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New Ja Rule 'Pushin It' featuring Robin Thicke

Here is another new track from Ja Rule featuring Robin Thicke titled 'Pushin It'. 'Pushin It' was originally sechuled to be featured on the revamped 'Mirror' album that was due out late 2008 but now seems to be scraped in favour of a whole new project expected out around September/October this year. The track features Robin Thicke on the hook and on production. Make sure you give the track a good listen and leave your opinions on this and the other tracks we brought to you today on our forum.

Ja Rule feat Robin Thicke 'Pushin It'

published on May 11 th, 2009

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New Mpire Music

We have some new Mpire Music Group tracks for everybody to listen to. First up is a solo Ja Rule track titled 'I Do I' then we have a Merc Montana solo track a Guap Boyz track and finally a Harry O & Ja Rule track.

Ja Rule - 'I Do I'

Merc Montana - 'Top Down'

Guap Boyz - 'Like Me'

Ja Rule & Harry O - 'Miss Me'

published on May 11 th, 2009

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Lloyd Live in the UK

Lloyd will be playing the inigO2 in London on Thursday the 21st of May. He will be co-headlining the show with Marques Houston and the support acts will be Nathan (NFG), Young Nate, KHY, 3Mix, and the show will be hosted by Choice FM's DJ Masterstepz. Doors open at 19:00 and tickets cost between £20.00 and £70.00. For more info on where to get tickets go to

published on May 10 th, 2009

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Irv Gotti Drops Ashanti From Murder Inc

Irv Gotti says he and Ashanti, the Princess of the Inc., will soon be parting company. He said they haven't been on speaking terms for some time, and the label head/reality-TV star says there's nothing he can do but end their musical and business affiliation.

"The relationship has run its course," Gotti explained earlier this week while visiting the MTV offices. "The chemistry of what's needed we're in two totally different places. You're talking to somebody that took her and shaped and molded her and put her out there for the world, and it blew up. We [hold the record] for the [fastest] selling debut by a female R&B artist 503 [thousand]. We did it! My views and philosophies and her views and philosophies are not meeting up." 

Ashanti's last LP, The Declaration her first in four years came out in June of last year on the Inc. and was created with virtually no input from Gotti. The album was her first in-studio project not to go platinum. Gotti says it's because the singer deviated from their winning formula and tag-team effort.

"I personally believe for her to be successful, it took the energy ... when you seen her, it was 30 n---as around her, and she's the princess so nice and pretty walking through," he said. "The music was great, but it was the energy that was created. It wasn't just her standing there and singing a song.

"We don't really speak or talk or anything like that," he continued. "It's sad in a way. But in another, it's like it's all good."

Well, maybe not that good. Gotti said it is best for them to part ways.

"I don't think she can win. She needs some guidance with that," Gotti added. "But she's not thinking like that. Really, I couldn't tell you what she's thinking. So that relationship has run its course and honestly, I'm gonna just drop her."

At press time, a rep for Ashanti had not granted MTV News' requests for comment.

Gotti told MTV News that he's maintained the rights to all of his artists, including Ashanti, Lloyd and of course Ja Rule. The exec says he's working on a deal to reunite with his fellow Def Jam alumni Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles and Julie Greenwald over at the Warner Music Group. He says new albums by Lloyd, new rapper Newz and Rule are in the cooker. He explains the delay of Rule's The Mirror is because they are trying to craft a classic LP.

Add your comments on our forum.

published on May 8 th, 2009

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MTV Article : Can Irv Gotti Make A Comeback? caught up with Irv Gotti to discuss the future of Murder Inc, check out what he had to say below and leave your opinions on our forum.

Behind the Beats: Irv Gotti

For our Behind the Beats feature, you can look forward to hearing from your favorite DJs or producers every single week. While the artists are in the forefront of the industry, let's not forget the DJs and producers we have love for all you guys.

No more travelling all the way downtown to SoHo for the Queens native Irv Gotti's moved on up to a new plush three-room recording studio in midtown Manhattan.

"All the energy is compacted into one floor," he said with a grin.

Gotti can still boast one of the most remarkable runs in hip-hop in the late '90s, he brought DMX, Jay-Z, Ja Rule and his own Murder Inc. label to Def Jam. As an executive, he was on fire, but as a producer, he was even hotter. Platinum plaques left and right for albums and singles, mostly by his artists Ja Rule and Ashanti. Along the way, he gave Jay-Z one of his breakthrough songs ("Can I Get A ... "), helped Fat Joe reach superstar status with "What's Luv?" and gave J. Lo street cred with "I'm Real." Yes, he was in demand and wasn't afraid to let you know.

"Murder Inc. got all the hits, everyone's calling me," he said of his run behind the boards earlier this decade. "The illest sh-- I ever did, I made somebody pay me $50,000 just to get on the phone with me. I was an a--hole at the highest level. I was like, 'Send me 50 [grand] and I'll get on the phone. If not, get the f--- outta here, a--hole!' 'Yo, it's a quarter. Yeah, you heard me, $50,000. I ain't stutter!' "

Still, despite his track record, I.G.'s sound (a lot of hits were the result of working with co-producers 7 Aurelius and Chink Santana) hasn't been heard on the radio lately. He says the interest of the industry has shifted.

"You know what happens the music business is di-- riders for the better part," Gotti explained. "I understand it ... so they want a Dream beat right now or a Polow Da Don [track] or whatever like that. They're di-- riders. I can say that with the utmost confidence because they di-- rode me for a number of times.

"A lot of people was telling me, 'You was an a--hole, you should get humbled,' " he added. "I did get humbled but, honestly, the game don't have love for you. So if you wanna be an a--hole, go ahead. They only f--- with you when you're hot. If you not hot, they gonna tell your humble ass, 'Get the f--- outta here.' It's no love."

Gotti isn't tripping he says he'll be back in-demand soon, thanks to the beats he's cooking up in his new studio space.

"I'm gonna go in the studio with my band of thieves and plot and create some sh-- again, 'cause it's just in me to do it. And after I do it, if I wanna be humble, I'll be humble. If I wanna say, 'F--- y'all,' I'll say, 'F--- y'all.' "

published on May 8 th, 2009

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Cadillac Tah Performin So Cold pt.2 In The Crackhouse

Caddy is back after a brief spell in the wilderness he is back doing what he does best and thats recording that Pov'd Out music. Check out the video below and leave your opinions on our forum.

published on May 6 th, 2009

Irv Gotti icon

HOT 97- Angie Martinez Interviews Irv Gotti

Irv Gotti dropped into Hot 97's Angie Martinez on Monday to promote Gotti's Way Season 2. Gotti talked about the show, Ashanti and revealed that he would be leaving Universal/Motown to go to Atlantic/Warner. Leave your opinions on our forum.

published on May 6 th, 2009

Irv Gotti icon

Gotti's Way 2: Full Episode 1 - Marriage is Murder

Vh1 stream all their TV Series' online after the premier of each episode and Gotti's Way is no different so you can watch here on MIO the only problem is that this is only available to visitors from the United States and maybe Canada all European and World Wide visitors will have to wait.

published on May 6 th, 2009

Irv Gotti icon

Irv Gotti Talks "Gotti's Way" Family Problems, "I'm The Bad Guy" [Video]

Irv Gotti recently spoke about what fans could expect from his second season run of "Gotti's Way" and described his "bad guy" image with his estranged wife, Deb. Click here to find out more! Keeping details scarce, Gotti explained what he had in store for viewers with the show's continuation. U.S Visitors only the video isnt available to viewers outside of the United States.

published on May 6 th, 2009

Irv Gotti icon

Irv Gotti Lands Consultant Deal With Fila

With his reality show returning to the small screen for a second season tonight (May 4), chopped it up with The Inc CEO Irv Gotti to find out what impact the program has had on his business dealings. Since landing the spot on VH1, Gotti tells XXL that he inked a deal with sneaker company Fila. “The show actually helps business dealings out tremendously,” he said. “I am a Consultant for Fila. And my kids actually have a sneaker with Fila. The ASJ Melrose Edition Fila Sneaker. ASJ is the 1st letters of the kids. Angie, Sonny and JJ. With me having a show a lot of companies see it as a great opportunity for exposure for their brands.” Along with the Fila gig the record executive said the show helps his artists get airplay. “It also helps music- wise because it gives my artist exposure that other artists just can’t get,” he explained. “And you form a relationship with the music channels. So it makes it easier to get videos and other things done with them. You’re a part of the Viacom family.” Gotti’s Way 2 premieies tonight (May 4) on VH1 at 10:30 p.m.

published on May 6 th, 2009

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