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Black Child

Black Child was born Ramel Gill in Brooklyn, NY. Around there years later he and his mother moved to Queens, NY where he grew up and learned the ways of life.
Although he had some jail time to do, he didn't let that stoop him from unleashing his true talent. During his bid, Black Child wrote lyric's, joined ciphers, and spit his unique style ready to infiltrate the music industry. The first few hours out of jail, Black Child contacted Ja Rule who gave him his opportunity to prove himself by spitting lyrics to the genius behind some of raps most notable acts "IRV GOTTI".
Born in Brooklyn raised in Queens, Black Child's street life's greatest secrets, was first heard on Ja Rule's "Holla Holla" remix featuring Caddillac Tah, Busta Rhymes, Jay Z, Memphis Bleek and Vita. His debut performance, amped-up with a hardcore deliverance, proved that Black Child could hold his own among some of the industries finest mc's.
Keeping up his appearance in the tough music business, Black Child popped up on "Venni, Vetti, Vecci" Ja Rule’s debut album. Through his strong metaphorical lyricist Black Child was able to successfully tour with Ja Rule, and affirming his position in 1999 , in the group "MURDERERS", teaming with Caddillac Tah, Vita, O1, and Ja Rule who first feature was on the "Funk Flex & Big Kap live at the Tunnel Pt. 1". With their no-holds-barred approach, all five rappers spit homicidal lyric's igniting a gangster straight for the street album "Irv Gotti presents The Murderers", burning up the airwaves with their lead single "We don't Give a Fuck". Since Black Child hit the scene in 1999/2000, Black Child has gone onto appear on various Soundtracks such as “Exit Wounds” and “The Fast and The Furious”. As well as every release from Ja Rule excluding “Last Temptation”. Black also featured on the two follow ups to “The Murderers” album, the more commercial Irv Gotti Presents The Inc and The Remixes. He played a major role in the revival of The Inc on Ja Rule’s fifth release Blood In My Eye where Black Child came the strongest we have witnessed on the mic. Appearing on most tracks on the album most noticeably “Things Gon Change” Blacks lyrical skills where nothing we have heard from him before “As I sit back relax, cutting cracks, loading gats, I think about the sexy rappers that I wanna clap, I’d probably go to jail for sending 50 to hell, if I lay Banks down Yayo goin tell, Fatal will help him write his wax and brow”, some say after that release Black Child showed himself to be the best MC on The Inc roster.
Black has since formed his own label and group Hoodstock together they have released a series of mix tape’s over the last three years each one titled “A Warriors Words”. Hoodstock consists of Black Child, Chico’s Son, Al Profit, Ronnie Bumps, Sakiu 720, Roshie, Shan Da Hoodlum and Indi 191. Black Child’s debut album “Ghetto Gospel” which has been on hold since 2000 and has undergone a name change to “A Soldiers Story” and then back to “Ghetto Gospel” is expected to be released summer 2006 on The Inc/Hoodstock Records. For now you can expect to see Black and Hoodstock on The Inc’s new mixtape M:I:3.

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