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Caddillac Tah

Caddillac Tah born Tahem Croker grew up on the streets of Jamaica, Queens. He began writing rhymes y in 93 -94, but was never fully interested in rap. He grew up a few blocks from Hollis, Queens, and his influences included Run-DMC, Rakim, EPMD and Kool G Rap. Caddy’s original plan was to become a DJ, but ended up an MC. This doesn’t bother Caddy as he was just happy to get off the streets in his words “Music kept me away from the streets, which is good.”
Caddillac titled his debut album “Pov City Hustla”, Pov is a short form for Poverty and he said he grew up in Jamaica, Queens so in his words he lived in poverty. Pov City Hustla featured three singles “Pov City Anthem”, “Just Like A Thug” and “I Gotcha Ma” despite these singles and being on Jennifer Lopez’s “Aint It Funny (Remix)” with Ja Rule the album remains unreleased.
After years of little solo material from Caddy in 2005 he released his first solo mix tape entitled “Pov’d Out Unleashed” which is thought to have featured majority of tracks that were intended for his debut album. Features included former Death Row artist Eastwood, UGK’s Bun B and his label mates Chink Santana, Young Merc and the late D.O. Cannons to name a few. This mix tape was followed by the release of A Soldiers Story hosted by DJ Kurupt later that year.
Caddy is still waiting for his debut solo album to drop and when it does you can expect some heat from it but for now the fans are going to have to make due with the tracks he appears on, on the M:I:3 mix tape.

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