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O1 began his carer in 1994 when Chris Black decided that he no longer wanted to hussle drugs but to go legal and become a rap star. Chris approached a good friend Irv Gotti who at the time went by the name of DJ Irv. Chris had an idea to make a group with O1 and Ja Rule. At the time O1 went by the name of Nemeses at the time and he became one third of Cash Money Click. O1 began working on his debut CMC album on TVT records but due to label politics his crew’s debut was shelved.
O1 was then left high and dry and was forced back to the streets while Irv looked for a new deal. In 1999 after helping Def Jam make millions Irv Gotti was granted his own label which he name Murder Inc. The first release on the album would be from the front man of CMC and O1’s best friend and cousin Ja Rule titled Venn Vetti Vicci. O1 appeared on a track on this album. He would go on to feature on every Ja Rule release until Last Temptation. This is due to yet another label conflict to do wit CMC and who owns the rights to their material. After that went down labels were afraid to touch himself and Chris Black, he was left in the cold.
O1 could do nothing about this but work on other things which he did. He decided to tour with Ja Rule and get to see the world. He has been working on his acting skills taking classes and filming pilots and movies. He is also busy writing scripts for upcoming movies so look out for O1 the actor soon.

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