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Young Merc aka Merc Montana

Young Merc born Jeffery Crocker grew up in Queens, NY. Merc was raised by his grandparents until he turned eighteen. Merc rarely seen his parents while growing up. He lived a though childhood, he grew up on the streets don’t listening to what his grandparents told him instead he went with the flow. Merc got caught up with the wrong crowd in his teenage years and began hustling. Merc began rapping around the age of thirteen but instead on concentrating on his rhyme skills he stuck to hustling. Slowly every one around him was getting locked up and his grandfather on his death bed said to Merc “ If you going to do something , do it now” and Young Merc promised he would. He kept his word and contacted his cousin Caddillac Tah a Murder Inc soldier who helped him out at his time of need.
Merc with a strong head on his body didn’t want to be introduced to Irv Gotti as Tah’s cousin but to instead earn his right to spit for Gotti. Irv Gotti heard Young Merc on the “1 Herse 2 Surbans” joint with Black Child and Ronnie Bumps. Young Merc felt that Gotti was impressed, but Gotti was unaware that it was Merc on the track. A week later Caddy was in the studio doing a song called “It’s Caddillac”, and Gotti wanted Merc to come to the studio. When Young Merc arrived to the studio Gotti wanted him to write eight bars to Caddy’s beat, he wanted to know if I was a fluke. “I wrote it, laid it , and he stamped it”. Ever since then he’s been proud to be a murderer. “I ain’t going anywhere”.
A few years on and Young Merc has lost his rhyme partner D.O. Cannons who was shot dead in September 2003. Merc has gone from strength to strength ability wise since the release of Ja Rule’s fifth release Blood In My Eye where he stepped up his skills in a time when it was needed the most and has since played a major part in revival of The Inc Records. Merc is said to be next in line to have his debut album released according to his label mates The Gift and Harry O.

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