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Ashanti 'Good Good' Music Video

You can watch Ashanti's new video for 'Good Good' the second single off 'The Declaration' which is in stores now. This video wasnt suppose to premier until tomorrow on yahoo but Universal have put it on their site. Leave your comments on our forum.

published on July 16 th, 2008

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Ashanti's New Videos Premiering This Week

Thursday July 17th
Ashanti's New Video "Good Good" premieres on Yahoo Music
and also on BET at the top of the hour starting at 11 AM  ET running throughout the day. Ashanti will also co-host 106 & Park airing at 6 PM  ET, where she will premiere her video on the show.

Friday July 18th
Ashanti co-hosts 106 & Park once again
"Body On Me" premieres on FN MTV at 8 PM ET

Ashanti On The Set Of Her New Video, "Body On Me"

View more photos from the "Body On Me" video shoot and discuss Ashanti's new videos in our forum.

published on July 16 th, 2008

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Lloyd’s ready to teach the masses on “Lessons in Love”

The music industry is constantly changing with small baby steps to ultimate leaps and bounds, but one thing that has stayed consistent throughout time is the need for music to love and party to. Two hot young performers that embody this quality are going to be together in concert at Chastain Park, right here in Atlanta. Chris Brown and Atlanta’s own, Lloyd, are going to do it big in the A. I recently had the opportunity to chat it up with Lloyd about his upcoming album, his love for the ladies and his love for Atlanta.

Lloyd is no stranger to the ATL. His sweet soulful voice never fails to pay homage to the natural swagger, style and congeniality that can only be groomed in the South. He commands the crowd with his energy on stage and causes the masses to flow whether it’s a club banger or a heart felt ballad. His undeniable sex appeal has women all over the world melting on every chord.

We’re glad to see and hear you’re back on the scene, did you take some time to just chill and work on your album?          
Actually, I’m back now sooner than I was before. I took a bit more of a break between "Southside" and "StreetLove" and I enjoyed the feel of the wind blowing through my hair at 100 miles per hour. So, you know I didn’t want to let up off the gas.

Where are you most in your natural element? Is it when you’re in the studio, just you and the mic, or on stage live performing?
Anytime I’m around music. In the studio, performing, or if I’m at another concert as a fan. I’m most in my natural element when I’m a fan of what I’m doing or what’s going on because then I tend to enjoy it. You know, the way I did that is I just work with my friends who I feel most comfortable with.    

“How We Do It in the A” is obviously a song about your love for Atlanta and the ladies want to know where does Lloyd do it in the A? What Atlanta spots are a must for you to party, eat or chill at when you’re home?
I like to go to Standard which is the spot where I go and get all the sneakers no one else has. I like going to Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles and I like going to the studio.

On your second single off the upcoming album you shout out some love to “Girls All around the World” but tell us what do you love about women right here in Atlanta?
In the A?

Yea, women right here in the A.
Shoooot everything! The attitude, you know just the natural swagger that the girls down here possess. I like the natural hospitality of the girls in the A. With the industry kinda relocating to Atlanta in the past years there’s also a great deal of style that the girls have.

“Girls All Around the World” is a homegrown produced track. How was it working with producers Big Reese and Jasper again?
Oh, well they’re my best friends and our movement is called "Streetlove" which we started last year. They’re also guys who are not afraid to let me express myself musically and they are some of the most talented guys that I’ve had the chance to work with. It’s just fun, we have a lot of fun when we work.

On your previous albums you always give love to the females. However, there’s something about your love for the ladies and I don’t mean that “I wanna get at u shawty” kinda love, but it ‘s a love that admires beauty both inside and out. What makes your love for women so genuine?
My mom.

Aww, so are you a momma’s boy?
I’m like a momma’s boy with a cause though. I’m not just a momma’s boy because I’m being spoiled or anything. It’s more just about understanding what she’s been through in raising young men, me and my three brothers. Her strength in being a black woman in today’s society and priding herself on making a better way for us. I really just have a great deal of respect for her.

A certain maturity seems to have taken place between your second album "StreetLove" and your third album "Lessons In Love." So, what lessons about love can we expect to learn from the upcoming album?                                            
Don’t bring old baggage into a new relationship. Realize what you got while you have it. You know good guys are hard to find. I’m showing people that love is emotional and lust is physical. There’s a difference and that a lot of times we’re misunderstood.

What was your hardest lesson to learn about love?
My hardest lesson would probably be really getting to know myself before trying to understand another person. Before, I was the one that always wanted to make her happy so much that I wouldn’t take the time out to make sure I was happy. More like just spoiling yourself a little bit.  

When you’ve been away from the ATL for awhile on tour or traveling and you come back home, what spot is a must on your list while you’re here?
Man, the crib. I just like chillin’ at the crib. Being at home is cool for me.                           

You are going to be at Chastain Park with Chris Brown on July 5th. Can we expect to see you on tour pretty soon?
Well, I plan to do a House of Blues run this year with a very talented person who I won’t mention yet. So, I’m looking forward to that.

published on July 7 th, 2008

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Ja Rule Brings Us Two More New Tracks

Just when we thought it couldnt get any better two more Ja Rule tracks have been released in the last two days since MIO brought you 'Stacks' and 'Money'. The latest tracks to come out include a feature by Harry O titled 'Millon Dollar Chain' and a solo Ja track 'Baby'. You can listen to both tracks below and leave your opinions on our forum.

published on July 6 th, 2008

Ja Rule icon

World Exclusive Brand New Ja Rule Music

We told you we werent done and we werent lieing either. MurderInc-Online.Com brings you two brand new and exclusive Ja Rule tracks for you before the rest of the world. Not only are we giving you brand new Ja Rule music but he brings along a few friends in the likes of Harry O, Chink Santana and Young Merc for a bit of support. So lets not waste any more time and bring to you 'Money' featuring Merc Montana & Harry O and 'Stacks' featuring 'Merc Montana & Chink Santana. Leave your opinions on our forum.



published on July 3 rd, 2008

Lloyd icon

Exclusive Lloyd featuring Nelly 'Lose Control' Lessons In Love In Stores August 5th proudly brings you yet another new track from Lloyd's forth coming album 'Lessons In Love' in stores August 5th. Thats right people two tracks within 24 hours MIO is on that come back and were not stopping here so keep checking back as you never know what you might see appearing on here. Back to business tough, MIO is proud to bring to you 'Lose Control' featuring Nelly. This track will be all over the clubs in the next few weeks and could end up outshining 'I Need Love' as the next single from this album. Listen below to 'Lose Control'. You already know MIO We The Best.


published on July 3 rd, 2008

Lloyd icon

Lloyd featuring Dream 'I Need Love' World Exclusive proudly brings you the next single from Lloyd's forth coming album 'Lessons In Love' in stores August 5th. We bring you 'I Need Love' featuring Dream the next smash hit from this album which has already brought you 'Girls Around The World' featuring Lil Wayne which is currently blowing up on radio. Listen below to 'I Need Love' and remember who brings you all the latest Inc news and tracks first MIO Your #1 Source For Murder Inc Since 2001.



published on July 2 nd, 2008

The Inc icon

Newz ft Jadakiss - Homicide Suicide

Check out this brand new banger from Newz 'Homicide Suicide' featuring D Block's Jadakiss. Newz has recently been hyped up as a future prospect for Murder Inc by Irv Gotti and this could be the start of a movement for him. Give the track a listen and leave your opinions on our forum.

published on June 24 th, 2008

Irv Gotti icon

Irv Gotti on Baisden After Dark

Check out Irv Gotti on Baisden After Dark, thanks to for uploading the videos. Leave your comments on our forum..

published on June 24 th, 2008

Ashanti icon

Ashanti To Shoot Video For 'Good Good' This Sunday In L.A.

It has been confirmed that Ashanti will be shooting the video for her new single 'Good Good' in Los Angeles this Sunday. The clip will be directed by Melina - the director of much of Beyonce's 'B'Day Anthology' videos, as well as working with singers Ne-Yo, Mario, and Solange. Look for the video's debut early-mid July.
Leave your thoughts on our forum.

published on June 19 th, 2008

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