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D.O. Cannon

D.O. Cannon was born in Gerard Fields. He was raised and struggled in the streets of poverty, two blocks from every hood. Growing up he was a quiet loud a*s. He lost his mom at the age of eleven. After that he really didn’t give a f**k, that is when he became a Cannon.

D.O Cannon met Caddillac Tah in ’89. They were from the same hood, did the same things: robbed, smoked, f**ked, they did them. Growing up was fun. Music is life, that’s what makes us function. “It’s like sh*tting on your man, you stagnating yourself.” “I got to say I love everybody: fat, slim, rich or broke. We on the grind, it’s Pov-City everywhere. It’s funny how I see my life, I’m always on the road. We real niggas meeting real broads.” Learning from his mistakes he evolved in to a spontaneous person. But most important he’s down to earth and not afraid of reality. D.O. Cannon is going to stand up and take care of his responsibilities, that’s what it is all about.

Growing up was hard that is why he doesn’t take things for granted. He helps when he can, parties, and likes everything that is fun. God’s honest truth is this rap game fell in his lap. D.O got his shot off of Caddillac Tah’s album. He laced sixteen bars and Gotti was like who is this kid and that’s when everything popped off. D.O feels that he would be cheating if he didn’t say that he was rhyming back in the days. He created, his style from everybody: east coast, west coast, north coast, and the dirty south.

He gives much love to everybody in the struggle, and poverty. I love y’all, everybody needs love.

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