999 to 2003, the record label and clique known as MURDER INC. dominated. Launched by the vociferous, hard-partying Irv Gotti, Murder Inc. made Ja Rule a superstar and produced megahits for Fat Joe and Jennifer Lopez. But despite blows from 50 Cent, a falling out with Ashanti, and the trial of Gotti's life, Murder Inc. is born anew. Today, Gotti and his family are reality TV stars, Ja is back in the studio, and The Inc. is aching to rise again. Thomas Golianopoulos puts the pieces together.

Money was raining from the sky - literally. In billing, I did like $120 million two years straight. Anything I wanted, I was getting. I didn't hear 'no' much back then.

IRV GOTTI TOOK HIS BEATING LIKE A MAN. It was June 2000, and he' just finished playing what would become Ja Rule's sophomore album, Rule 3:36, for his Def Jam bosses, Lyor Cohen (the label chairman at the time) and Kevin Liles. Cohen and Liles were experienced king- makers, helping launch artists like Run DMC, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, and Jay-Z.

But they weren't feeling 3:36, a turn to lighter fare after Ja's hard-edged debut. The insults started flying Gotti's way. It's soft. It's wack, said Liles, who did most of the talking. This isn't even hip hop. And, worst of all (to the suits),You wasted our money.

Gotti was shocked-the young A&R star wasn't used to having his ears questioned, even back when he was choosing beats for his fi rst artist, Mic Geronimo.

By the turn of the century, he had been instrumental in bringing Jay-Z and DMX to Def Jam (both in '97), and he'd delivered Ja's platinum 1999 debut, Venni Vetti Vecci. Not to mention, according to Irv, All the bitches in L.A. was loving [3:36]. At the end of the meeting in Lyor's swank office, Liles ordered Gotti to make an entirely different record.

What did he change? Not a thing. Def Jam eventually provided Irv with 10,000 pieces of vinyl for the lead single, 'Between Me & You' a very modest roll-outand Gotti started calling his radio connections. I whored Ja out basically, Gotti says now. I was like, ˜Please, if you like it, just play it.' And, boy, did they play it.

Rule 3:36, a reference to a Bible passage from the Book of John, eventually sold more than three million copies and initiated one of the most successful runs in hip hop history. All told, between 1999 and 2005, Murder Inc. released eight platinum albums through Def Jam and conquered the Billboard charts. In 2002 alone, Gotti produced nine Hot 100 Top 20 hits. He did it by keenly merging R&B with street rap. It seems obvious now, but Gotti godfathered an entire subgenre: gangsta pop.

Irv and his crew also pissed off a lot of people, from rival rappers to executives. But most notably, he caught the attention of the federal government, which put him on trial for money laundering. Now, through a series of interviews (see THE PLAYERS below), VIBE chronicles the highs and lows of the controversial label that made its own distinct sound, made friends, made enemies, but most importantly, made history.

IN THE MID-1990S, IRVING DOMINGO LORENZO was a young cat from Hollis, Queens, known as Magoo for his signature Mr. Magoo squint. But in the music world, he was a producer known as DJ Irv who'd just cut ties with Queens MC Mic Geronimo. Irv says, He wasn't fucking with me the way I needed him to. Mic says, I didn't sign to his production company [Top Dog Productions], and I think he was counting on that.

Irv eventually linked up with fellow Hollis native Ja Rule, a rapper he'd followed since Ja was part of the failed TVT Records group Cash Money Click. Gotti always envisioned running a rap empire, and, thanks to his success with Jay-Z (see sidebar), he scored a serious sit- down with Def Jam President Lyor Cohen for an A&R position. He aced it, and soon thereafter, Gotti's ascension from brash, cocky A&R to brash, cocky CEO was underway.

Russell Simmons: This guy comes into my office saying, “The only way niggas is going to dance again is like this.” And he started bouncing. Because that was the [musical] vibe DMX and Ja Rule had.

Mike Kyser: Irv came in with a chip on his shoulder. He was ready to change the whole system in a week. Irv was like, We need some new blood. He brought this guy named DMX to the building.

Julie Greenwald: Gotti plays me [DMX's] 'Get at Me Dog' and is like, It's going to sell five million. I'm like, Irv, you're out of your mind. [DMX's 1998 debut, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot, went on to sell just short of four million copies.]

Chris Gotti: They were like, Irv, [DMX] barks.  He's a fucking dog. Who's going to want to buy that? They used to laugh at Irv.

Irv Gotti: In 1998, [then Sony vice president] Dave McPherson, was like, I want to give you a label. That's when Lyor was forced to give me a label deal, which he didn't even give me.  [Universal CEO] Doug Morris gave it to me.  [Despite numerous requests, Cohen declined to be interviewed for this story.]

Simmons: Irv graduated to a label...quickly.  It didn't take long. How long did it take for the white guy who signed Britney Spears to get a label?

published on May 13 th, 2008

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Ja Rule on Tour

8. Mai 2008     Lovech / Bulgaria – open air festival

May 9th 2008     Neu-Ulm / Germany – Club: Liberty

May 11th 2008   Bochum – Club: Prater
May 11th 2008  Wildeshausen – Club: Fun Factory , Germany

May 16th 2008   Ruemlang / Switzerland – Club: Rinora 4 
May 17th 2008   Wohlen / Switzerland – Club: DE Club

August 30th 2008 Afrika

published on May 8 th, 2008

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Donnie featuring Channel 7 'Rollingstone' Final Mastered Version is proud to bring you yet another exclusive track first before the rest of the ineternet catches on. This time around we bring you Bad Boy's Donnie featuring former Murder Inc Producer/Artist Channel 7 new single and most anticipated track of the year 'Rollingstone'. This is the final mastered version of the single that will be on Donnie's album and sent to radio it features a new verse from 7 which adds the finishing touches to the track. Listen below and leave your comments on our forum. Big thanks to Channel 7 for blessing MIO with this track.

published on May 7 th, 2008

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Ashanti's "The Way That I Love You" Bloody Version

Leave your comments on our forum.

published on May 3 rd, 2008

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Ja Rule Performs and Receives Award in Ghana

Leave your thoughts on our forum.

published on May 3 rd, 2008

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Lloyd feat. Ludacris 'How We Do It In The A' Video

published on April 29 th, 2008

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