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Harry O - Uptown Boy Part 2 feat. Ron Browz & Mase

Harry O has released a remix to his song "Uptown Boy" via his Twitter.  The song features rapper/producer Ron Browz and former Bad Boy rapper Mase. Leave your thoughts on the track in our forum.

published on June 20 th, 2009

The Inc icon

Newz - Mo Murder

A new record from Newz has surfaced, titled "Mo Murder"
The song's hook is taken from legendary rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's classic song with the same title. Take a listen and leave your thoughts on the track in our forum.

published on June 20 th, 2009

The Inc icon

New Newz - Pray For Me

This track was first heard in season two of Gotti's Way, it has now leaked check it out below and leave your opinions on our forum.

published on June 15 th, 2009

Ja Rule icon Piece On Ja Rule

Ashanti got dropped, Lloyd wants off Irv Gotti's Murder Inc. roster may be decreasing by two, but I.G. has one guy that's hanging loyal: Ja Rule. Yes, Rule is still down and insists he's coming back but at his own pace.

"I'm working. I'm not in a rush," Ja said about his upcoming album. "I'm doing good work in the community with my Life Foundation. That's always a plus. But as far as the music side, I'm in the studio working every day. I'm about to go in the studio and work right now and finish up on the album. The album's coming out incredible. It's very different. I wanted to make it special. I wanted the album to be out of this world, and it's definitely shaping up to that. I'm not in a rush. I got a new situation my Empire Music Group. Gotti's got Murder Inc. We're both still together there's no separation. We're both together doing what we do, but I got my own situation and I got new artists. We're putting it together."

published on June 15 th, 2009

Irv Gotti icon

Irv Gotti Says Lloyd Isn't Going Anywhere

Gotti told MTV News that he's confused, because on one hand Lloyd says he needs more creative control, then on the other hand he says he needs more support from the label. Either way, it seems like Irv is open to letting Lloyd go.

"He is still signed with Murder Inc. and I will make a decision shortly on what I am gonna do with him," Gotti responded in a statement he sent to MTV News. "His last record didn't sell well at all. And, once again, he had his CREATIVE freedom to do whatever he wanted to do. But for some reason the people did not respond to the album or to him. But I will decide what I wanna do! As always when it comes to me, it's Murder For Life! And anyone who doesn't wanna be a part of that, I will take into consideration."

This isn't the first time Lloyd had tried to leave The Inc. In 2006, a press release was sent out that he left Murder Inc. for Atlantic Records. That deal quickly got quashed by Gotti and company, and whatever fence that was broken between the two seemed to have been mended. Lloyd even appeared on the first season of Irv's TV show "Gotti's Way" while prepping his album Lessons in Love.

published on June 13 th, 2009

Ja Rule icon

Ja Rule 'Hollywood' Full Track CDQ

We've all been waiting for this track to leak but we were hoping it wouldn't leak until The Inc had its future sorted out, I wont go on a rant about this but let's just say we here at MIO are not too happy about this and have been sitting on the mp3 for about two months now waiting for the go ahead to give it to you the fans. Anyway enjoy Hollywood below and leave your opinions on our forum.

published on June 11 th, 2009

Lloyd icon

Lloyd Wants Off The Inc

After 5 years as a mainstay on Irv Gotti’s The Inc., R&B singer Lloyd has declared his time with the former powerhouse label has “run its course.”

Although he released his third LP in August 2008, the young crooner feels his career has become stagnant in the wake of The Inc’s separation from parent label Universal Records.

“I’m ready for a change,” Lloyd told “There’s no bad blood. I just feel I need to take more control over my career and get a fresh start. Hopefully Irv can understand my position.”

Lloyd’s announcement comes just one month following the departure of Inc first lady Ashanti, who was granted a contract release after years of distancing herself from the beleaguered label’s legal and professional conflicts.

While his own situation plays out, Lloyd is moving forward with a new mixtape to build anticipation for his fourth studio album.

“We have plans to get in the studio with Jim Jonsin, The Runners, Cool & Dre, Rodney Jerkins, and others,” Lloyd detailed. “In the future, I still hope to work with Irv as a producer as well.”

Lloyd’s manager Henry “Noonie” Lee framed his client’s decision as an essential business necessity to prevent any further career monotony.

“We find ourselves in limbo for the second time in three years,” Lee told in a statement. It’s frustrating to know that opportunities to advance Lloyd’s career are out there but we can’t exploit them due to our current situation. Even though Lloyd is appreciative of the opportunity that has been afforded him by The Inc, he feels it’s time for him to move on and seek opportunities that will allow him to build and enhance his brand.”

At press time, Inc CEO Irv Gotti could not be reached for comment.

Lloyd is best known for his hit single’s “You” and “Get It Shawty.”

He released three albums on The Inc: Southside (2004) Street Love (2007) and his most recent, Lessons In Love (2008).

published on June 11 th, 2009

Black Child icon

New Blackchild Track 'Power' (Exclusive)

First we bring you the future of Murder Inc with a new single from Blok Gang's now we have for you a new track from a Murder Inc vet in Blackchild. Blackchild took a bit of time off recording music but is back in the booth and working on new material. We bring you a new track from him titled 'Power'. Don't sleep on this and leave your opinions on our forum. Big thanks to Sonya for the track and everything she's been doing for MIO the last few months.

Blackchild - 'Power'

published on May 21 st, 2009

The Inc icon

New Murder Inc & Blok Gang Music Newz - Blok Gang Anthem (World Exclusive) is proud to bring you new music from Murder Inc and Blok Gang's Newz 'Blok Gang Anthem'. The beat is that raw hip hop thats missing on the scene at the moment and Newz comes hard as always. This is a world exclusive promo single to add to Newz's buzz that he is gaining from Vh1's Gotti's Way. 'Blok Gang Anthem' can't be heard anywhere but right here on We have both the clean and dirty versions availible for you to listen to below. Make sure you give the track a listen and leave your comments on our forum and also let Newz know what you think of the track on his myspace, you can also follow Newz on twitter.

Newz - 'Blok Gang Anthem' (Clean)

Newz - 'Blok Gang Anthem' (Dirty)

published on May 21 st, 2009

Ja Rule icon

Behind The Scenes of 'Wrong Side Of Town'

Check out this behind the scenes of a new movie Ja Rule just shot last week featuring WWE wrestler Rob Van Dam, there's not much to the video but is worth watching just for RVD singing Ja Rule's 'Im Real'.

published on May 11 th, 2009

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