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Think2wice Exclusive Interview With Lloyd

Lloyd has been on the scene since 2004 when he released his debut album, “Southside.” It was another 3 years before he released his sophomore album, “Street Love.” And now, in 2008, he’s releasing his third LP, “Lessons in Love.” Lloyd is now 22 years old, and he’s showing that with the overall tone of his new album with song titles like, “Sex Education” and “Party All Over Your Body.”

Think2Wice recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the singer, and the result is below.

Lloyd: Yo, Dustin!

Dustin: Yo, Lloyd! What’s up, man?

Lloyd: What up, my man?

Dustin: I’m doing pretty good, how are you doing?

Lloyd: Man I’m chilling, dawg. Up in the NY. New York City.

Dustin: Cool. Well, I got some questions for you. You ready?

Lloyd: Yup!

Dustin: Alright, first and foremost, let’s talk about this new album coming out in a few weeks. Your last album was titled “Street Love,” and your new album is titled “Lessons in Love.” Is that pure coincidence or was that planned?

Lloyd: You know, love is something that I started to reflect on last year with “Street Love.” It’s more so about me giving love and showing love to the streets that raised me, that watched me grow. And make it to the point to where I was at. Now it’s about that second thought of love. But, this time, I’m not gonna be as selfish. It’s more so about my fans. It’s about me sharing lessons that I’ve learned throughout my life’s journey.

Dustin: As far as overall tone and sound, what exactly sets this new album apart from the rest of your albums?

Lloyd: The sound is different, of course. At certain times this album has ten-fold the soul that the last one did, by far. But I like to think the thing that’s most different about it is the stability that’s being created through the music with my fans. The fact that I can be that guy who they can look forward to giving them great music every time. Songs that make them feel better. Songs that describe their emotions at the time. Songs that help them get through their relationships. Maybe set the mood at certain times during the night hours. That’s what’s most different, is that I have created my own lane, and I am driving down that lane at 120 miles per hour, and not looking behind me. And kind of daring anyone to catch me. But this is my lane so no one can drive in it but me. I think that that’s the cool thing about being different. Aside from that, I’m different naturally from every other person in the game. Through my tats, through my personal appearance, my style, through my voice, the way I’m singing. My single, “Girls Around the World,” has a falsetto that no other song has right now. So it’s just like taking a different approach. Making music is like making love and you have to come up with different ways and techniques and approaches to keep it interesting.

Dustin: Right, you have to keep it interesting. Okay now, I peeped your track-listing earlier today, and I see you have a song called “Sex Education,” you have one called “Love Making 101,” and you have another one called “Party All Over Your Body.” So that leads me to believe that this album is a little more grown up, compared to your last two. Can you tell us a little bit about those three songs?

Lloyd: A little bit, or … ? [laughs]

Dustin: Well, a little bit [laughs] because you know our time is limited.

Lloyd: I think that’s just coming with age. I’m 22, and I’m just really ready to talk about a lot of things. There’s a lot of things that I find interesting on the female body. Just thought I’d share that with you. [laughs]

Dustin: Yeah, the female body is a beautiful thing! [laughs]

Lloyd: Yeah man, and love is a beautiful thing, sex is a beautiful thing. And what’s even more beautiful is realizing the difference between the two. Sex is love, and this is me just trying to bring clarity to my life, between what is sex and what is love. What is lust, what is love. What is physical, what is emotional. What is the difference. By having sex, am I finding love, is this bringing me what I’m looking for? At times yes, at times no. And more so it’s the times that it doesn’t that make me feel like living the right way and making these changes about myself. Just like personal battles that I’m having, that I’m expressing through my music. And hopefully by releasing my confusion and my aggression, and my conscience, through my music, hopefully I will find balance.

Dustin: Okay, now one major thing I noticed on your last couple albums is that you haven’t featured any other artists besides Weezy [Lil' Wayne]. He was the only one on your last album, and I think he’s the only one on this album. Did you do that on purpose? Or did it just end up being that way?

Lloyd: Who’s the hottest rapper in the world?

Dustin: Weezy! Of course!

Lloyd: Alright!

Dustin: Okay! [laughs] Are y’all tight, or whatever? Is it just a business relationship? Or are you guys cool outside of the recording studio?

Lloyd: It’s business and personal. We take our business personal. So whenever we’re together it’s no joking matter. We’re pretty serious about what we’re trying to do and accomplish. Whenever we have the chance to record music together we don’t take it for granted. We go in and we give it our all. And that’s something that I really like about Wayne. Whenever I listen to his music I feel like he is injecting energy and fuel into every line of every song with all of his heart. And I think that’s something that makes him special. So yeah, I try to capture that with my music whenever I work with him. I think that we have a really good musical chemistry together as well.

Dustin: Now speaking of Lil’ Wayne, I’m hearing rumors of a joint-album between you two that’s set to be released some time next year. Are those rumors true?

Lloyd: It’s funny how you can say one thing as just a creative idea, and then it gets set in stone the next day. I think somebody asked me about that a few months ago. And I told them that in my perfect world, me and Weezy would do a collaborative effort, like a best of young worlds. Kind of like Jay-Z and R. Kelly did both worlds. So I’ve got young gold, and he’s got young money. We’re both young … two of the youngest in the game. And everything we do is for young people. It’s just a creative idea. Some kind of way it got printed out that we were [coming out with a joint album]. It’s just a rumor. It’s just an idea. But we’ll continue to collaborate in the future … definitely.

Dustin: Well, if y’all get a chance, I think that is something that you two should definitely look into doing, because I think that’ll be pretty dope!

Lloyd: Well it’s just something that I think would have to come naturally. The more we record, the more we have opportunities for trying new things.

Dustin: Okay, now earlier you mentioned something about your appearance is what makes you unique. Now, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Busta Rhymes cut his dreads in 2005, Ludacris cut his hair in 2006, X-Zibit cut his in 2007, and Trey Songz cut his last month (June 2008). With 2009 coming up about 6 months away, do you plan on being the next one to cut your hair off? Or are your braids here to stay?

Lloyd: Nah, man, they cut theirs off because they can’t rock it like I rock mine!

Dustin: Ahh, okay! I feel you! Just out of curiosity, how long have you been growing your hair?

Lloyd: Since high school, since 9th grade.

Dustin: Oh okay, so that’s what? About 8 years now?

Lloyd: Oh yeah!

Dustin: Okay cool, that’s a long time!

Continue reading the rest of the interview on our forum

published on August 15 th, 2008

Lloyd icon

Lloyd first Week Sales

Debuting at No. 7, R&B sensation Lloyd sold a cool 51,000 in his first week on the charts. The singer’s third album Lessons In Love features special guests including hip-hop superstar Ludacris while his Lil’ Wayne assisted hit single “Girls Around the World” continues to hit radio airwaves across the country. If you havent picked up your copy yet do so this week and keep his sales at a reasonable number. Leave your opinions on our forum.

published on August 14 th, 2008

Thunderkatz icon

The Thunderkatz on MTV's 'From G's to Gents'

Check out this clip of the Thunderkatz on MTV's 'From G's to Gents' and leave your comments on our forum.

published on August 11 th, 2008

Black Child icon

Hoodstock - We Got It

It's not often MIO goes old school in our news section but today is an exception. King Smij who worked close with Black Child's Hoodstock at their peak has released an unreleased video from Hoodstock around the time they were just getting started titled 'We Got It' it features verses from Sekou 720, Indi 191 and Chico's Son. Check it out below and leave your opinion on our forum.

published on August 11 th, 2008

Lloyd icon

Lloyd Performs 'Girls Around The World' Live On TRL

Check out Lloyd performing 'Girls Around The World' live on Trl below and dont forget to pick up your copy of 'Lessons In Love' if you haven't already.

published on August 11 th, 2008

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Interview With Lloyd On Lessons In Love

Lloyd Talks About His New Album, Love, Life & Light

Lloyd's Fantasy: Lesson 101

Lloyd has a fantasy. He'll be sharing that to the world on August 5th. After taking a brief intermission since his last album Street Love, the R&B star is back with his new release entitled Lessons In Love. The first single is an homage to "Girls Around The World," The explosive single featuring Lil' Wayne has been infiltrating the charts and the Hype Williams-directed video has become a fixture on MTV and B.E.T.

Although some may have gotten their first glimpse of the handsome heartthrob on the single-"Southside" featuring Ashanti, many girls had already been in love with Lloyd since he was the lead singer of the cute boy-band N-Toon. The group was formed by former Klymaxx vocalist and producer Joyce Irby. Irby helped catapult Atlanta to the music capital it is now with her A&R skills. Along with writing hits and signing talents such as Lloyd and Sammie, it is Irby who discovered and signed producer Dallas Austin. Austin who is Lloyd's mentor went on to produce for TLC, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani and which ever acts could afford his Midas touch. In 2004, Lloyd re-emerged as the first male R&B singer signed to Irv Gotti's Inc Records. Although he will always be Young Lloyd to me, the talented songwriter and producer has since evolved.

Immediately addressing my fears about the maturity of his album in relation to his fan base, Lloyd assures me that his music and content is merely a mirror of his development. "I'm 22 years old now and my fans have grown with me since N-Toon. If I wasn't in music I'd be in college right now. A lot of my friends are in college so we're going through different experiences with love and relationships. My music reflects that. I think my fans and peers are eager to have someone who can represent their experiences." Lloyd further admits that it has always been his fantasy to be a professor teaching. His fantasy came to life through Lessons in Love. After personal experiences; including research and observations with his fans and friends- Lloyd is now ready to share his curriculum and library of thoughts to the world.

The last album centered on you falling in love and the song "You" was about the anticipation of that connection. You were reaching out for that special girl and saying "Can I be for real, this is how I feel. I'm in need of love..." Now the concept has changed to Lesson in Love. What did you learn about love since then?

I learned that a lot of people take love as a joke. They think it's like a big game, a going out and having sex with a bunch of different people. What they don't realize is it really has a tremendous affect on people's lives, especially the ones involved. When you have sex you share yourself with that woman. When you leave that woman you take a piece of her with you and vice-versa. When you've got pieces of you everywhere, you're spreading yourself thin and there's nothing really solid there...nothing to hold on to. You have nothing left to give to that one person that could really be for you. I go out and I tour and travel... I'm kind of on temptation island too but I try to find a balance in whats right or wrong.

Love can be more mathematical then artistic. You conducted a lot of surveys with your fans and friends. What was the conclusion of your proposed theories on relationships?

I learned that relationships take time to develop. It takes time to know someone and begin to trust in them. You have to build history and dedicate time in order to maintain a healthy relationship. Love evolves around timing and communication. For me, I dedicated my time to strengthening my relationship with my fans. I felt like I really connected with them on Street Love and left them craving for more. I didn't want to waste any time.

Lessons in Love: Part 2- Strength, Art and Light-Session 201

One of my favorite songs
 on the album is "Treat you Good." What would you do to treat a young woman good?

I would take her to London to get away for the week-end. Then I would give her a spa treatment and just let her relax.

Very nice! I'm sure there is a girl out there who would appreciate this. You do a lot of speaking and mentoring at the Boys and Girls Clubs with your mentor Dallas Austin-who is inspirational to me as well and you already addressed aspects of peer pressure in terms of the loss of your father; your other biggest emphasis is self-esteem. Why is self-esteem and peer-pressure such an important message for you guys to convey to young students.

Because self-esteem is the basic aspect of just being yourself. That's the definition of it. It's so important to have a sense of self at an early age. I say don't try to talk like someone else, act like someone else or do something because someone else is doing it in order to feel good about you. Don't change who you are. Know who you are and let that be what guides you. If you feel affected by peer pressure or feel like you have to cut someone else down in order to feel good about yourself then try to find a positive influence to help guide you...or pick up a skill or hobby...anything positive to help you grow.

When you speak to the kids you always say you are inspired and encouraged by losing your father. Explain that counseling technique?

When you lose a parent and are still able to overcome, you develop a great sense of pride in that you made it into adulthood. Like I said to you, It makes you stronger then the average person. You also develop a great sense of obligation to other fatherless kids {and children in general} to share your message of hope and encouragement. It gives you such a different outlook on life and more of an appreciation of what is important. I want you to think of it as God's plan. We tend to think that we can control everything... but somethings are out of our hands. Everything is already written by God and the world is so much bigger then us.

To read the full interview, please visit our forum.

published on August 5 th, 2008

Thunderkatz icon

Thunderkatz 'Anything' Music Video

The Thunderkatz debut video for their first single 'Anything' is finally here and it proves you can really do anything if you put your mind to it. Check out the video below and leave your comments on our forum. Dont forget to also show the Thunderkatz some love and let them know your opinions on their myspace.

published on August 5 th, 2008

Ja Rule icon

Mpire Presents "The Guap Boyz"

Ja Rule posted a new blog on his myspace updating the fans on the latest happenings over at The Inc Mpire. There will be a new mixtape album coming out October 14th titled Mpire Presents "The Guap Boyz". Check out Ja's blog entry below and leave your comments on our forum.

Date: Aug 4, 2008 9:08 AM
Subject: Mpire Music Group
Body: Sorry that i kept ya'll waiting so long but the MIRROR is coming soon.... due to a fuckin crack in the foundation my whole album was leaked to the net... but its cool im in the studio as we speak finishing up all new music for the MIRROR and my 10 year anniversary double VENNI VETTI VECCI 2010.... but not to keep ya'll waiting..... MPIRE PRESENTS "THE GUAP BOYZ" MIXTAPE ALBUM IN STORES OCT.14.... LOL IT'S MY TURN!!!!!!!

published on August 5 th, 2008

Thunderkatz icon

Thunderkatz To Be On MTV's 'From G's to Gent's'

The Inc's Thunderkatz will be on  MTV's 'From G's to Gent's' tomorrow night at 10pm. Make sure you tune in and dont forget to be on the lookout for their debut video for the single 'Anything' which is expected to premiere any day now. For more info check the Thunderkatz myspace.

published on August 4 th, 2008

Lloyd icon

Lloyd - Girls All Around The World Official Remix 3 Different Versions

Check out the new 'Girls All Around The World' official remix from Lloyd featuring DJ Khaled, The Game, T.I., Yung Joc, Rick Ross, Ace Hood, Pitbull, Young Dro & Busta Rhymes.

First up we have the full clean version that is over 7 minutes long after that we have the full dirty version and finally we have the 4 minute Radio edit. Listen to all 3 versions below :

Clean Full Version

Dirty Full Version

Radio Version

Leave your thoughts on the track in our forum.

Pick up a copy of Lloyd's new album 'Lessons In Love' It will be releasing in stores tomorrow, August 5th.

published on August 4 th, 2008

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