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Chris Black aka Jody Mack

Chris Black AKA Jody Mack was born Christopher Bristole in Harlem, NY. raised in Hollis, Queens NY. Ex-hustler turned rap artist, once he discovered he had a talent to take his life experiences and make music out them, that his urban community could relate to. So he connected with his long time friend “DJ IRV” at the time, now known as the infamous Irv Gotti thought of an idea to put together childhood friends (Chris Black, Ja Rule, & Nemesis(O1)) and formed the rap group called “Cash Money Click” and make a more lucrative and legal hustle. Together Irv got CMC (Cash Money Click) a record deal with Blunt Records/TVT Records. They shot two videos, but negative politics of the music industry made forced the CMC album to be shelved.
With things not going well in the music industry, Chris Black was forced back into the life of hustling in the streets. Things then started going against him, he was convicted of a crime he did not commit and was sentenced to 5 years in prison. The time spent in prison wasn’t easy as he was moved around a few times spending his time in various prisons ; Clinton Annex, Franklin, & Hudson. Irv Gotti kept pursuing his music career, and was able to get his own record label after helping Def Jam make millions off Jay Z and DMX. Murder Inc Records was formed. Irv Gotti still kept in contact with Chris Black and allowed him to rhyme on the labels first release Ja Rule’s Venni Vetti Vicci right from the very cell he was confined in. He was then released on December 11, 2000.
Once Chris got released he began working on a reformed CMC album wit O1 and Ja Rule it was titled CMC Est. 93. Once again the album was shelved due to legal proceedings between Def Jam and TVT over who owned the rights to the artists recordings. An advance which contained nine tracks was leaked onto the internet which showed the trio’s ability to work together. Chris Black then disappeared until 2006 when a myspace account was created for him you can find the link for that myspace in our myspace section.

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