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Win Supreme Team Tee Shirts Signed By Ja Rule & Murder Inc is happy to reward our most valued members with this very exciting competition. Courtesy of Murder Inc. Records, MIO have, in our possession a selection of Supreme Team T-shirts, signed by your favourite Murder Inc. Artists and the one and only Chris Gotti.

The competition is simple: The top 3 posters on our Forum  in the next 2 weeks (from today 10/02/08) will recieve one of these exclusive Tee's. Don't worry if you're new to the site or if your post count is low. Everybody is in contention, only your posts over the next 2 weeks will count toward the competition.

Good luck! And Get Posting!

published on October 2 nd, 2008

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Guap Boyz Mixtape Album officially Out Dec.9th, New Music

Ja Rule has put two new Guap Boyz tracks on his myspace as a taster for what's to come this December with the release of the Guap Boyz Mixtape Album. 'Like Me' sees Ja Rule, Merc Montana and Harry-O dropping verses over a beat that reminds us of the 'Always On Time' era and 'Head Knock' sees Ja Rule and Merc Montana trading verses over a hardcore street beat listen for yourself on Ja Rule's myspace. Check out some promo pictures below and leave your opinions on our forum.

published on October 2 nd, 2008

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Ja Rule talks to AHH & DJ Vlad

Ja Rule sat down with and DJ Vlad to talk about the Supergroup with DMX & Jay Z, his relationship with The Game and Young Buck and Brazil. Check out the videos below and leave your opinions on our forum..

published on October 2 nd, 2008

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Exclusive New Merc Montana and Young Life Interviews recently caught up with two of Mpire's Guap Boys Merc Montana and Young life. Merc talked to us about his plans with the Guap Boys, hopes for a solo project and Scarface whilst Young Life talks about the up coming Guap Boys project, growing up with CMC’s O-1, how he came into the rap game and his masterplan. Check out both interviews below and leave your opinions on our forum.

Merc Montana Mpire

MIO: Hey Merc how you doing?

Merc Montana: What’s happenin’ baby?

MIO: So what’s been going on with you since we last heard from you?

MERC MONTANA: A lot! A whole lot, you know we’ve got the (guap boys) album coming out November 17th. And I’m kind of working on my solo project, everything is moving, the ball is rolling, I mean it’s a new beginning. We’ve got the Mpire Music Group thing going with Ja and shit and everything is going well, you know?

MIO: Ok so why did you decide to change your name from Young Merc to Merc Montana?

MERC MONTANA: Yeah so that’s just a little Alias or whatever.

MIO: So which do you go by now?

MERC MONTANA: Well everybody knows me as Young Merc but I’m a little older now, you know? So I just put the Montana on the back of it because I’m a little Tony’d up right now! I’m taking over the world; I’m after the whole world right now! Its kind of cliché’d but that’s real shit right there, It’s how I be feeling, you know, and that’s my favourite movie right ther.

Read more about Merc's plans for the Guap Boys and talk more about scarface here.

MIO: Young Life, what have you been doing since last time we were talking to you?

YOUNG LIFE: I’ve been in the studio, you know, working. We’ve got this Guap Boys project coming out. We’ve just been putting together records, we’ve got about six more records to finish up and then we’re gonna just put that out for the people. And after that we’ll still be working, more work, more grind.

MIO: There was a lot of talk about the “Cold War Mixtape Series,” is that still coming?

Young life MpireYOUNG LIFE: “Cold War,” That was a mixtape that we had coming, we still have it coming but we got one coming right  now with DJ Absolut and that’s THE GUAP BOYS!! So we’re gonna get that done get it out there, but the “Cold War” is still coming, it’s just gonna be a little later because we’ve got a whole series of stuff we want to put out.

MIO: So first you’ll be dropping the group album and then a solo project?

YOUNG LIFE: Yeah, we’re gonna drop the Guap Boys Album after these mixtapes, you know we’re just trying to get the people familiar with us. Me, my n***a Montana, H-O and the God Rule, put it together and that’s The Guap Boys right there.

Read the rest on what Young Life has to say about his solo album and the Guap Boys here.

published on September 25 th, 2008

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Exclusive Mpire/Guap Boys Photos

As you can see it was a busy weekend for Mpire Records. They did the Guap boys Photo Shoots, interviews and caused road blocks with the Bright Blue Rolls Royce. is proud to bring you this> sneak peek of the goings on that day. Big thanks to Sonya for the photos and don't forget to leave your opinions on our forum.

Check out some more below Ja Rule rolls royce  Guap.

published on September 16 th, 2008

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Behind The Scenes Of The Guap Boys Photshoot

Check out these three videos of behind the scenes footage of the Mpire/Guap Boys Photo shoot for their highly anticipated upcoming mixtape due for release this November on Mpire Records. This is just a sneak peak with lots more to come so keep checking back to MIO for more updates on the Guap Boys and Mpire Records.

published on September 16 th, 2008

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MIO Exclusive: Newz Interview caught up with the Blok Gang general, Newz, in New York city after a long night recording in the world famous Crackhouse Studio for his new mixtape “It’s Still Murda” and his debut album “Hunting Season.” Newz discusses his plans for his takeover, Blok Gang, Murder Inc and bringing the M back. Look out for more exclusive shit from Newz on MIO in the next few weeks.

MIO: First off welcome to Murder Inc. from everybody over on MIO. Let’s talk about how you hooked up with Gotti, there was talk of you signing a few years ago but then you sort of went off the radar, what happened?

Newz: Well you know, the streets get a hold of you and everything, but you know I wasn’t really signed with Gotti when they said I was. You know what I’m saying? I was just hooked up with him when I was messing with chris, know what I’m sayin’ me and Chris were tight. I had a street buzz or whatever the case may be so they see me standing next to Chris and the Murder Inc. family so they’d just go off and say I’m signed with them even though I wasn’t.

MIO: Did you have any other offers on the table at the time?

Newz:  Yeah, I’d a couple guys come with things, nothing really sketched in stone. You know with the way the business is now, so shakey. So you know you’d be dreaming but they’d be scared to do it.

MIO: So what made you sign with Murder Inc. even with all the negative press surrounding them?

Newz: Well you know, I have faith in Irv, I know he knows what he’s doing. He made a couple of stars in his career, it ain’t no fluke! And I know what I got to offer so you’ve my time, his time, my vision and his vision.

MIO: So how does it feel to have somebody like Irv really hyping you up, taking you under his wing and pushing you as the flagship artist of the label?

Newz: Yeah, Yeah, it feels good, it feels good to have a producer of his calibre to be so involved with the project, you know what I’m saying? Everything I do he wants to know about it, so it feels good to know that the boss is involved in what’s going on.

MIO: So you’ve got a couple of mixtapes coming.

Newz: Yeah, definitely! The mixtape should probably be out sometime next week, titled “It’s Still Murda” that should be out real soon and it’s should probably be up on MurderIncOnline so hopefully the fans get to download that.

Read the rest of the interview here. And don't forget to leave your thoughts on our Forum.

published on September 13 th, 2008

The Inc icon

Rolling Wit Me - Newz feat Nyah, New Single from Muder Inc/Universal Records is proud to bring you the world exclusive debut single from Murder Inc's own Newz. The track is called 'Rollin Wit Me' and features Nyah listen to it below and leave your comments on our forum. Blok Gang's general Newz originally arrived on the Murder Inc radar with his mixtape Blok Gang General that was released through Murder Inc to rave reviews, Newz has since signed to Murder Inc. and has been on his grind finishing up a new mixtape set to drop very soon. Don't forget to let Newz himself know your opinions by dropping him comments on his myspace.

Newz feat Nyah - 'Rolling Wit Me' Dirty

Newz feat Nyah - 'Rolling Wit Me' Clean

published on September 9 th, 2008

Thunderkatz icon

Thunderkatz Debut Album '19hundred80something' Set For 4th Quarter and the thunderkatz have hooked up to preview and review their music in the lead up to their debut album '19hundred80something', expected to drop 4th quarter this year. MIO head on over and post a comment showing your support for the T!Katz and be a part of the new movement.

"Murder, Inc. mogul Irv Gotti has signed many influential urban acts in his career, from rapper Ja Rule to R&B songstress Ashanti. Now, he’s taking on a new type of artist: pop group Thunderkatz. Producers Mel & Mus jump on board the Atlanta-based group’s new pop-urban single, 3 AM; an up-tempo club number mixing electric, ’80s throwback synths with sultry piano notes.  Looking to create a musical confection worthy of their far more famous labelmates, the sextet’s electro-punk influences combined with a ghetto savvy make for pure listening pleasure.  Watch for the group’s debut, 19hundred80something, which is set to drop in the fourth quarter of this year."

published on September 9 th, 2008

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New Music from Ja Rule, Harry O & The GWOP Boys

The Gwop Boys are in the building and they are the life of the party. MPire's Harry O has put up a new track on his myspace from the GWOP Boys titled 'Life Of The Party'. Harry O also put up a remix of Young Joc's 'So Fly' to listen to both tracks go to Harry O's myspace. Don't forget to leave your opinions on our forum.

published on August 15 th, 2008

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